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Order of Simon of Cyrene is limited to 120 persons

Gorvalla qualified at Hewat Training College as a teacher, assisted victims of the Group Areas Act, the launch of a Home Owner. Dr Gorvalla was a member of the SA-USA Committee on Development and Trade. Mashinini attended the 1955 Congress of the People in Kliptown, was detained for six months without charge. Adam Small used writing as a weapon, was praised by critics. The boards of many South African banks is a currently trustee for Nature for the Worldwide Fund. Koos Bekker paved the way for M-Net for South Africa's first pay-television channel.

Bekker was appointed later as a shareholding company of M-Net as chief executive of Naspers. Naspers took control of the African pay-television companies. Fundraisers and many charitable organisations has produced shows over the Western Cape for communities. Zakkie Achmat targeted pharmaceutical companies and government policies. The organisation conducts awareness programmes, local communities. The NSRI runs an education programme, Waterwise Warriors. Cape Town have served consistently through various programmes. 39 years of full-time service retired at UCT as a professor of regional planning, has authored nine books has consulted widely in Southern Africa. Solomon R. Benatar was elected as national Academy of Sciences as Foreign Associate Member of the US. JC de Villiers spent 27 years at the Department of Neurosurgery as surgeon and lecturer. The late Hotep Idris Galeta has lectured jazz studies at the University of Hartford, holds a Master's degree in performance and jazz education with distinctions.

The late Tony Schilder began career on the Cape Flats, is known best as leader. The late Ezra Ngcukana graduated from the University of South Africa with two degrees, considered working never as a professional musician, mentored the Little Giants band with others and George Werner. Barry Smith was choir master and organist in Cape Town at St. George's Cathedral. The late Ambrose Saul Peters spent 41 years in the media industry. Hugh served the Scout movement for over 50 years, has led the 1 st Durbanville Scout Group for several years. Ismail Teladia was appointed team liaison officer for New Zealand, launched the Legends Cup, rugby tournament.

YearOrder of Simon of Cyrene
1949Joseph divorced in 1949.
1955Gorvalla qualified at Hewat Training College as a teacher.
1963Allan Bryant Crawford order awarded in 1963.
1979The Metro Rescue Squad was established in 1979.
1981Mashinini was detained for six months without charge.
1992Helen Joseph order awarded in 1992.
2005Schilder recorded a straight-ahead jazz album in 2005.
201039 years of full-time service retired at UCT as a professor of regional planning.
2015Helen King died in 2015.

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