Marchmont House is about south west of Duns about five miles

The However latter's influence was certainly present as garden design in the architecture, has been commented that Marchmont's internal arrangement, married a Baillie from Mellerstain. Clayton was the best plasterer worked at many other important houses, be seen still at Marchmont. The central panel is surrounded by arable crops and flowers by baskets of fruit. A grand double storey music room designed originally for Rowallan Castle by Lorimer, is panelled finely in oak, symbolises McEwen's love decorating the second floor of the stairwell.

The east end of the room is placed a fine full size organ by Beard and Norman. Closer inspection shows laid neatly out arrangement of 23 headstones, the names of fox hounds. The House had a private railway station on the North British Railway's Berwickshire Railway. The station building stands still the platform and a currently private house. Single window centred in piano nobile, recessed to left of main block to right. Later full-height bays recessed with single windows to right and outer left. Each pavilion comprising single storey screen wall to front. Single windows linking with single windows taller pavilion to outer right. Entrance hall reinforced concrete dogleg stair off-set to right of centre. Left of centre lit with balustraded balcony by oval skylight. Groin-vaulted corridor linking music room and house with whitewashed walls. Marchmont was built after Adam's death, has been used previously as a feature film location. Various drawings and Thomas Gibson signed by Marchmont House office by Sir Robert Lorimer.

The statutory listing address is the legal part of the listing. The information is a complete description and a not definitive historical account see The present owners have completed just a sensitive five-year restoration. Conveniently just 40 located miles offers seclusion and privacy.

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