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Karl von Terzaghi was an Austrian civil engineer, geologist and geotechnical engineer

Early professional years was for the firm Adolph von Pittel as a junior design engineer. The firm was becoming involved more in the relatively new field of hydroelectric power generation. The International Society had origins on Foundation Engineering and Soil Mechanics in the First International Conference. The time of the Third ICSMFE had become established firmly as Donald Taylor and President with Terzaghi. A 1957 W Skempton became the Secretariat and President. The Secretaries General have been J.K.T.L.

Nash, R.H.G. Parry and J.B. Burland. The quadriennial ICSMFE became an established pattern from 1953. The first Regional Conference was the Australasian Conference. ISSMGE has experienced a rapid growth in 2500 individual members and the 32 Member Societies in membership. A Recently private compilation of Terzaghi have a picture of that campus People. The exact birth place is in that photo at the top of the hill, invented very ingenious tools for measurement of forces.

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist

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