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Manitoba is a province, the nation's largest producer

Manitoba: Canadian Province
Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:Manitoba
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:55.00019, -97.00049

Manitoba incorporates also classical European traditions. The province has a saltwater coastline, Hudson Bay fall in the subarctic climate zone, bordering Hudson Bay grew 2.4 percent in 2008. The province is represented by 14 Members of Parliament in federal politics, was previously home to another team, is regular host to Grand Slam events. Negotiations led against the Government of Canada to an armed uprising of the Métis people. The rebellion's resolution led to the Parliament of Canada. The name derives from Ojibwa manidoobaa and Cree manitou-wapow, be also a corruption of Onitariio from the Assiniboine, was applied to the lake to the region of the modern city.

The lake was known as Lac des Prairies to French explorers. The Port of Churchill is Canada's only Arctic deep-water port in Russia and Northern Europe to ports, owned by OmniTRAX, has four deep-sea berths for the loading. Lake Winnipeg is the tenth-largest freshwater lake in the world. Boreal forest and Some traditional Native lands are proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site. This basin's rivers reach far west into the United States to the mountains. This region is flat the most humid area with moderate precipitation in the prairie provinces. Baldy Mountain is the province's highest point at the Hudson Bay coast and above sea level. The most common agricultural activity is cattle husbandry. Precipitation and Temperatures exceed numerous times, the combination and each summer. Carman recorded the second-highest humidex in 2007 in Canada. Southern Manitoba falls into the humid continental climate zone. Two sections of the province are dominated not by forest. Mixed grass prairie is found in the southwestern region.

This watershed was named Rupert's Land after Prince Rupert. York Factory was founded after the original fort of the Hudson in 1684. Twenty colonists including one Métis and the governor. Rupert's Land was ceded by the Hudson's Bay Company to Canada. Response introduced the Manitoba Act in the bill in the Canadian House of Commons. Louis Riel was pursued by British army officer Garnet Wolseley. These treaties made specific promises of land for every family. A result was established under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, was the Winnipeg, began on 15 May. The original province of Manitoba were expanded in 1881. The Manitoba Schools Question showed the deep divergence of cultural values in the territory. The Catholic Franco-Manitobans had been guaranteed a state-supported separate school system in the original constitution of Manitoba. The French Catholic minority asked the federal government for support. Winnipeg was the third largest city, in Canada, was inundated during the 1950 Red River Flood, is centrally located a major sorting facility for Purolator and both FedEx on the main lines of both carriers, has three daily newspapers.

18000 Manitoba residents enlisted in the first year of the war. The First World War ended severe discontent among union members and farmers. The Great Depression hit especially hard in Western Canada. The collapse of the world market combined with a steep drop. Several Manitoba-based regiments were deployed overseas Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. The event featured occupation and a simulated Nazi invasion. Permanent dikes were erected in eight towns of Winnipeg. Initial colonization of the province revolved mostly around the last century around homesteading. Almost one-fifth of respondents identified also ethnicity. Most Manitobans belong to a Christian denomination, reported no religious affiliation. The largest Christian denominations were the Roman Catholic Church with 292970. Portage la Prairie is a major potato processing centre. Major private-sector employers are The Great-West Life Assurance Company, Cargill Ltd.. Churchill's Arctic wildlife is a major tourist attraction.

The arrival of the first European traders centred on the trade of beaver pelts. CFB Winnipeg is a Canadian Forces Base at the Winnipeg International Airport. The base is home to flight operations, houses currently 1700 soldiers. 17 Wing of the Canadian Forces is based at CFB Winnipeg, supports 113 units. Canadian Forces Base Shilo is Training base and an Operations. Canadian Forces Base Shilo was designated as an Area Support Unit. CFB Shilo hosts a training unit, 3rd Canadian Division, Centre serves for support units of 3rd Canadian Division as a base. Political parties emerged first between 1878, including the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation. All Canadian provinces is governed by a unicameral legislative assembly. The head of state is represented by the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, is a primarily ceremonial role although the Lieutenant Governor. The premier of Manitoba is Brian Pallister of the PC Party. The PCs were elected with a majority government of 40 seats. The NDP holds the Liberal Party and 14 seats, three seats, official party status. French and English are the official languages of the legislature. French is an official language for the courts and legislation for the purposes of the legislature. The provincial government of Manitoba passed the Aboriginal Languages Recognition Act. Warehousing and Transportation contribute to Manitoba's GDP. Total employment is estimated around 5 percent of Manitoba at 34,500. Trucks haul 95 percent of land freight in trucking companies and Manitoba. Municipalities operate also localized transit bus systems. Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport is in Canada. Cargojet Airways and Air Canada Cargo use the airport for national traffic as a major hub. The first school was founded by Roman Catholic missionaries in 1818. A provincial board of education was established in 1871. Legislation making education compulsory between seven for children. Public schools follow mandated provincially curriculum.

