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Massachusetts is the most populous state, the 7th-smallest state

Massachusetts: Algonquian, American State, Pittsfield, Springfield, Colony, Algonquian
Country Name:United States
Country Code:US
Administrative Division:Massachusetts
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:42.36565, -71.10832

Massachusetts was a center of the movement, the first slave-holding colony, the first state, an early center of the Transcendentalist movement from Great Britain for independence, manufactured 3.4 percent of total United States, military armaments became the first state voted in favor of The Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative, was included in presidential election in the United States. Massachusetts had 15 % and 1,011,811 foreign-born residents is growing fastest state in New England, scored ninth in non-farm job growth among all other states, charges also a use tax was made competitive in 1998.

Massachusetts consumed 1374.4 trillion BTU votes routinely with the core concentrations for the Democratic Party, features the local governmental structure has contributed to culture and American arts, include the Boston Ballet, the Lenox and the Boston Lyric Opera. Massachusetts ranks generally highly in disease prevention categories and most health among states. The state is named for the Massachusett tribe, received federal funding for the Central Artery, ranked with a two-percent increase in percentage change, imposes a 6.25 % sales tax on retail sales of tangible personal property. The state housed, Gerry Studds in 2004 in 1972. The 20th century became a national leader with factories in the American Industrial Revolution, held that seat. Modern Massachusetts is a global leader in engineering in biotechnology. Plymouth was the site of the first colony in New England, is the largest municipality by land area in the state. The American Civil War was a center for transcendentalist movements and temperance for the abolitionist.

Harvard University is the oldest institution of higher learning with the largest financial endowment of any university in the United States. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was named after the Massachusett after the indigenous population. Tribes and longhouses called wigwam s as tribes and longhouses. Contact had been made with large numbers of the indigenous peoples with Europeans. The first English settlers arrived at Plymouth via the Mayflower. The event is celebrated still as Evacuation Day in Suffolk County. The Plymouth colony was founded in 1629 under a royal charter. Expansionism and Both religious dissent resulted in several new colonies. The most destructive earthquake known yet in New England. The Intolerable Acts targeted Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party with punishments. Anti-Parliamentary activity followed by the British government by reprisals. Future President George Washington was the Siege of Boston. The documentation is incomplete about 1700 letterss of marque. David McCullough points out that an equally important feature.

Horace Mann made the state's school system, a national model. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau made major contributions to American philosophy. Members of the transcendentalist movement emphasized the importance of the natural world. The works of such abolitionists contributed during the Civil War to Massachusetts's actions. Alexander Graham Bell is credited commonly as the inventor of the first practical telephone. This decline continue into the later half of the century. Eastern Massachusetts following World War II, the economy. The project included making the Central Artery, a tunnel under downtown Boston. The Kennedy family was prominent in the 20th century in Massachusetts politics. This decision was superseded eventually by the U.S. Supreme Court's affirmation. Two pressure cooker bombs exploded on 2013 04 15 near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The Federal Bureau of Investigation identified later the suspects as Tamerlan Tsarnaev and brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Boston is the largest city, largest city and the state capital in Massachusetts at the inmost point of Massachusetts Bay. The large coastal plain of the Atlantic Ocean contains Greater Boston. The western border of Western Massachusetts lies the highest elevated part of the state, the Berkshires. The U.S. National Park Service administers in Massachusetts. Twelve national historic sites manages also the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area and the Cape Cod National Seashore. The primary biome of inland Massachusetts is temperate deciduous forest. A number of species are doing well in the increasingly urbanized Massachusetts. Peregrine falcons utilize office towers as the population and nesting areas in larger cities. The Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge provide breeding critical habitat for a variety and shorebirds. Other marine species include Harbor seal s, North Atlantic, right whales. The climate of Boston is quite representative for the commonwealth. The United States Census Bureau estimated that the population of Massachusetts. Most Bay State residents live within the Boston Metropolitan Area. Population growth was largely due to a relatively high quality of life. Foreign immigration is a also factor in the state's population growth. 40 % of foreign immigrants were from South America and Central. Many areas of Massachusetts showed relatively stable population trends between 2000. The most common varieties of American English spoken than General American in Massachusetts. The descendants of the Puritans belong to many different churches. The headquarters of the Unitarian Universalist Association is now located in South Boston. Many Puritan descendants dispersed also to other Protestant denominations. Roman Catholic communities and Both Protestant have been in decline, is the most irreligious region of the country along with the Western United States. A significant Jewish population immigrated between 1880 to Springfield areas and the Boston. Mary Baker Eddy made the Boston Mother Church of Christian Science.

