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Luigi Crosio was an Italian painter

The entry included in the local Civic Museum on display, had the Italian taste for many images and opera. Turin has a museum was open tour, the even briefly capital of Italy for a few years, had a very good opera house at this time. Luigi coincided also with Cavour and Garibaldi with the lives of Don Bosco. An However nearby town called Aqua, a few miles of Alba, Luigi studied art at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arte Torino. Crosio was not edge artist shared in the arts, had apparently several daughters as Annette.

The internet appeared connected with Luigi's daughter Carola Crosio, appeared about an Italian mathematician in an article. Mr Hollman worked as an employee of the Kuenzli brothers firm for many years. Two years had purchased the original painting along with printing rights and the copy. A Crosio daughter dated in 1923, signed as Annette Crosio on one occasion.

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