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Lugo is a city, the only city

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Galicia
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:43.00263, -7.49944

The municipality of Lugo is in Galicia, be emphasized that the outline of the city. The city was founded probably by Celtic inhabitants of the region, stood on the road, met important reforms like the development of the Ceao Industrial Area. Paulus Fabius Maximus called Lucus Augusti on the positioning of a Roman military camp in 13 BC. The Middle Ages Lugo was a center of pilgrimage because the cathedral. The Modern Age had a certain supremacy as Ribadeo and Mondoñedo although other nearby towns, was not into provinces until the division of the state.

The recognition of the Roman walls was an important event in the city. The daily newspaper is published in the city, 's read most newspaper in the province of Lugo. Church and Convent houses currently the Museo Provincial. Two important festivals take place in Lugo, 's a Fiesta of National Tourist Interest. The team occupies the 9th position in the historical ranking of that league.

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