Zala County

Nagykanizsa is a medium-sized city

Country Name:Hungary
Country Code:HU
Administrative Division:Zala
Feature Name:City
Location:46.45347, 16.99104

The Kanizsai family continued building the castle, a rectangular castle. Kanizsa and Szigetvár became the most important strongholds in southern Hungary. The Habsburg forces were commanded by the Archduke of Austria by Ferdinand. Hasan Pasha won the fight against bigger army of Austrians against the ten times. The first business school of Transdanubia was opened in Nagykanizsa. The railway connecting Nagykanizsa with Rijeka and Budapest with Vienna. World War I were built in the town, caused grave consequences.

The predecessor of the present day Tungsram Plc belonging now to General Electric, is now in the world.

Hévíz is a spa town

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