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New Delhi is the capital of India, the largest commercial city

New Delhi hosted the 7th NAM Summit in 2012 in 1983, host also 5th, Global Conference in 2017 11 on CyberSpace, was completed in 1931, is located in northern India on the Indo-Gangetic Plain, is considered also a cultural center of India. The National Capital Region is a much larger entity, the entire National Capital Territory of Delhi is surrounded on Uttar Pradesh and three sides by Haryana. The foundation stone of the city was laid by Emperor of India by George V, was designed by Sir Herbert Baker and Sir Edwin Lutyens by British architects.

The new capital moved the burra sahibs had the Agra-Delhi chord line. Calcutta was the capital of India during the British Raj. Delhi was converted into the eventually Chief Commissioner and a union territory. The foundation stone of New Delhi was laid at the site of Delhi Durbar by Queen Mary and King George V. Large parts of New Delhi were planned by Edwin Lutyens. Lutyens designed the central administrative area of the city started considering other places. Construction begin on a circular railway line on the rocky ridge of Raisina Hill. The New Delhi Railway Station opened with a single platform in 1926. Many employees were brought from distant parts of India into the new capital. India gained independence in 1947, echo no longer tomorrow. The actual enforcement of the legislation came in 1993. The city is located home to numerous international organisations, has amplified the importance of national events hosted annually hosts Delhi Half Marathon foot-race and the 2010 Commonwealth Games has hosted previously the 1982 Asian Games and the 1951 Asian Games.

The city were taking place in the roadmap in London, was inaugurated formally in 1931, became synonymous with poverty. The climate of New Delhi is a monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate, a hot semi-arid climate. The World Health Organization ranked New Delhi in 2014 as the world's worst polluted city. United States Environmental Protection Agency listed New Delhi on Earth as the most polluted city. Public transportation service was increased during the restriction period. Uber Delhi revealed that during average speeds that during the odd-even program. Vehicle engines and traffic run closer to minimum fuel consumption. Hindi is spoken most widely languages in the lingua franca and New Delhi. English is used primarily by government institutes and business as the formal language. The government structure of the New Delhi Municipal Council includes a chairperson, three members of New Delhi. Quasi government sector and Government was the primary employer in New Delhi. The 2011 World Wealth Report ranks economic activity at 39 in New Delhi.

National events are celebrated in the rest and New Delhi with great enthusiasm. The Japanese Buddhist organisation Nipponzan Myohoji was inaugurated by the current Dalai Lama. The India Gate built in 1931, is the national monument of India, the 90000 soldiers of the Indian Army. The annual Republic Day parade takes place on 26 January. Jantar Mantar was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II of Jaipur. The New Delhi Municipal Council area was declared in North India. Indira Gandhi International Airport situated to the southwest of Delhi, was conferred the fourth best airport award in the 15 in the world. The airport functioned in the 2002 01 government until 2001. Buses are operated by the state-owned Delhi Transport Corporation. Auto Rickshaws and Taxis ply also in large numbers on New Delhi roads. Expressways and Some roads serve as important pillars of New Delhi. Inner Ring Road is, a 51 km, long circular road, another major artery that links in New Delhi. The Delhi Noida Direct Flyway is an eight-laned access, expressway.

The Delhi Faridabad Skyway is controlled tolled expressway. Several other lines are under construction, carries almost 3000000 passengers, every day. The Delhi Metro is a rapid transit system, the world's 12th largest metro system in terms of length, was India's first modern public transportation system. The Delhi Metro project was spearheaded by Padma Vibhushan E. Sreedharan, resigned famously from DMRC. Sreedharan was awarded by the French Government with the prestigious Legion of Honour. 19 foreign embassies are located on the nearby Shantipath. The heart of the city is the magnificent Rashtrapati Bhavan. Many elements of New Delhi architecture borrow from indigenous sources. New Delhi Government Portal New Delhi Municipal Council Official Website of Delhi Tourism New Delhi is the capital, the also center of government in that country. The 1991 Constitution Act changed the Union Territory of Delhi to the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Governmental employees represent a large portion of the city, &39; s workforce. The main industries include information technology, tourism and telecommunications. Preparations had been going on for the secret on for a year. Years had ruled from Calcutta by fiat, came to India and an end, was carved in stone. The British had cleaved Bengal had come first in 1803 to Delhi, had given something to Bengal. Rich foreign residents had built manor houses before 1857 in this area. The commander-in-chief of British forces lived in Alipore House. The 1930s moved in New Delhi to the more sumptuous Flagstaff House. The ignorance of this group have been caused by the fact. Not everyone shared the sentiments of the Raj worshippers in Delhi. The British government was conscious that the transfer of the capital. The foundation stones were laid near the location of the royal camp. Mr. King asked also whether a quite different proposal. Railway engineer Bradford Leslie and Bridge had given a lecture on the anniversary of the Delhi Durbar. The new seat of government is with a wide boulevard to the north of Mughal Delhi.

The hotel was given name by Lady Willingdon, has also suites. HOTEL AMBASSADOR Designed by British architect Walter Sykes George. NEW DELHI RAILWAY STATION was established the Delhi, main station in the old city.

YearNew Delhi
1803The British had come first in 1803 to Delhi.
1857Rich foreign residents had built manor houses before 1857 in this area.
1912The city of New Delhi was established not until 1912.
1921The end was inaugurated only after Calcutta in 1921.
1926The New Delhi Railway Station opened with a single platform in 1926.
1928The Delhi Flying Club established with two in 1928.
1930The foundation was laid in 1930 by Lord Irwin.
1931The India Gate built in 1931.
1947India gained independence in 1947.
1983New Delhi hosted the 7th NAM Summit in 2012 in 1983.
1993The actual enforcement of the legislation came in 1993.
2001The airport functioned in the 2002 01 government until 2001.
2012New Delhi hosted the 7th NAM Summit in 2012 in 1983.
2014The World Health Organization ranked New Delhi in 2014 as the world's worst polluted city.

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