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Monfragüe is a Spanish national park, a also comarca of Extremadura

The beginning of the eighteenth century affected seriously the area. Carlos III founded a village had a church, barracks and a fountain. The Spanish War of Independence destroyed the Castle of Monfragüe, the Bridge of the Cardinal. Jesus Garzón battled with mayors and politicians with the administration. Twenty-five years Monfragüe became a national park on 2007 03 2 by law. Habitats include extensive dense scrub, numerous cliffs and small oak woodlands. Commercial forestry is prohibited in Spanish national parks.

The 1988 European Union designated Monfrague, a Special Protection Area for bird-life. The government has built observation blinds throughout the course of the river. Reservoirs and Rivers irrigate the riverside areas of Monfragüe National Park. The ancient presence of man is shown in the cave paintings of the Castillo cave. Durante signos apuntaban cierta agitación clandestina en la sierra. A los soldados republicanos que optaron por permanecer. This site lies in the Province of Extremadura, is managed by the General Direction. Eight core areas have been identified in the biosphere reserve. 3200 persons are living permanently in the transition area of the biosphere reserve. Most research is done with a focus by the University of Seville.

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