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Marbella is municipality and a city, part of the Costa del Sol

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Andalusia
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:36.51443, -4.88604

Marbella is noted particularly for wealthy people and celebrities for the presence of aristocrats, hosts a WTA tennis tournament on the Andalucia Tennis Experience on red clay, was featured in Syriana in the popular political thriller, was used for a private party as the location, was portrayed with most cars as an extremely affluent city. The 2012 population of the city was 140473 inhabitants. The city has also a significant archaeological heritage, performance spaces and several museums retains the nearly same layout as in the 16th century, expanded workforce from 400 employees, welcomed the opening of Marbella International University Centre, an international higher-education institution.

The city is especially popular from also Saudi Arabia and Northern Europe with tourists. The Sierra Blanca is most centrally located in the province. The coast has the Natural Monument site of the Dunas de Artola. The entire region lies within the Andalusian Mediterranean Basin. The irregularity of rainfall has resulted in intermittent rivers. The La Concepción reservoir supplies the population with drinking water. The highest peaks of the mountains are covered occasionally with snow. Other towns had a significant population before the population explosion. The population is concentrated in two main centres, was divided between a small group of oligarchs. The Traditionally people of Marbella have been called in the liturgy in popular language. Archaeological excavations have been made around Marbella in the mountains. Some historians believe on the present site of Marbella that the first settlement. West of the city is a small 1st century Roman Bridge over a stream. The period of Islamic rule lay in the 10th century waste to the coast of Málaga.

The 1283 sultan Marinid Abu Yusuf launched a campaign against the Kingdom of Granada. The Catholic Monarchs gave Marbella, the title of city. The Plaza was built about this time along the lines of Castilian urban design. 1828 Málaga businessman Manuel Agustín Heredia founded a company. The 1832 company built the first charcoal-fired blast furnace in Spain for non-military use. The 1860 Marqués del Duero founded an agricultural colony, the now heart of San Pedro de Alcántara. This situation was compounded in the vineyards by the widespread crisis of traditional agriculture. The Second Republic experienced contentious political parties and major social changes. The aid of Fascist Italian troops seized Marbella during the first months of the war, became a haven for prominent Nazis. The Second World War was a small jasmine-lined village with 900 only inhabitants. Prince Alfonso brought in a Beverly Hills architect with the assistance of the Banus family. Fugitive financier Marc Rich bought a house in Marbella.

The then-anonymous Osama bin Laden visited on a number of occasions. Actor Sean Connery became Marbella's international spokesman although Connery. Gil's administration facilitated a building boom despised town-hall formalities proved also popular like Estepona in other tourist-dependent Costa del Sol towns, died in 2004 in 2004. The old town of Marbella includes the two historical suburbs and the ancient city walls. Other buildings of interest are the Church of Santa María de la Encarnación. The Barrio Alto is known also as the San Francisco neighborhood. The so-called Nuevo Barrio separated by the Arroyo de la Represa from the walled city. The sea and the old town exceeds now over 200000000 euros. The area is exclusive with boaters and golfers, developed during the tourism boom of the 1960s, is served also by the A7 motorway. The Golden Mile is divided by a motorway into two parts, be confused not with the New Golden Mile, featuring the Marbella Club Hotel. The beachside of the motorway is developed fully while the mountain side.

The mountainside of the motorway following residential areas. Nueva Andalucía is an area, just west of Marbella from the marina of Puerto Banús. The heart of San Pedro are two industrial buildings of the 19th century. The 19th century heritage of San Pedro is represented also by the Villa and the parish Church by two buildings of colonial style. The important archaeological site of Cerro Colorado is located near Benahavis. A series of domestic structures built behind the city walls. A hoard of three pots filled with silver coins of mostly Hispano-Carthaginian origin. The eastern part of the municipality is the site of Rio Real. Here traces of Phoenician habitation dating to the early 7th century BC. Bronze Age utensils including plates, other ceramics and lamps. The notable tourist attractions is the residential complex Ciudad Residencial Tiempo Libre, an architectural ensemble of the Modernist movement. The limits of Marbella is divided with different features into twenty-four beaches. Political administration of the municipal government is run by the Ayuntamiento. 85 individuals and 79 companies were implicated in an fifty additional persons and the initial corruption scandal, have fewer than only 2.3 % and 5 employees. Deputy Mayor Isabel Garcia Marcos was arrested at Malaga's airport. City councilor Tomás Reñones, a former Atlético Madrid football player, Marbella. A short period of interim government were held in 2007 05. Today is synonymous with governmental corruption in Spain. The Malaga court accused were found not guilty by the Malaga court. Most cities of the Andalusian coast revolves around tertiary activities. The main branches of the service sector are hospitality, business services and real estate. The port of Bajadilla is also home to the fishermen's guild. Most intercity bus services are operated by CTSA-Portillo. The magazines are dedicated as Absolute Marbella to lifestyle and fashion. Golf Spain magazines and Golf Andalusia are distributed throughout Spain.

The typical Andalusian cultural events are held between October and June in Marbella. Festivals dedicated to music, hosts also the Marbella International Film Festival, the Festival and the Spanish Film Festival. Local cultural associations is the Cilniana Association, an organisation. Local celebrations and Other festivals include the Pilgrimages of Cruz de La Virgen Madre and La Virgen del Carmen de Juanar. Laude San Pedro International School offers excellent facilities, Spanish Bachillerato and a complete British education. Mayfair International Academy is a private international school. Sotogrande International School is an International Baccalaureate school. Queens British Grammar Schoo l is a new private school. Rick Parfitt OBE lived outside Marbella in the mountains. 1981 English actress Joan Collins accepted career-making role in prime time melodrama Dynasty in the hit. English writer Vincent Cronin had a home for decades in Marbella. Mike Reid was living in Marbella, was born in London in Hackney. TV programmes and Many other films portray as a playground. The Spanish soap opera starring Mexican actress Kate del Castillo. The British television channel ITVBe filmed Life on Marbs. The first centuries of the Roman Empire is testified as on the marble plaques. The whole building surrounds an octagonal patio in the center with a lake. The upper floor is some 48 meters above the center floor. Various archaeological works have uncovered the floor of the basilica. The head of the central room was the site for two semicircular apses. The materials found include ceramics of Phoenician types.

1554The Fuerte was built by Charles V in 1554.
1644Sugar cane was introduced in 1644 to Marbella.
1950The census counted in 1950 about 10000 people.
1970The resort opened in 1970 to much fanfare.
2004Gil's administration died in 2004 in 2004.

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