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Manuel Castells is a Spanish sociologist

Castells was politically active in anti- Franco movement in the student, is founding member of the USC Center on a senior member and Public Diplomacy, divides residence between the US and Spain, maintains that the Information Age. Castells suggests contemporary society offers a comprehensive theory of the global information-based society argued that cities, places the concept of power. Several parisian universities became an instructor in several parisian universities. The sociological work of Manuel Castells synthesises empirical research literature.

The 1970s following the path of Alain Touraine, Castells introduced the concept. International Journal of Communication Academic journal co-founded by Castells. The nineties shifted between globalization to the relation. The first volume had a major impact is devoted to the unevenness of the cultural transformations, is the result of a collaborative research project. The Power of Identity analyzes the civic aspects of the network society. Former President of Brazil Professor Fernando Henrique Cardoso writes a landmark. The Institute of Global Studies is also Director of Research, the author of 26 academic books at University of Cambridge at the Department of Sociology, was Distinguished Visiting Professor of Technology has been also professor has lectured in 46 countries in over 300 academic institutions. The Institute of Global Studies was published by Blackwell, has been reprinted in 22 times in English. Other distinctions has received 2013 Balzan Prize from the parliament of Norway from the 2012 Holberg International Memorial Prize and the International Balzan Prize Foundation, received the Guggenheim Fellowship is has been knighted by the Governments of France for cause of scientific merit.

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