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Murcia is a city, a producer of wines

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Murcia
Feature Name:City
Location:37.98704, -1.13004

The population of the metropolitan area was in 2010, is located in the Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula on the Segura River. The city is called Europes orchard has an elevation of above sea level. The Segura River crosses an alluvial plain, part of a Mediterranean pluvial system. The Segura river's Valley is surrounded by the hills of Guadalupe by two mountain ranges. The Latin name changed eventually into the Arabic Mursiya. Muslim planners taking, a complex network of irrigation channels. The 12th century described al-Idrisi the city of Murcia lived an important role in Bourbon victory.

The fall of Almoravide empire made Murcia, the capital of an independent kingdom. The poet Ibn and The mystic Ibn Arabi were born al-Jinan during this period in Murcia, was divided almost equally between East and West. The Christian population of the town became the majority as immigrants. These measures led in 1264 to the Muslim population revolt. The old prosperity of Murcia became crises during 14th century. A popular pedestrian walkway runs along the top of the levee. The 5.1 Mw Lorca earthquake shook the Region of Murcia with Mercalli intensity of VII with a maximum. The Cathedral of Murcia was built between 1394, was completed in 1792. The two first stories were built in the Renaissance style. The main façade is considered a masterpiece of the Spanish Baroque style. Other noteworthy buildings are the colorful Bishops Palace. Several bridges of different styles span the river Segura de los Peligros from the Puente. The Malecón boulevard retaining former wall for the Río Segura's floods.

This traditional festival portrays the events come one week after Holy Week. This whole week receives the name of Fiestas de Primavera. Each year celebrates these three cultures through exhibitions through music. One line is connecting the city center with the Football Stadium and the University Campus. Several long-distance lines link the city through Albacete with Madrid. The line C-1 connects the city to the line C-2 and Alicante, has also two regional lines. Other public primary healthcare centers and The hospitals belong to the Murcian Healthcare Service. The French international school is de Segura in nearby Molina. Mecca spent then years died in Damascus, is an extensive encyclopedia.

1264These measures led in 1264 to the Muslim population revolt.
1394The Cathedral of Murcia was built between 1394.
1792The Cathedral of Murcia was completed in 1792.
1833Murcia has been since 1833.
2010The population of the metropolitan area was in 2010.

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