1860s Germany City Essen Ruhr area Duisburg Local municipality

Oberhausen is a city

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:North Rhine-Westphalia
Feature Name:City
Location:51.47805, 6.8625

The Oberhausen pattern is repeated throughout a patch of hill country throughout the depressed Ruhr. The fundamental question confronting West Germany's economic strategists. German industries view also the Ruhr as a mirror of troubles. The right-wing Government of Chancellor Helmut Kohl won a landslide victory in last March in national elections. High-quality iron ores came barging down the Rhine to Duisburg. Thus Dortmund's Social Democratic mayor unter Samtlebe, an employee and an influential union member expanded software.

The Social Democrats's parliament member is an engineer at Thyssen. The most pernicious effect of this paternalistic control was the atrophy of small innovative business in the shadow of the coal. The steelmakers are slashing the production of bulk steel. Another possible explanation is the almost total financial support. The local municipality and The former employer provide the federal Government and benefits, 68 percent of the last year. Städtepartnerschaften wurden nach die Verständigung, und das friedliche Miteinander zwischen den Völkern. Oberhausen pflegt fünf Städtepartnerschaften mit Middlesbrough und Carbonia in Italien sowie Mersin. Schon seit 1996 existiert ein lebhafter Jugendaustausch zwischen Oberhausen, Mersin. Zu ihnen gehören viele frühchristliche Bauten. Besonderer Anziehungspunkt ist das szlig and Schloss Burgk mit seiner gro. The city of Oberhausen is located in the North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany.

1860sOberhausen was a rural area until the 1860s.
1862The new borough was formed in 1862.
1901Oberhausen became a city in 1901.
1935Wilhelm Keim Born after 1935.
1960The first university was founded not until the 1960.

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