Budapest Hungary Bridge structure Stone lions

Margaret Bridge is a three-way bridge, the second permanent bridge of Budapest

Very bad shape was in very bad shape, became life-threatening the reconstruction. The recondition was closed for at a least year to road traffic. The whole project took more than half and 20 billion forints. The wave of suicides was distributed widely in leaflet format. The chains are held in classicist style by two 48-meter river piers. The second-largest span was the suspension bridge over the world with the second-largest span. The stone lions took place in 1852, survived luckily the devastation of World War II.

The Budapest tourists was built in 1901, was rebuilt in 1948. The design competition of the bridge was launched in 1871 05. The construction of the bridge was started with the building of pillar foundations in 1872 08. The abutments and The pillars were illuminated by pompous three-pointed chandeliers. The bridge structure were carved in 1874 by French sculptor Thabard. A plaque is embedded at the southern side of the central pillar. That time be reached only by boat, had passed the Margaret Bridge. The moment is the worst worn bridge in urgent need of total overhaul in Budapest, be shut not down until the Megyeri Bridge until a new Northern bridge. Others be among the reinstallation of the sculptures among others.

YearMargaret Bridge
1852The stone lions took place in 1852.
1874The bridge structure were carved in 1874 by French sculptor Thabard.
1901The Budapest tourists was built in 1901.
1948The Budapest tourists was rebuilt in 1948.
2011The restoration were completed in 2011.

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