Geography Pipelines Fundamental law of the region Oblast administration Federal subject of Russia 12th century Legislative Assembly

Oryol Oblast is a federal subject of Russia, the city of Oryol

2009 02 16 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev accepted the voluntary retirement Orel Governor Stroyev. The main industries are light industries and the food, metalworking and engineering. Metalworking industries and The engineering manufacture production equipment for forklift trucks for various industries. Grain growing is very important with rye and winter wheat. Power transmission lines and Pipelines Routed through the region's largest oil-trunk pipeline Druzhba. The southwestern part of the area being a small section of the Urengoy.

17468 people were registered from administrative databases, is estimated in this group that the proportion of ethnicities.

Breton language is a Southwestern Brittonic Celtic language, the Celtic language

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