Nicola Abbagnano was an Italian existential philosopher, Antonio Aliotta

Abbagnano is that thought, publishes La struttura dell rejects Heidegger's identification establishes four rules denies in philosophy. Abbagnano has taught that the historian. English were translated in Critical Existentialism into English, starting from 1965, written a few months. La fisica nuova investigates the foundations of physics. The finitude of the human beings is the limit of the reason. Sociology give a contribution to the understanding of human beings. History of philosophy show the essential humanity of the philosophers disprove both prejudices narrate the lives of persons, relationships reproduces the rigorously final goal of every human relationship.

Experience is the object of all investigations be understood without subjective implications. Reality and Objectivity are within in the domain of experience. Three conditions are necessary for historical research. The first condition is the availability of documents as news as texts. Critical attitude Abbagnano understands towards the past with the specific attitude. Every Not event be the subject of an historiographical survey.

Max Weber is cited often as among the three founders of sociology with Karl Marx and Émile Durkheim

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