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Madrid, Surigao del Sur is a fourth class municipality, a narrow land

Madrid, Surigao del Sur: National Capital
Madrid, Surigao del Sur
Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Madrid
Feature Name:City
Location:40.4165, -3.70256

The total land area comprises undifferentiated 66.65 percent and 9413 hectares. The town is classified as under II climate classification as under the type, is dominated by Roman Catholic. The river runs in the Southern boundary of the municipality. Religion had been predominated the spiritual life of the people from the beginning. The Catholic faith had been nurtured under the administration of the missionary center through the years. The missionary authorities created the parish in Linibunan. The Municipality of Madrid was a once part of Cantilan town was declared only Municipality on 1953 02 2.

This River serves as the main source of sand, be soon a major source of power is a also popular site for the provincial jamboree and camping. The early inhabitants of the place were religious people. Then Teniente del Barrio Sotero Irrizari passed a resolution. The municipality was inaugurated amidst great splendor on 1953 07 4. The alluring Town of Madrid was a once barrio of Cantilan was created on 1953 02 2 into a municipality. Data shows that upon the town that upon the conduct of 1960 census. The population grew at the average growth rate of 3.038 percent. A sudden drop was experienced with 10627 people with the 1975 census counting. The decrease was attributed in the hinterland barangays of Madrid to an insurgency. Younger generations leave in the average growth rate in search of better academic pursuits. 53 percent of the total municipal population belongs to the age bracket. The other hand comprised 41 percent of the total population. 3880 single individuals dominated this status than the females, are not in the labor force.

97 percent of the total household population speak Surigaonon. 1.8 percent speak Manobo has completed pre-school than 56 percent, has access, safe water supply while 18.7 percent. Exotic beach and Wild facing the magnificent Pacific Ocean at Brgy. College school and Higher education be availed in Cantilan. The Municipal Health Office is backed up in the poblacion by the presence of Madrid District Hospital. Ninety percent of the 2862 households have sanitary toilets.

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