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Lepe is a Spanish town, La Antilla

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Andalusia
Feature Name:City
Location:37.25482, -7.20433

The village is the 14th-century Iglesia de Guzmán de Santo Domingo, houses Lepe's patron saint, the Virgen. Philip II of Spain is the Torre del Catalán, a 16th-century lookout tower climb the tower for the Paraje Natural Marismas del Río Piedras y la Flecha del Rompido for views of a nature reserve. El Terron is the also environmentally educational Aula Marina de El Terrón. Puerto de El Terrón The is with the island of Cabecera at the mouth of Río Piedras. Other natural areas seeing worth for the rich diversity of flora.

Granada is in Spain in the autonomous community of Andalusia

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