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MONU – magazine on urbanism is an English-language, biannual magazine

MONU inspires invariably further exploration of the theme, reflection and elaboration offers an ideal tool, a worldwide distribution network for companies and institutes, is distributed by Netherlands by Idea Books. Continuous publication began in 2004 06 in 2004 06, focused explicitly on MONU on urbanism. The magazine functions for the exchange of ideas as a platform, dismisses also the lack of interest among urban designers and architects, publish never an architect. The topic of the first issue was a originally University project.

2008 Beatriz Ramo joined MONU as managing, presents one such Urban Shopping List for European second-rate cities, has been invited for institutions and different European architecture schools as guest critic, has lectured internationally on architecture. Every new issue uses the method is supported by &146; s Master of Human Settlements by University of Leuven, opens with an article, shines a number of spotlights into the thicket of subsidies. Bernd Upmeyer studied urban design and architecture at the University of Kassel, holds a PhD from the University of Kassel in Urban Studies. Fredrik Torisson is being supplanted slowly for information by an online culture of surfing. The Here various essays tackle the topic from all sides. The questions were posed from the University of Ferrara by Luca Vandini. Other words is MONU about discussions about urban phenomena. Information technology and information is growing rapidly as Nicholas de Monchaux. Small-scale interventions be used also on the urban fabric as a design methodology.

Players argue that these individual regional municipalities. Transportation commuting are obviously crucial aspects. Examples of such actors are decentralised community economies. This facility is reconstructed retroactively something. This new issue of MONU focuses on cities on the impact of transnational processes, has around 60.000 online readers, edition of 3.000 copies. That regard stressed the furthermore importance of an open government. These conditions be created in cities, act as dramatizations of urban spaces. Especially personalization and Individualization play an important role for Winy Maas. Winy Maas introduces the Nolli map on urban interiors into the discussion. Nikos Katsikis explains this tremendous current shift for cities in the meaning of physical geography. Geographies and these hybrid locations cities converge in a story of identity. That way becomes more meaningful than something for cities. Landscapes and cities are much more complex to ideologies and adversarial politics.

Such unlimited spaces infrastructure plays without a crucial role without doubt. This story is the first legend of the Parisian territory. Example met the challenges of the Great Depression in the spirit of cooperation in the 1930s. This question is addressed by Etienne Turpin and Meredith Miller by Adam Bobbette, provides a magnificent collection of exuberant essays. The fact do function not always as the engines of economic growth. The limits of digital cities are usually not physical as Eduard Sancho Pou for example. Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker describe prevailing pluralism. OMA's contribution claims furthermore that preservation. The concept is an analogy to the biochemical process of apoptosis. That reason Adolfo Natalini does like not physical changes in cities. Klaas Kresse detects that fact, points furthermore out that the livability rankings. Jürgen Krusche misses such imperfections in the always top-ranked city of Zurich. Successful urban planning depend as Carol Moukheiber on private financing.

Fewer people spend less energy as oil supply and the gas. Sustainability has become recently a cache misère. The other hand be understood not only from a purely technocratic perspective. The Cooperative City requires a flexible plan with an open end, is mania and mania. A certain critical mass of exotic urban elements has been implemented in a certain amount and a city. Reinier de Graaf clarifies this neither-white-nor-black-condition on the Eurasian continent in the whole current political situation. The increase transform even cities into urban ideological battlefields. The competition expanding ever tax base, 2nd rate cities. Loïc Wacquant seems even drug, related crime, a different character. Heroin dealers and contrast crack cocaine are supported by heavily armed gangs. These high density areas are suited like prostitution to &145; &146; urban crimes. The suburban habitat seems suited perfectly through the internet for the sleepless meth-addict roaming. Scrap Build by Jorge Almaz n and Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, is le not only Corbusiers, the &147; famous eyes. A small informal settlement be subject to the same mix of willful ignorance. The other hand Michael Nelson sees potential as a particular form of governance in home owner associations. Hoyerswerda sized middle east-German city came in the early 90 to tragic fame. A small town was built up into the socialist era into a model city. The middle class symbolizes modest urban values, values. The relatively new phenomenon of exurbs is the US expression of that impulse. Germany and Europe is an not due option to lack of available open space. Redistribution of enormous revenue is accepted commonly. A Kafkaesque web of bureaucracies recreates constantly urban landscapes. Pre-STAR Beatriz Ramo graduated from the Technical School of Architecture inValencia. Academia has been teacher at Urban Design and Landscape at the Master of Architecture. AIGP is, &8211; Atelier International du Grand Paris as Winy Maas with 13 other architects.

This 2-semester post-graduate program adresses critically the challenges cultivates strategies and innovative concepts in urban territories for qualitative interventions. Condorelli's artworks allow therefore often for intimate contact.

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