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New Westminster is a historically important city

New Westminster
Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:British Columbia
Feature Name:City
Location:49.20678, -122.91092

Richard Clement Moody arrived in 1858 12 in British Columbia. Moody planned city for British dominance as an iconic visual metaphor, were trained in settlement, was struck also by the majestic beauty of the site. Governor James Douglas proclaimed the new capital on 1859 02 14 with this name. A year became the first City, a major outfitting point for prospectors. A smallpox devastated epidemic the New Westminster Band, the band members. Poplar Island was turned to the BC government into an Aboriginal smallpox victim quarantine area.

The New Westminster Armoury was recognized as a Federal Heritage building. The Government of Canada opened the British Columbia Penitentiary, the first federal penitentiary west of Manitoba. The main complex stands still as part of a new waterfront park. The mental hospital was located to the west of the BC Pen. The quality of shops was such that even Vancouverities. A partial demolition of the parkade commenced as part of the City. The original colonial Government House was occupied originally by Colonel Richard Moody. The station is owned by Westminster Station Brewing Co.. Some new condominium complexes have been built adjacent to the Westminster Quay development. Sapperton is the location of the historic Fraser Cemetery. Development of an uptown commercial area started with the opening of Woodward in 1954. Moody Park is an important recreational area in the uptown area. The city has several live performance venues is served by four railways. The local economy has had always a mix of industrial sectors.

Today New Westminster is served by part of the Glacier Media chain by the New Westminster Record. The Burr Theatre named for native Raymond Burr for New Westminster. The theatre was sold through a public request by the City of New Westminster. Douglas College offers also post-secondary training in music and stagecraft in theatre, has campuses in Coquitlam and New Westminster. Music concerts and Theatre productions take place in the Laura C. Muir. The Museum is affiliated with Virtual Museum and the CHIN with CMA. The college has an enrollment of 14000 students, degrees, two-year career and associate degrees. The Institute operates a Centre for a Centre for Conflict Resolution. Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine offering the N.D. degree in Naturopathic Medicine. School District has one high school, eight elementary schools and three middle schools. The Trans-Canada Highway is accessible via Burnaby and the Brunette Avenue interchange from nearby Coquitlam. The three major arterial streets connecting Vancouver and New Westminster.

Kingsway connects New Westminster with entertainment district and the major shopping. The lesser-used Derwent Way Bridge connects Queensborough with Annacis Island of Delta. The New Westminster Royals were a professional minor-league team through 1914 from 1911, was the Denman Arena in Vancouver. Queen's Park Arena were two incarnations of a Western Hockey League junior team, the New Westminster Bruins. The Royal City Hyacks Football Club offers cheerleading and football. United Rugby uses currently Queens Park and Hume Park for home venues. Youth soccer is represented by the Royal City Youth Soccer Club. The Sapperton Rovers men's soccer team has a long history in New Westminster. The Columbian newspaper reported that the Victoria Day celebration. The Hyack Swim Club level up to international competition, represented Canada at the 2008 Paralympic Games. Burr's 35-year TV career echoed Gardner's verdict presaged hardly stardom made Mason's destruction. Profiles of Burr refer to the death and three ill-fated marriages.

Raymond William Stacy Burr was born in B.C. in New Westminster. The Yet only second marriage annulled after three months.

YearNew Westminster
1858New Westminster was founded in 1858 by Major-General Richard Moody.
1870New Westminster began in 1870.
1886New Westminster secured a Canadian Pacific Railway branch line in 1886.
1907Sapperton Park was donated in 1907 to the city.
1911The New Westminster Royals were a professional minor-league team through 1914 from 1911.
1914The New Westminster Royals were a professional minor-league team through 1914 from 1911.
1954Development of an uptown commercial area started with the opening of Woodward in 1954.
1966Mason went in 1966 off the air.
1980The 102 next years closing in 1980.
1991The agreement was signed in 1991.

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