Object Management Group is a standardized general-purpose modeling language

The founding executive team included John Slitz and Christopher Stone. The Unified Modeling Language was added to the list of OMG. UML is a standardized general-purpose modeling language in the field of object-oriented software engineering. The Business Process OMG and Management Initiative, Notation and Model. The 2007 Business Motivation Model was adopted by the OMG as a standard. The CSCC is an OMG end user advocacy group to all end-user organizations, is managed by reg and the Object Management Group.

The Council is a not standards organization, cloud standards efforts. The VSIPL family of libraries has been implemented for a range of processor architectures by multiple vendors. The push was led for IT Software Quality by the Consortium. Implementations of real time CORBA are used widely in aircraft and ships in control systems. Data Distribution Service is a specification of a publish middleware. Architecture-driven modernization is the reverse of MDA. ADMTF is with high potential an similar OMG group to ADTF. Knowledge Discovery Metamodel is designed for software assurance and software modernization as the OMG's foundation. The Software Process Engineering Metamodel, an OMG-standard. Bill has been for over twenty years with OMG, was previously OMG, Vice President of Business Development holds a BS from New Hampshire College in Marketing. Gold Hill started career in 1979 with Honeywell Information Systems. The site is using trade and The Cloud Standards Customer Council. INCOSE helped recruit beta-test takers and OCSMP question-writers.

Modeling standards including the Unified Modeling Language ™, Business, Notation and Modeling.

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