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Le Havre is city and an urban French commune, the capital of the canton

Le Havre
Country Name:France
Country Code:FR
Administrative Division:Normandy
Feature Name:City
Location:49.4938, 0.10767

Le Havre has twinning associations, the largest free outdoor skatepark, seven evangelical Protestant churches with approximately 7000 m2 in France, experienced a population boom in the second half of the 19th century, is dominated by three professional sports teams, occupies on the Channel, manages the Le Havre Octeville Airport. Le Havre is punctuated by a wide range of events, appears in comic books in several literary works, was inspired by Agricola and the games Caylus, was the birthplace. Modern Le Havre is for the largest French container port and total traffic in France.

The Administratively commune is located with Dieppe in the Normandy region, had 177259 inhabitants. Port and The city were founded in 1517 by the King Francis I of France, has been awarded two flowers by the National Council of Towns, has received many awards of eco-labels, several times is one hour from Rouen. Port and The city has a dense transport network, District Court and a Labour Court, 99 sports facilities, 46 gymnasiums, 5 swimming pools and 23 sports fields, seven Muslim places of worship had a lower proportion of managers, 22 hotels with a total of 1064 rooms, operates 49 communal primary schools and 55 kindergarten s hosted also the sailing events, writers as Emile Danoën for the 1900, has been long home to many service companies. Port and The city received the label in 2005 UNESCO in 2001, has hosted also. Economic development was hampered by conflicts by religious wars, was from the end of the 18th century, extends the budget de Ville for the Grand Projet, allows rebuilding and the demolition.

2005 UNESCO inscribed the central city of Le Havre as a World Heritage Site. The André Malraux Modern Art Museum is the second of France for the number of impressionist paintings. Numerous roads link with the main access roads to Le Havre. The commune of Le Havre separated by a natural cliff edge, was built on mudflat s and former marshland. The city centre was rebuilt after the Second World War, provide the people with urban recreation areas. The average annual sunshine duration is 1,785.8 hours per year. Precipitation is distributed with a maximum throughout the year. The day is the high variability of the temperature during the day. The main natural hazards are floods, storm surge s and storms. The lack of watercourses prevents flooding from overflows. A Carbon accounting showed that the municipality in 2009. The 2011 average annual emissions of sulfur dioxide was per cubic metre between three micrograms. Various ecosystems are represented in the Hauser Park and the Beach Gardens. The streets are lined with 13000 trees of 150 different varieties.

The More recently A29 autoroute has connected Le Havre to the north of France. The TER network was modernized in 2001 with the creation of the LER line. No direct rail link connects Caen and Le Havre, yet many projects. Many holiday destinations are offered each year through local travel agencies. Portsmouth are provided daily from the Terminal de la Citadelle. The 1890 funicular has provided a link in four minutes between the lower town and the upper town. The first part of the line connects the beach to the station. Development work have increased including a connection to the Greenway. The Second World War was rebuilt according between 1945 to the plans of the architect Auguste Perret. The architecture of the area is characterized by the use of precast concrete. The Saint Francis neighborhood was rebuilt also in a radically different architectural style after 1945. The shops are concentrated in the Rond-Point neighbourhood along several major roads. The station is with the main avenues the gateway to the city.

Les Bains Des Docks was designed by the architect Jean Nouvel. The peripheral suburbs of the commune grew in the postwar period. This finance agreement provides more for the housing estates than 340 million euros. This qualifier referred undoubtedly to the Chapel of Notre Dame, be noted that the chapel. The common noun havre meaning is considered generally a loan from the 12th century from Middle Dutch. Contrast is given relevant hafn meaning and the old Scandinavian höfn. The city of Le Havre is divided into nine Cantons, has been long has in France. 23 October has been Édouard Philippe holds also the presidency of the CODAH, a seat succeeded Antoine Rufenacht as the head of the municipality. The mayor form the council of Le Havre meets at the town hall on a once average month. The debates are generally public except for certain proceedings. The Le Havre Palace of Justice is located de Strasbourg on the Boulevard. The new prison was completed in 2010, has an area of 32000 m2 on a site of 15 hectares. The Hospital Group of Havre is a public health facility, the largest employer in the CODAH. The Jacques Monod Hospital offers a full range of care. The private clinic of Ormeaux is located in the neighbourhood of Eure. The first half of the 20th century was stationed at Le Havre. Then population has decreased again between 1975, is concentrated mainly in Côte-Ormeaux and the city centre, is estimated at 4.8 % and 8525 persons. The trend continued although at a slower pace in the 1980s. Municipalities is conducted annually the entire territory of these municipalities. The proportion of workers was one point than the national average. The proportion Le Havre people is higher than the national average. The Jules Valles collage is classified as eleven colleges and a sensitive institution. The writer Armand Salacrou studied in this institution. The University of Le Havre is recent medium-sized a also research centre with nine laboratories, works with other higher education institutions in partnership.

