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Lion dance is a form of traditional dance

The lion dance recorded in Japan, has been absorbed completely into Japanese tradition, is used also in religious Shinto festivals, has different forms is seen in many overseas Chinese communities as a representative part of Chinese culture. Both forms are found commonly around the world in China. Versions of the lion dance are found also in Korea in Japan. Another form of lion dance exists in Indonesian culture. The earliest use of the word shizi meaning lion appeared first in Han Dynasty texts.

Detailed descriptions of Lion Dance appeared during the Tang Dynasty. The Tang court was called the Lion Dance and the Great Peace Music. Another version of the lion dance was described by the Tang poet Bai Juyi. The Southern Lion is a later development in the south of China, has a single horn. The two main types of lion dance are Southern Lions and the Northern. Other ethnic minorities groups have also own lion dances for the lion dance of the Muslim minority for examples. Chinese lion dances involve usually two dancers are performed in Java and Bali. The larger lions manipulated by two persons, have shaggy orange and a gold-painted wooden head resemble Fu Dogs and Pekingese, the Southern Lion appear sometimes as a family. The larger lions dance on bamboo stilts. The civil style emphasizes mimics and the character plays a unique beat. The Qilin dance is performed most commonly by the Hakka people. Various forms of lion dance are found also widely as Japan in East Asian countries. The Chinese Northern Lion Dance is performed often as a pair of male.

The dance of the Northern Lion is generally more playful than the Southern Lion. Regions include Xushui in Ningbo in Ninghai and Hebei province. Cantonese Lion dance and The Chinese Southern Lion originated from Guangdong. Newer versions apply also shinier modern material as laser sticker and sequin over the traditional lacquer. Other minor styles include the Jow Ga. and the Fut-Hok. The different lion types be identified from the design of the lion head. Fo Shan is the style, many kung fu schools requires power in posture in strength and moves. The lion becomes the representation of the kung fu school is considered the movement and the youngest lion is used with organization and an established Martial art master by schools, had also bells. The lion is called the Righteous Lion was known as the funeral lion, is confused sometimes with the silver lion, be manipulated by two by a single person. The underside of the tail has a high forehead, a sharp horn and curved lips. Traditional Fo Shan lions are ornate in a number of regional styles in appearance.

The tail is more curvy in design, is known as two coins as sports and the second brother. The body of the lion is also more powerful with eye-catching colours in structure. Further improvement had been made for example by the Singapore Hok San Association. The Liu Bei lion coloured multi tail, the colors of the five elements. Older Liu Bei lions have also black while the new ones in the tail. The Zhang Fei lion has based black face with small ears with short black beard. The Zhao Zi Long lion is a green lion with a green tail, is called often the fourth brother, this lion, the Heroic Lion. Green Lion is the lion dance form to the typical Chinese southern lion dance. Green lion sounds similar to Qing army, was a reminder of the devastation. That point onwards is used as a form of physical training without function and the blades. A court version of the dance is performed within the ground of the royal palace at the Duyet Thi Duong Theatre. The dance is performed primarily as Mid-Autumn Festival and Vietnamese lunar new year at traditional festivals, is accompanied typically by acrobatics and martial artists, feature also sometimes qilin and tigers was performed originally.

The dance be found among Tibetan diaspora communities in Tibet, has evolved considerably since the early days. A feature of the Vietnamese unicorn dance is the spirit and dance partner Ông Địa. Various forms of shishi dances are found also in bunraku theatres and kabuki in noh. The one-man variety is seen most often in eastern Japan. The eyes of the lion mask is believed also that children. The snow lion has white fur have a long history in Tibet. Ths snow lion represents glaciers and the snowy mountain ranges. The snow lion dance be performed as a ritual dance as a secular dance. The Reog dance of Ponorogo involves a lion figure is held as the Lebaran on special occasions. A single dancer carries the heavy lion mask about 30, is credited with exceptional strength. The great mask has gained international recognition as the world's largest mask. The Chinese Lion Dance is performed accompanied by gong and cymbals. Most modern Southern Lion dance costumes comes with some however practitioners. The old days was above a only well-trained martial artist and ground 5 hung m to 6 metres. The audience judge the quality of the martial art schools. The schools and The performers gain respect and praise on top of the large monetary reward. The lion dance troupes are accompanied sometimes as the Big Head Buddha by various characters. The violence became so extreme that at the Hong Kong government that at one point. Development and This evolution has produced the modern form of lion dances. The competition be performed on a series of small circular platforms. International Lion Dance championships are held for example in many countries. Example was criticized in the 1970s by a Malay politician. This ban was overturned however after the collapse of the Suharto regime. Yu did obeisance replied waters mounted four conveyances along the hills, opened passages. Yu deepened canals and the channels. Night and Day make boats introduced licentious associates. The use of automatic download software is prohibited strictly that users of such software.

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