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Martin E. Marty is an American Lutheran, religious scholar

Paul Lutheran Church. The encyclopedic five-volume Fundamentalism Project has been senior editor and a columnist since 1956 for The Christian Century magazine. Learning is a constant dialogue discuss ideas with people in a class. Grace Matters was the weekly 30-minute radio program of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, is grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The ELCA ceased new production of the program in 2009 04. Rev. Peter W. Marty became the host of Grace Matters in 2005. The program aired first in Yankton on a single station, listen also on the Web to Grace Matters.

Pastor Gregerson envisioned a permanent home for the ministry, served as speaker of the program. Rev. Dr. Richard Jensen was called director and as speaker. Rev. Larry Gedde served following briefly Jensens tenure. Award-winning author Walter Wangerin Jr. assumed the role of speaker. The last issue published most recently issue of a journal.

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