The university trains also 317 engineering students, the Logistical Studies, Higher Education Institute offers 120 Diplomas of State. The 2007 school year opened a Euro-Asia cycle in Le Havre. The ITIP prepares students in port business and the multimodal transport for careers. The second major sports team is Saint Thomas Basketball. The Hockey Club of Le Havre played for the 2008 at the fourth level. Today is known as Seaside resort and a water sports, is divided into 24 places and eight parishes. The marina host deepwater vessels in any weather around the clock. The Havraise Rowing Society has trained as Thierry Renault many rowers to a high level. The Club Nautique Le Havrais is the centre of mixed swimming, men and swimming. The Centre Nautique Paul Vatine is the fifth largest club for the number of sports in the country. Several major local sportsmen began career at Le Havre. Jerome Le Banner is a professional kick-boxer at world level. Handball matches and Basketball are playued while ice hockey in the Dock Océane hall. The port infrastructure allows as sailing for many water activities. The course of the Solitaire du Figaro was partly in 2010 in Le Havre. Every summer roller blade events are organized on Friday evening in the city. Five newspapers cover the Le Havre agglomeration are also available on the Internet. A free weekly of information has been published since every 2010 Wednesday. Radio Vallée based in RESONANCE in Épouville, was that television host Laurent Ruquier and the journalist in Le Havre radio stations. The church of Notre Dame was promoted to Cathedral Notre Dame du Havre. The Church of Saint Joseph du Havre built by Auguste Perret. The Protestant Church of Le Havre was built in 1862 in the city centre. The synagogue was visited in 2002 04 by President Jacques Chirac. 68.6 million tons of cargo is the second largest French seaport in trade volume, represents 60 % of total French container traffic with EVP with nearly 2.2 million Twenty-foot equivalent unit. 75 regular shipping lines serve 500 ports around the world. The rest of the traffic is distributed to America and Europe. The leisure boat harbour of Le Havre is located to the west. Most industries are located in the industrial-port area north of the estuary, are dispersed throughout the Le Havre agglomeration. The largest industrial employer of the Le Havre region is the Renault, public company in the commune of Sandouville. Large firms are mainly in Sandouville and Montivilliers in the communes of Le Havre. A total of 28 industrial establishments manufacture plastics. The machines are designed in Brittany for Offshore wind power. The two largest employers are the Groupe Hospitalier du Havre with Groupe Hospitalier du Havre with key data and 4384 staff Presentation. The transport sector is the largest economic sector with 15.5 % of employment in Le Havre. Higher Education is represented by the University of Le Havre. The first weekend of September is highlighted in the Festival of the Sea. The Autumn Festival organized by the departments of Seine-Maritime. The buildings of the 19th century testify to military vocations and the maritime. Five Museums have as an official label as Musées de France. This museum houses a collection of art until the 20th century from the late Middle Ages, was destroyed during Allied bombings, displays objects. A Museum dedicated with many objects to the history of Le Havre, displays many items of religious art houses also the Gosselin collection of 206 model houses. World War II is housed in Le Havre's former law courts. The library is located in the city centre, has branches in all districts. The whole Espace Oscar Niemeyer has been worked on since 2011. Other cultural venues are scattered in the city centre. The National Choreographic Centre of Le Havre Haute-Normandie specialises in production and the creation. Performances and Other shows are given at the Conservatory Arthur Honegger in other places. The second cultural centre of the city is near the Basin Vauban in the Eure district. The Docks Café is for exhibitions and fairs for shows. Le Tetris be a venue as theatre for contemporary music. The walls was held during 2012 on the site of the fort. Incunables and medieval manuscripts are conserved at the public library. Claude Monet painted Impression soleil levant, a painting. Two other Impressionists represented also the port of Le Havre. Jean Dubuffet studied in Le Havre at the School of Art. La Fée presented also in 2011 at the Directors's Fortnight. The film Le Havre received two prizes at the also Louis Delluc Prize and the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, was nominated three times for the 37th César Awards. The 19th century was the setting for several French novels. Streets pay from this period tribute to other famous Le Havre people. The name Port is the setting by this author for three other novels. Diana Gabaldon set the second novel in Le Havre in Amber. Benoît Duteurtre published en France in 2001, publishes Les pieds dans l. The playwright Jacques-François Ancelot was a also native of Le Havre. Frank Le Gall toute l'année embarks Theodore Poussin on the Cap Padaran at Le Havre. The 1980s many groups have emerged in 1970s and the 1960s after a first dynamic development. The most famous personality of Le Havre rock is Little Bob. A blues festival driven by Blues by Jean-François Skrobek. Several artists was organized de Bleu association by the Coup. The legacy of the Norman language is present in the language. Jean-Paul Sartre taught at high school at the François-I. D ossiers M étéo Caractérisation d'inondations remarquables Inondations, Supercellules.

YearLe Havre
1489The name of the town was attested in 1489.
1517Port and The city were founded in 1517 by the King Francis I of France.
1857Presbyterian Reform Church built in 1857.
1862The Protestant Church of Le Havre was built in 1862 in the city centre.
1894Le Havre had a tramway system from 1894.
1900Port and The city hosted also the sailing events, writers as Emile Danoën for the 1900.
1945The Saint Francis neighborhood was rebuilt also in a radically different architectural style after 1945.
1974Le Havre is city and an urban French commune, the capital of the canton, the most populous commune of Upper Normandy, the also second largest subprefecture, a major French city, some west of Rouen, the also third best city, ,, the birthplace of many musicians, a board game in the Normandy region of northwestern France in the Seine-Maritime department.
1975Then population has decreased again between 1975.
1980sThe trend continued although at a slower pace in the 1980s.
2001Benoît Duteurtre published en France in 2001.
2005The bus station certified NF since 2005.
2007The film made in 2007.
2008The Hockey Club of Le Havre played for the 2008 at the fourth level.
2009A Carbon accounting showed that the municipality in 2009.
2010The course of the Solitaire du Figaro was partly in 2010 in Le Havre.
2011La Fée presented also in 2011 at the Directors's Fortnight.
2012The walls was held during 2012 on the site of the fort.
2013North of the station be opened in 2013.

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