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Lleida is a city,

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Catalonia
Feature Name:Administrative Division
Location:41.63077, 0.59561

Felipe da Silva by the Spanish, has a number of small municipal galleries de the Sala Manel Garcia Sarramona and Sant Joan as the Sala Municipal d'Exposicions, is the subject of the Catalan folk song La Presó, a very popular tune de Lleida. The Roman conquest of the Iberian Peninsula served for an Iberian people as a settlement. The town became a municipality, Ilerda was reconquered in 1149. The University of Lleida is nowadays active since 1991. The Romans was incorporated into the Roman province of Hispania Tarraconensis, stood on the right bank of the river Sicoris upon an eminence, induced the legates of Pompey.

Marcus Petreius and Afranius threw with five legions into the place. The Roman empire was a municipium and a very flourishing city minted own coins had a fine stone bridge over the Sicoris. Precipitation is low of with a peak with an annual average. Enric Granados Auditorium is the city's concert hall is named after the composer Enric Granados. CaixaForum Lleida includes a concert hall is the usual venue for screenings and film-related events. Concerts are a also regular fixture of the two local feasts, Sant Anastasi in September in Sant Miquel and May. A Latin-American film festival is held yearly in an animation film festival and the town. The Centre d'Art La Panera is a contemporary art institution. The Museu d'Art Jaume Morera displays art displaying art. The Escola Municipal provides higher education in the arts. Traditional celebrations include the main annual town festivity. Escargot cooking is celebrated yearly at the end of May. The oldest part of the quarter known as Els Vins Vells.

Both medieval buildings are situated over the so-called Turó. Seu Nova was burnt by the anarchist during the Spanish Civil War. El Roser built by the Dominican Order, hosted a fine arts academy of the same name. Lleida Public Library known previously as a mid-19th century orphanage as La Maternitat. The Probably most famous sport is basketball because a few years.

1149The town was reconquered in 1149.
1991The University of Lleida is nowadays active since 1991.
2007Lleida was the year's Capital, the Capital of Catalan Culture in 2007.
2008Museum of Lleida opened in 2008.
2010La Llotja opened in 2010.

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