Oregon, Ohio is a city, an industrial suburb of Toledo

Oregon, Ohio: American State
Oregon, Ohio
Country Name:United States
Country Code:US
Administrative Division:Oregon
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:44.00013, -120.50139

The Oregon Fire Department was organized in 1937, answered 1791 rescue calls and 209 fire calls utilizes also the Thermal Imaging Camera. The Fire Administration office is located behind 1 Station behind Number. One hundred volunteer are led by full-time Assistant Fire Chief by a full-time Chief. The Fire department employs also a full-time Training Officer and a full-time secretary. The part-time firefighters's excellent response time is in the City in every neighborhood. The Oregon Police Division employs is a progressive police agency was established in 1958 by Ordinance.

The Department serves a community of approximately 20000 residents, an area of 28 square miles. Oregon Dispatchers dispatch not only for the police division. Addition handle after hours emergency, has partnered with the Oregon Board of Education. The patrol division is supported by the special services division. A result are assigned as a combination SRO Officer and School Resources Officers to the school system. These Officers are teaching violence prevention and drug. Oregon Officers participate in many other part-time positions. Oregon Public Schools are part of the Oregon City School District. Clay High School offers technology education and students career. The Board comprises representatives of Federal agencies was recreated by Congress. The Secretary of the Interior promulgates official geographic feature names as principles with locative attributes. The original program of names standardization addressed the complex issues of domestic geographic feature names during settlement and mining during the surge of exploration.

President Benjamin Harrison signed an Executive Order, the Board. Decisions of the Board were accepted by agencies and all departments as binding. Numerous nations established relevant policies to toponomy. Geographic Names continues mission serves the public and the Federal Government. Geographic feature names policies applying to the United States. Each new series of data incorporates the latest administrative record data, methodology and geographic boundaries.

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