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Oliva is a municipality, a also well-known town

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Valencia
Feature Name:City
Location:38.91971, -0.11935

The secondary sector makes up about 15 % of the economy than 5 % of economy with an extended industrial area. Temperatures are almost unknown in Oliva, vary during heat waves. Tourist website Oliva Tourist Guide website Oliva is a municipality in the Valencian Community in the Safor area. The beaches are easily accessible through the vast orange groves by a 20 minute walk, are bordered by strict planning controls and sand dunes. The captains provide an exceptional spectacle of colour. The Later disembarkation is represented whilst the Christians with the landing of the Moorish Emissary.

Fiestas of the Cristo have been celebrated since the 17th century in Oliva. The fiesta ends in honour of the Santísimo Cristo with a solemn procession. Little remains of Santa Ana Castle cordoned off although the view by metal fencing. Calle Santisimo was once part of a pottery, once part of a pottery. The focal point of international tourism is here Country Club The and the Oliva Nova Golf, four star Oliva Nova hotel, Country Club The and the Oliva Nova Golf, four star Oliva Nova hotel. The club has an 73 American-style par course, an 73 American-style par course. Other facilities include a golf school, a football pitch and tennis courts, a golf school, a football pitch and tennis courts. More international entertainment is only 15 minutes down the road.

Alfonso XIII of Spain was king of Spain

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