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Moncton is the largest city, a bilingual city

Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:New Brunswick
Feature Name:City
Location:46.09454, -64.7965

Moncton restored 1920s-era vaudeville house on Main Street, has hosted sporting many large events hosted the Canadian Interuniversity Sports Men's University Hockey Championship, the 2010 IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics in 2007, was is served by the Greater Moncton International Airport. Moncton has been, National Hockey League Hall of Famer. The Petitcodiac River Valley lies at the geographic centre of the Maritime Provinces. The city has earned the nickname has proper historical sites was named for the British officer for Lt.

Col. Robert Monckton, adopted the motto Resurgo. The city is stable at a point along the north bank of the Petitcodiac River, diversified with the rise of information technology in the early 1990s, encompasses however structures and many buildings are Mapleton Park, the Moncton Museum in St. Anselme Park and Irishtown Nature Park in the city's north end, include L Acadie Nouvelle. An Initially agricultural settlement was incorporated not until 1855. A significant wooden shipbuilding industry had developed by the mid-1840s in the community. The first Acadian settlers established a marshland named community Le Coude. Nearby Fort Beausejour was captured under the command of Lt. Col. Robert Monckton by English forces. The Beaubassin region including Petitcodiac river valleys and the Memramcook. That Later year issued a decree, the expulsion of the Acadian population. The reaches of the upper Petitcodiac River valley came then in 1766 Pennsylvania Dutch settlers under the control of the Philadelphia Land Company.

The Bend remained an agricultural settlement for nearly 80 more years, became rest station and an important transfer along the route. This time became open to a regular mail coach service and year-round travel. The prosperity engendered by the wooden shipbuilding industry. The first mayor of Moncton was the shipbuilder Joseph Salter. The arrival of the ICR was a seminal event for the community. National Transcontinental Railway and the ICR were merged by the federal government. The ICR shops become CNR's major locomotive repair facility for Moncton and the Maritimes. The T. Eaton Company's catalogue warehouse moved in the early 1920s to the city. Distribution and Transportation became increasingly important throughout the middle part of the 20th century to the Moncton economy. The Second World War built a large military supply base. The Université was founded in 1963, is a publicly funded provincial comprehensive university. This institution became an important resource in the area in the development of Acadian culture.

The 1980s and The late 1970s were a period of economic hardship as several major employers for the city. The growth of the community has continued unabated since the 1990s. Positive developments include the Atlantic Baptist University, full university status. The 2006 census was designated a Census Metropolitan Area grew between 2011 by 4 %, counts provided in this table. This geographical feature has contributed to historical names. Subsequent English immigrants changed the name of the settlement to The Bend of the Petitcodiac. The opening of the causeway gates measured a wave for many years. Two major national parks are within a one-hour drive of the city, have also large concentrations of warehousing. The warmest salt water beaches north of Virginia be found on only 15 minutes on the Northumberland Strait. The Sackville Waterfowl Park includes nature, a boardwalk. Other nearby attractions include The Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Preserve, La Dune in Nova Scotia de the Joggins Fossil Cliffs and Bouctouche Eco-Centre.

Daytime high temperatures range usually a few degrees below the freezing point, are typical by late February. Major snowfalls result from nor'easter ocean storms, average typically. The ice burden has diminished considerably over the course of the last decade. The Fundy coast of New Brunswick experiences occasionally the effects of post-tropical storms. The stormiest weather of the year occurs usually during the fall transition. The highest temperature recorded ever in Moncton, recorded was ever on 1948 02 5. The most dominant structure is the Bell Aliant Tower, a microwave communications tower. Assumption Place is a 20-story office building, the headquarters of Assumption Mutual Life Insurance. The Blue Cross Centre is a large nine-story building in Downtown Moncton. The numerous neighbourhood parks include Bore the downtown Victoria Park and View Park. The Riverfront Trail is part of the Trans Canada Trail system. All Almost Monctonians speak French and English as first languages. Migration is mostly from Ontario and Nova Scotia from other areas of New Brunswick. South Asians and Blacks are the largest visible minority groups, 0.7 % and 1.7 %. The underpinnings of the local economy are based on Moncton's heritage. 2004 Canadian Business Magazine named in 2007 FDi magazine. Several arms of the Irving corporation have major operations and head offices in greater Moncton. Kent Building Supplies opened main distribution centre in 2014 in the Caledonia Industrial Park. The Irving group of companies employs thousand several people in the Moncton region. The Irving operations are concentrated in the Dieppe Industrial Park. Molson opened a brewery in the Caledonia Industrial Park. A new four-lane Gunningsville Bridge was opened in 2005. The Moncton side connects with an extension of Vaughan Harvey Boulevard. The Riverview side connects now around the town to a new ring road. Major retail projects have become major destinations for locals. Magnetic Hill is the city's most famous attraction, a gravity hill, optical illusion on the northwestern outskirts of Moncton.

