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Kitchener, Ontario is a city

Kitchener, Ontario: Field Marshal
Kitchener, Ontario
Country Name:Canada
Country Code:CA
Administrative Division:Ontario
Feature Name:City
Location:43.42537, -80.5112

The Grand River Valley is generally above 300m in elevation. This glacial kame remnant formation is the highest elevation. The other dominant glacial feature is the Waterloo Moraine. The settlement's first name is was called initially Ebytown. Temperatures exceed below in the winter in drop and the summer. The highest temperature recorded ever in Kitchener, recorded was ever on 2015 02 16. The German Company represented by Samuel Bricker and Daniel Erb. The first buildings had been built over several families over the next decade.

The 1816 Government of Upper Canada designated the settlement, the Township of Waterloo. Eby was also responsible in Waterloo County for the growth of the Mennonite church, had built a log Mennonite meeting house. A new meeting house known near Stirling Avenue as Eby's Versammlungshausnear. Immigration continued heavily in the 1820s, slowed by 1880. Joseph Schneider built a frame house on the south side of the future Queen Street in 1820. A tavern was established also here at a store and the same time. The town increased considerably from 1816, was renamed Berlin. The first County council meeting was held in the new facility. The Waterloo County Gaol is the oldest government building still-standing in the Region of Waterloo. The line reached Hespeler, Waterloo and Berlin is the primary rail corridor while the northern line for CN. The County built a very large so-called Poorhouse was located in Kitchener on Frederick St.. A research project has amassed all available data about the House.

The German community established German language churches and German public schools. Some sources estimate from Europe that roughly 50000 Germans. This annual celebration continued until the start of World War I. The Governor General of Canada know well the admirable qualities. German clubs were ransacked through the course of the war, was a just really nasty time period. The Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest is a remembrance of the region. The event includes German entertainment and beer halls. The second largest Oktoberfest is based on the original German Oktoberfest, attracts an average of 700000 people to the county. Industrial artifacts are located throughout the city in public places. The city is home to four municipal business parks, underwent a ward boundary review abandoned downtown location in the city's southwest. These initiatives included heavy investment on behalf of the city. The street was reconstructed using paving stones and recycled roadway. The City of Toronto used Kitchener's King Street for Celebrate Yonge as a model.

The building is located near Victoria Street on King Street. McMaster University opened subsequently a satellite campus. The Health Sciences Campus has been central to the emergence of Kitchener. The local government repurposed the building for commercial firms as a space. High-tech giant Google Inc. became a tenant of the Tannery. The Kitchener office is a large hub for Google's Gmail application for the development. The Province of Ontario built a new provincial courthouse on the block in downtown Kitchener. The downtown area have been transformed into residences and upscale lofts. The former Arrow shirt factory has been converted into high-rise apartment building into a luxury. Some 11.7 % of the resident population compared in 13.7 % and Ontario to 13.6 %. The median age was 37 years for 40 years and Ontario than the 39 years. Population density of Kitchener was 1495 people per square kilometre. The 2001 census adhered to various Christian denominations. Municipal elections are held every four years in late October.

Residents of Kitchener voted almost in favour of a ward system. The first municipal election held under the ward system. A consultant proposed boundaries for the 2010 municipal election for a 10-ward system. The current Member of Provincial Parliament is Daiene Vernile. The oldest Catholic high school is St. Mary's High School was transformed in 1990 into a co-ed institution. The former St. Jerome's High School houses the Lyle S. Hallman Faculty of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University, opened in 2006 at this location. Nine consecutive years has earned top overall ranking on the Key Performance Indicator surveys among Ontario colleges, is in Canada. The University of Waterloo opened a School of Pharmacy in the downtown area. The Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine admits 28 students. Students complete clinical placements in the Waterloo-Wellington Region at medical centres and hospitals. McMaster's satellite campus features also the Centre for the University and a family health team for Family Medicine. Emmanuel Bible College is also at 100 Fergus Ave. Health care in Kitchener. Kitchener-Waterloo is served by Grand River Hospital by three hospitals, is an annual nine-day event. Grand River treats patients with a wide range of problems, has drawn nature-seeking tourists to the city. Both hospitals have intensive care units and emergency departments. Cambridge Memorial is a general hospital, primarily patients. Physiotherapy and Long term rehabilitation is addressed at the south of the city at the Freeport Health Centre. Home and a tuberculosis sanatorium nestles along the banks of the Grand River. Family doctors are in a source and K-W in short supply. 15 new family doctors be trained each year in new premises. The current site is in an area in the basement of the downtown hospital. The Kitchener Public Library is another community stalwart. The Friday running until the Saturday, is the largest Bavarian festival in the world. This festival ambassador position is selected from a panel of local applicants by a closed committee of judges.

The festival attracts an average of 700000 people has expanded throughout the downtown area to two workshop stages and four stages, has grown from a one-day event, features foods, music and dance from around the world. The festival showcases also several vendors was started in 2010. A local folk group Destroy All Robots, a tongue-in-cheek song, the city of Kitchener. The Kitchener Blues Festival is a 4-day festival in downtown Kitchener, celebrated 14th year. Victoria Park commencing usually on the first weekend of the summer. A key part of the festival is the large number of food, foods. A cast-bronze statue of Queen Victoria is located along with a cannon in Victoria Park. Chicopee Ski Club is also located within the city limits. Subsequent upgrades took the Conestoga west towards St Jacobs beyond Trussler Road. Construction of the Conestoga had been the primary highway to Stratford. This proposal is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation by the Region of Waterloo. A controversial plan extend River Road through an area. Waterloo's quadrants created by the intersection of King. Public transport has been provided by Grand River Transit. GRT operate a number of bus routes in Kitchener, added an express bus route. Waterloo Region council confirmed approval of the plan between Conestoga Mall for an electricity-powered light rail transit line. Passenger rail service has been long a point of frustration for residents of Kitchener. Signalling conditions and The track are very different on the southern route so that trains. Google's Canadian headquarters announced funding for an environmental assessment. The outcome of the environmental assessment begin in 2025. Freight trains are operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Goderich-Exeter Railway. Sunwing Airlines offers seasonal service to Cayo Santa Maria. Most air travellers use Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Airport. June was closed temporarily due from a construction crane to possible interference. The Forest Heights Neighbourhood Association includes the Forest Heights. Kitchener-Waterloo Predators Volleyball Club provides youth volleyball programing within the Ontario Volleyball Association. Kitchener-Waterloo Asahi Judo Club established in 1967. Jason Reso retired professional wrestler, current World Wrestling Entertainment employee and former Total Nonstop Action wrestler. William Lyon Mackenzie King serving longest Prime Minister.

YearKitchener, Ontario
1816The town increased considerably from 1816.
1820Joseph Schneider built a frame house on the south side of the future Queen Street in 1820.
1829Jacob Hoffman came in 1829.
1830sApple trees were introduced by John Eby to the region.
1850Immigrants dominated the city after 1850.
1926The Waterloo Pioneer Memorial Tower built in 1926.
1967Kitchener-Waterloo Asahi Judo Club established in 1967.
1973Waterloo and Kitchener was part of Waterloo County, Ontario, in Ontario until 1973.
1990The oldest Catholic high school was transformed in 1990 into a co-ed institution.
2006Construction began in 2014 08 in 2006.
2010The festival was started in 2010.
2012The local economy's reliance has decreased in 2012.
2025The outcome of the environmental assessment begin in 2025.

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