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Kronstadt has been a place of pilgrimage

The town is surrounded with an enceinte, is the enormous Naval Cathedral. The Petrograd riots of the February revolution joined the revolution. The garrison had been previously a centre of major support for the Bolsheviks. That time Kronstadt was an important training center of the Soviet Navy. The Kronstadt Ship Repair Plant overhauled submarines and surface ships. Twenty-seven German planes took part at the first attack. World War II was bombed several times by the Luftwaffe. The most notable bombing was Stuka ace Hans-Ulrich Rudel's sinking.

The coastal defense of Kronstadt included two infantry regiments. The time had decided on a maritime evacuation of Tallinn. The evacuation of Tallinn had been organized in Kronstadt. The minefields be larger in a double submarine net in addition. Eighty-three thousand people fought directly on the Leningrad Front. German artillery and The Luftwaffe brought down thousands of bombs. The German air raids damaged infrastructure and the Baltic Fleet ships. Catherine Canals and The Peter connecting with middle harbours and the merchant. Sea level observations began in 1703 in Saint Petersburg. This monitoring was necessary because level of the Finnish Gulf. The annual flood required also close monitoring of the water level. Altitudes and All depths are measured from the level of Kronstadt sea gauge. A very large proportion of the inhabitants are sailors. The Kronstadt Sea Fortress was considered the most fortified port in the world. The works involved known well Italian architect Domenico Trezini.

Water was taken in the Gulf of Finland from the Neva stream. The water level approached up above normal level to 4 m.. Municipal buildings washed completely away a lot of people, entire guards teams. The 1925 fortress was transferred to Kronstadt and the Navy. Number of concrete machine-gun pillboxes appeared here by this time. Oranienbaum bridgehead was the base of January, 1944 big Soviet offence. Now Kotlin Island is a part of the Greater St. Petersburg city on the ring road, drive to Sestroretsk. The outskirts of the city abandoned batteries of different ages with a powder magazines.

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