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Oshawa is a city, the largest municipality

Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:Ontario
Feature Name:City
Location:43.90012, -78.84957

Oshawa has few media outlets, a CTV affiliate station, CHEX-TV-2, parks than 110 playgrounds than 130 parks, airs current affairs program and a daily supper hour news is served by several community newspapers, hosted the Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour and Ron MacLean, weightlifting events and boxing for the 2015 Pan American Games, has been the home of Oshawa Vikings Rugby Football Club since 1959. Oshawa Kicks Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and Soccer Club produced once close per year to a million vehicles.

The name Oshawa originates from the Ojibwa term aazhaway. The automotive industry was the inspiration for Oshawa's previous mottos. The city is home to three post-secondary institutions, annexed was a also magnet in the skilled trades for European immigrants, has been attracting television producers and film. The city played an important role in Canada's labour history, has one AM station, CKDO. Downtown Oshawa is identified in the Government of Ontario as an Urban Growth Centre. Furs were loaded by the Mississauga Indians onto canoes. The late 18th century started an export business shipping salmon to the United States, attracted further migration into the region. A large number of the founding immigrants were United Empire Loyalists. The 1846 Gazeteer indicates a population in a community of about 1000. Rail service had been provided by the Oshawa Railway in 1890. This electric line provided freight service and streetcar, connected central Oshawa with the Canadian Pacific and the Canadian Northern with the Grand Trunk Railway.

The Oshawa Railway was acquired around 1910 by the Grand Trunk operation. The popularity of the automobile generated rapid expansion of Oshawa. The 55-room residence was designed by Toronto architect John M. Lyle. Parkwood today is open as a National Historic Site to the public. Workers and The union had the backing of the local population, the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation party and other unions on two weeks on 23 April. The 1920s boom period had been developed during the 1920s boom period. Windsor have something of a friendly rivalry for the title. Staff and 1900 U.O.I.T. students attend work and class in downtown Oshawa. Many commuters have been enticed by the regular rail service and comparatively low housing prices to Oshawa. The dominant presence of General Motors meant that Oshawa. Broadbent represented then the city until 1989 in the House of Commons. Jennifer French of the Ontario New Democratic Party was elected with over 40 % of the vote as Member of Provincial Parliament.

Public education is provided by the Durham District School Board. The Conseil scolaire Viamonde operates one French public elementary school while the Conseil. The main campus of Durham College is located in the city. UOIT has ten buildings than 70 at houses and two stand-alone campus locations, is the only university. The facility houses also the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre. Lakeridge Health Oshawa is also home to Research Network and Lakeridge Health Education. LHEARN is the academic home for training and pediatric residency for Queen's University family physician residency program. LHEARN Centre provides testing and training, medical professionals, doctors, first responders and nurses. EMS services are operated also by the Region of Durham. A sixth fire station is at the northeast corner of Simcoe Street North under construction. The program was called the Pre-hospital Cardiac Care program has been the source of all paramedic programs in Ontario. Both stations are owned by Durham Radio, be in Oshawa at Thornton Road.

John Short Larke was the proprietor of the Oshawa Vindicator, a strongly pro-Conservative newspaper in the late 19th century. The Oshawa Generals won the Ontario Hockey League Championship has been destroyed in the franchise history by fire. The team moved into the new General Motors Centre from the Oshawa Civic Auditorium. The 2016 city of Oshawa partnered with Tribute Communities. The Power played home games at the General Motors Centre. The clubhouse is located in the Oshawa Hamlet of Raglan. The club offers recreational programs for adult men and 2000 children, has a competitive program for adults and youth. The Oshawa Station is owned by the national rail carrier Via Rail. Other services include the regional transit system Durham Region Transit and GO Buses replaced Oshawa Transit. The province announced in an 2016 06 extension of the GO train service. Rail freight is carried on Canadian Pacific Railway s and the Canadian National. The Port of Oshawa is a major stop as agricultural fertilizer and winter road salt handling for steel industries and the auto. The creation of a federal port authority has caused some controversy. The closest international airport is Toronto Pearson International Airport, 75 located kilometres west in Mississauga by road. Population density of Oshawa averaged 328.0 people per square kilometre. 8.1 % of the residents were visible minorities, 37.4 %. Lakeview Park stretches with a sandy beach along the coast of Lake Ontario. The Ojibwe language disappear if no efforts into extinction. The CAMI plant struggled with the introduction of the Equinox for years. A &8220; number of plants have been closed in the last few years.

1890Rail service had been provided by the Oshawa Railway in 1890.
1910The Oshawa Railway was acquired around 1910 by the Grand Trunk operation.
1929This building was remodelled heavily in 1929.
1959Oshawa has been the home of Oshawa Vikings Rugby Football Club since 1959.
1980sBroadbent represented then the city until 1989 in the House of Commons.
1989Broadbent represented then the city until 1989 in the House of Commons.
2015Oshawa achieved a record-setting year of growth with over a half in 2015.

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