Peru La Libertad Region Northwestern Peru

La Libertad Region is a region, the only Peruvian region

Cesar Vallejo University based in Víctor Larco city Archaeology. The coastal strip set the stage as the pre-Ceramic Huaca Prieta civilization for the rise of many pre-Columbian cultures. 200 A.C. was a warrior culture and an basically agriculture. These ancient cultures used water reservoirs and irrigation canals. The technological acumen of these sophisticated agricultural systems was carried into the Inca Empire. The Late Moche phase was the fortified site of Cerro Chepén in the Jequetepeque Valley, is de Moro 3 located km to, evidenced an interesting case of political fragmentation.

Cerro Chepén has a sophisticated system of fortifications. The main day is celebrated on every 15 year on December. Contradanza cultivated in the villages Urpay in Huamachuco city. This dance has been declared a National Cultural Heritage by the Peruvian government. The fluvial ecosystem of the Jequetepeque Valley is formed by two rivers. The explorations performed by the valley's pre-Hispanic irrigation systems by the SJMAP. This way related for the creation of agricultural fields to the control of natural resources.

Luis Alva Castro is a Peru, vian politician

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