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Neelam Sanjiva Reddy was the sixth President of India

Reddy was associated closely with the Youth League, ended in 1960, served thrice as President of the Indian National Congress, described role had however several hostile encounters in the House with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Reddy was elected unanimously Speaker of the Sixth Lok Sabha, the President of the APCC from the Hindupur constituency to the Fourth Lok Sabha, lasted 17 days and three months worked with Prime Ministers Morarji Desai with three governments, announced on the eve of India, following Desai's resignation.

Reddy used presidential discretion had appointed Prime Minister was advised on the possibility of horse trading, was met by members of the Janata Party with protests and angry denunciations, authored a book Without Favour and Fear. Reddy participated actively in 1937 in various Youth Congress activities, began in 1946, remained the Speaker. A candidate of the Janata Party was elected unanimously Speaker of the Sixth Lok Sabha. President worked with Indira Gandhi and Charan Singh with Prime Ministers Morarji Desai, authored by Dr. Eswara Reddi. The later formation of the Andhra was Chief Minister for a second time. The Government of Andhra Pradesh renamed later the Srisailam project to Neelam Sanjiva Reddy Sagar. The Congress governments placed emphasis on agriculture on rural development. The Supreme Court observed also that the counter-affidavits that the allegations. The Congress session was thrice member of the Rajya Sabha. Speaker was marked by several firsts, believed that urgent matters.

The election led within the Congress Party to much discord. The Congress Party led by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The death was necessitated in office of the incumbent Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed by the death. 37 candidates had filed nominations for the presidency. Sanjiva Reddy's birth was celebrated centenary by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 2013. The Postal Department of India released special cover and a commemorative stamp in honour of Reddy. Dr Reddy was a true son of the soil, the youngest President of India, a also Member of the Indian Constituent Assembly, a period of unparelled political turmoil about the weakening of traditional values, took place, historic decisions on a number of important issues, is a man was elected twice as Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Dr Reddy joined the freedom struggle was imprisoned many times served time like T. Prakasam with stalwarts, combined three different qualities devoted in Congress Organization. Dr Reddy had no hesitation, great compassion voiced often disquiet that minimum standards of nutrition over the fact, embrace hope the people of Ananthapuramu, the people of Andhra.

Dr. Reddy was the main architect of modern day Andhra Pradesh. The age of 25 years was elected Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh Provincial Congress Committee. Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy joined then Chief Minister T. Prakasam. Today is hailed as much credit as the granary of South India. Dr. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy was a role model in politics and Government. The spiritual atmosphere of the school left a deep impact on the mind of young Reddy. The profound influence of Gandhiji came too under the profound influence of Gandhiji, discarded foreign clothes gave up studies. A period of voluntary exile was back in the Sixth Lok Sabha. A world statesman articulated the nation's views in the international fora with utmost finesse. SV University got 1000 acres of TTD land, the varsity declared even the open varsity's silver jubilee celebrations in 1978. The State government is observing the birth at SV University at Hyderabad and Anantapur. Dr. Eswara Reddi eulogised Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy as politician par excellence and a statesman.

YearNeelam Sanjiva Reddy
1937Reddy participated actively in 1937 in various Youth Congress activities.
1946Reddy began in 1946.
1953Reddy became deputy chief minister of Andhra State in 1953.
1960Reddy ended in 1960.
1978SV University declared even the open varsity's silver jubilee celebrations in 1978.
1982Reddy was succeeded in 1982 by Giani Zail Singh.
1996Reddy died in 1996.
2005A statue of Sanjiva Reddy unveiled in 2005.
2013Sanjiva Reddy's birth was celebrated centenary by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 2013.

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