Object used by the U.S. National Register of Historic Places

Object: Entity, Whole, Living Thing, Natural Object, Artifact, Charm, Curio, Draw, Film, Hoodoo, Je Ne Sais Quois, Keepsake, Makeweight, Part, Property, Snake, Triviality, Whatchamacallit, Paring, Catch, Discard, Finding, Floater, Fomite, Growth, Head, Ice, Land, Land, Moon, Neighbor, Remains, Ribbon, Shiner, Vagabond, Wall, Web, Content, Antipathy, Bugbear, Execration, Center, Hallucination, Infatuation, Love, Goal, Business, Point, Thing, Constituent, Prepositional Object, Direct Object, Indirect Object, Retained Object, Disapprove, Demur, Challenge, Cavil, Mind, Remonstrate, Raise Hell, Be

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