Kripalu Center are examples of non-Abrahamic religious centers in Massachusetts. The Association of Religion Data Archives are the Catholic Church with 2,940199 adherents. The United States Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that gross state product that the Massachusetts. Phoenix Marketing International had the sixth-largest number of millionaires in the United States per capita. Boston-Logan International Airport is the busiest airport in New England. Recent years tourism has played an ever-important role with Cape Cod and Boston in the state's economy. Other popular tourist destinations include Salem, the Berkshires and Plymouth. Particular agricultural products of note include green house products. Governor Deval Patrick signed into a state holiday into law. World Report and U.S. News ranked Massachusetts, the best state in the top three in the United States. The corporate income tax rate is the short-term capital gains tax rate and 8.8 %, 12 %. Fifteen other regional transit authorities provide public transportation in the rest of the state in the form of bus services. Amtrak operates inter-city rail carries more passengers than all airlines between New York and Boston. Various Chinatown bus lines depart from South Station for New York. MBTA Commuter Rail services run throughout the larger Greater Boston area. The major airport is Boston-Logan International Airport served 33500000 passengers from 31600000 in 2015. Logan International Airport has throughout the United States service to numerous cities. Logan are operated by an independent state transportation agency by Massport. I-495 forms a wide loop around the outer edge of Greater Boston. A great majority of interstates were constructed at times during the mid 20th century. Continued construction grew in 1970 Governor Francis W. Sargent. The Massachusetts Constitution was ratified while the Revolutionary War in 1780. Massachusetts politics have been dominated generally by the state and the Democratic Party. The Government of Massachusetts is divided into three branches. The governor of Massachusetts heads the executive branch. The current governor is Charlie Baker, a Republican from Swampscott. The executive branch includes also the Executive Council. Abilities of the Council include confirming gubernatorial appointments, elections. The Judicial branch is headed by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Federal court cases are heard for the District of Massachusetts in the United States District Court. U.S. has been allotted 11 votes in the electoral college. Pockets of Republican strength are along the I-495 crescent in the central areas. President Barack Obama carried the state with 61.8 % of the vote. The 2010 special election defeated Democrat Martha Coakley. A number of contemporary national political issues have been influenced in Massachusetts by events. The voters of these now defunct counties elect Registers and only Sheriffs. The public University of Massachusetts features five campuses in the state. Famous painters include Norman Rockwell and Winslow Homer. Other orchestras include the Cape Cod Symphony Orchestra in the Springfield Symphony Orchestra and Barnstable. Film events include the Boston Film Festival, a number and the Boston International Film Festival. Historically themed sites and museums in Springfield as the Springfield Armory National Historic Site. The Boston Marathon is a also popular event in the state. Universities and Some colleges operate also radio stations and campus television, own newspapers. The nation's first Marine Hospital was erected in Boston by federal order. The state of Massachusetts is a center for research and medical education. The University of Massachusetts Medical School is located in Worcester. The New England Revolution is the Major League Soccer team for the Boston Cannons and Massachusetts. The Boston Breakers are the Women's Professional Soccer in Massachusetts. The Basketball Hall of Fame is a major tourist destination in the City of Springfield. The American Hockey League is headquartered in Springfield. Many other Massachusetts colleges compete as Division III in lower divisions. A number of major golf events have taken place in Massachusetts.

1620The first English settlers arrived at Plymouth via the Mayflower.
1629The Plymouth colony was founded in 1629 under a royal charter.
1777The Constitution of Vermont adopted in 1777.
1780The Massachusetts Constitution was ratified while the Revolutionary War in 1780.
1791Vermont became a state in 1791.
1799The nation's first Marine Hospital was erected in Boston by federal order.
1811Massachusetts General was founded in 1811.
1924George H. W. Bush was born in 1924 in Milton.
1972The state housed, Gerry Studds in 2004 in 1972.
1998Massachusetts was made competitive in 1998.
2000John Adams has been amended 120 times in 2000.
2003A number of contemporary national political issues have been influenced in Massachusetts by events.
2004The state housed, Gerry Studds in 2004 in 1972.
2012Voters approved also a ballot measure in 2012.
2013The United States Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that gross state product that the Massachusetts.
2014The major airport served 33500000 passengers from 31600000 in 2015.
2015The major airport served 33500000 passengers from 31600000 in 2015.

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