The adjacent Empress Theatre offers space for recitals and smaller performances. The Molson Canadian Centre provides a 2000 seat venue for major touring artists. Théâtre l'Escaouette is a Francophone live theatre company. The Anglophone Live Bait Theatre is based in the nearby university town of Sackville. Other tenants houses the Galerie Sans Nom, the principal private art gallery in the city. The Treitz Haus is surviving only building from the Pennsylvania Dutch era. This event attracts noted poets and writers from around the world. The Atlantic Nationals Automotive Extravaganza held each July, the largest annual gathering of classic cars. Other notable events include The Atlantic Seafood Festival in the World Wine Festival and The HubCap Comedy Festival in August. The CN Sportsplex has weight training facilities and extensive cardio as three indoor pools. The CEPS contains a swimming pool and an indoor track with diving towers. The Moncton Wildcats play major junior hockey in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, won the President's Cup, the QMJHL championship. Historically has been there a longstanding presence of a Moncton-based team in the Maritime Junior A Hockey League, was also home to a professional American Hockey League franchise. The Moncton Mets played baseball in the New Brunswick Senior Baseball League. The Moncton Fisher Cats began play in the New Brunswick Senior Baseball League, were formed between the Hub City Brewers and the Moncton Mets by a merger. The Universite has a number of active CIS university sports programs. These teams are a part of the Canadian Interuniversity Sport program. The 2006 Memorial Cup was held with the hometown Moncton Wildcats in Moncton. The World Men's Curling Championship was held in 2009 in Moncton. The 10000 new seat capacity Moncton Stadium was built on the Université for this event. The complex includes The Magnetic Hill Zoo is the largest zoo in Atlantic Canada. Site is Magic Mountain, the largest water park in Atlantic Canada. The Magnetic Hill Concert Site has developed a reputation. The performance space has hosted already many top acts on the casino circuit. The Bass includes a Chapters bookstore, multiplex cinema complex, a Bass. Day-to-day operation of the city is under the control of a City Manager. The current federal parliament belong to the Liberal party. The Francophone South School Board administers ten schools in the Moncton area. The Anglophone East School Board administers 25 schools in Greater Moncton. The area's Francophone high schools are École L'Odyssée and École Mathieu-Martin. Four universities have campuses in the greater Moncton region. Crandall University is a private undergraduate liberal arts university offers degrees in science in arts. The University of New Brunswick is a small satellite health sciences campus at the Moncton Hospital. The Dalhousie NB Medical Training Program sees about residents and 25 senior medical students. Mount Allison University is a publicly principally funded undergraduate liberal arts university from downtown Moncton about a half hour. Mount Allison enrolls nearly 2500 students, degrees provides also extension university courses and first year in Moncton. The English-language New Brunswick Community College provides training in over technology disciplines and 30 different trades. Medavie HealthEd is a Canadian Medical Association, school, training also home to. 60 percent of city households subscribe daily than 90 percent of Moncton residents. Rogers Cable has main production facilities and provincial headquarters in broadcasts and Moncton. The French-language arm of the CBC maintains Atlantic Canadian headquarters in Moncton. The GMIA handles per year about 677000 passengers, is the also 10th busiest airport, the home of the Moncton Flight College in terms of aircraft movements in Canada. Seasonal direct air service is provided in Cuba to destinations. FedEx have Atlantic Canadian air cargo bases at the facility. Skydive Moncton operates the province's nationally only certified sports parachute club. Freight rail transportation is provided by Canadian National Railway. The presence of the CNR has diminished greatly since the railway since the 1970s. Passenger rail transportation is provided by Via Rail Canada. The Metro Moncton Area is served by Codiac Transpo, operates 40 buses throughout Moncton on 19 routes. A large military supply base was constructed on a railway. This base served for the large wartime as the main supply depot. Addition were built also during the war in the Moncton area. Military flight training terminated at the end of World War II. The northern portion of the former base property has been turned over to the Canada Lands Corporation. The southern part of the former base remains an active DND property, the Moncton Garrison is affiliated with CFB Gagetown. Resident components of the garrison include the 1 Engineer Support Unit. The garrison houses also the 37 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters. 42 Canadian Forces Health Services Center Det Moncton and 3 Area support unit Det Moncton provide logistical support for the base. The Moncton Hospital has approximately 400 active treatment beds is home to the Northumberland family medicine residency training program, is managed by the Horizon Health Network. A cardiac cath lab is being studied for a new PET scanner and the hospital. The hospital is the also location of the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute is managed by Vitalité Health Network. Canadian hockey star Sidney Crosby graduated in Moncton from Harrison Trimble High School. Two exceptions are Subdivision of Unorganized in Labrador and Newfoundland. Urban areas are defined using population density data and population from the current census.

1733The Moncton area was settled first in 1733.
1855An Initially agricultural settlement was incorporated not until 1855.
1858The Salter shipyard closed in 1858.
1875Moncton regained charter in 1875.
1883The Thomas Williams House built in 1883.
1920sThe T. Eaton Company's catalogue warehouse moved in the early 1920s to the city.
1929The Moncton Airport opened in 1929.
1948 02 5The highest temperature recorded was ever on 1948 02 5.
1963The Université was founded in 1963.
1974Film production has since 1974.
1990sThe growth of the community has continued unabated since the 1990s.
2002A new airport terminal was opened in 2002.
2005A new four-lane Gunningsville Bridge was opened in 2005.
2007Moncton hosted the Canadian Interuniversity Sports Men's University Hockey Championship, the 2010 IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics in 2007.
2009Bon Jovi and AC played in 2009 at the hill.
2011Additional CFL were held in 2011.
2014Kent Building Supplies opened main distribution centre in 2014 in the Caledonia Industrial Park.
2018This arena open in 2018.

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