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Miss Canada is a scholarship competition

Example admire victims of abuse are faced with challenges. Trinity Western University student and A Fort Langley resident has accomplished already a lot. The Miss Canada pageant was held in Montreal on January, is running longest pageant in Canadian history, began for Hamilton as a swimsuit contest. Applications are being accepted currently at Organizers of the Miss Canada pageant cancel the beauty contest. Miss Canada producers cite production costs for cancellation as the main reason.

Another successful beauty queen Juliette Powell hosted MuchMusic's Electric Circus, a Toronto news anchor. A year has awards for Miss Fitness and Miss Congeniality for Miss Photogenic.

YearMiss Canada
1945Miss Canada was founded in 1945 in Hamilton.
1963The event was televised first in 1963.
1966Jennings remained until 1966 as solo host.
1978The Miss Canada Pageant obtained the franchise in 1978 for the Miss Universe Pageant.
1982Dominique Dufour co-hosted from 1982 with Perry.
1990Dominique Dufour co-hosted from 1982 with Perry.
1991The final pageant airing in late 1991.
1993No title was awarded through 2008 from 1993.
2008No title was awarded through 2008 from 1993.

Geography of Canada is to the northeast

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