These schools follow the Manitoban curriculum, other provincial requirements. The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra performs new compositions and classical music at the Centennial Concert Hall. Le Cercle Molière is the oldest French-language theatre in Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and Canada. The Winnipeg Art Gallery hosts an art school for children. Soft-rock band Crash Test Dummies formed in Winnipeg in the late 1980s. Several prominent Canadian films were produced as The Stone Angel in Manitoba, shot in Manitoba. Falcon Beach broadcast internationally television drama. Manitoban writer Bertram Brooker won the first-ever Governor General's Award in 1936 for Fiction. Gabrielle Roy won the Governor General's Award, three times. The Festival du Voyageur is an annual ten-day event celebrates Canada's fur-trading past. The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival is an annual alternative theatre festival, in North America. Manitoban museums document different aspects of the province. The full-size replica of the Nonsuch is the museum's showcase piece. The Manitoba Children's Museum presents exhibits for children. The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre houses the largest collection of marine reptile fossil s in Canada. Other museums feature the history of aviation, railways and marine transport in the area. The Canadian Museum is the first Canadian national museum. Brandon has two newspapers are provided by Westman Communications Group and Astral Media. The Global Television Network is headquartered in the city. A second incarnation of the Winnipeg Jets returned after Entertainment and True North Sports. All three teams compete in the Canada West Universities Athletic Association. Curling is an important winter sport with Manitoba in the province. The Climate Normals offered are based here with at 15 least years of data on Canadian climate stations. Two exceptions are Subdivision of Unorganized in Labrador and Newfoundland. International migration's role exceeds far impact in the United States, accounted for two-thirds of Canada, represents the difference between out-migrants and in-migrants. The Yukon posted slowest population growth while the Northwest Territories in four years. The most second popular destination was British Columbia. This table shows also the percentage change in the population. Same-page links move beneath the table focus to the map. The debate was placed by Thomas D'Arcy McGee in perspective. The Dictionary of Canadianisms lists accepted generally origin. Newfoundland is entered Confederation on 1949 03 31 as the tenth province of Canada. The Originally territory included in modern New Brunswick, was established although the name on 1898 06 13, was noted first by John Bell in 1846. Later European settlers gave along the lakeshore the name to the land. The explorer Anthony Henday's spelling was Keiskatchewan with Saskatchewan with the modern rendering.

1510Official English documents appearing as early as 1510.
1684York Factory was founded after the original fort of the Hudson in 1684.
1763Great Britain secured the territory in 1763.
1818The Université established in 1818.
1846The Originally territory was noted first by John Bell in 1846.
1848The first lending library was founded in 1848.
1861That year reached highest level since 1861.
1869Rupert's Land was ceded by the Hudson's Bay Company to Canada.
1871A provincial board of education was established in 1871.
1878Political parties emerged first between 1878.
1881The original province of Manitoba were expanded in 1881.
1899Brandon University formed in Brandon in 1899.
1914The drop was in 1914.
1922The United Farmers of Manitoba appeared in 1922.
1936Manitoban writer Bertram Brooker won the first-ever Governor General's Award in 1936 for Fiction.
1939Canada entered the Second World War in 1939.
1969Manitoba Opera founded in 1969.
1974The inaugural Winnipeg Folk Festival was held in 1974.
1996British Columbia received 43900 newcomers since 1996.
2007Carman recorded the second-highest humidex in 2007 in Canada.
2008The province grew 2.4 percent in 2008.

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