Education President Lyndon Johnson Welfare Native of California

John W. Gardner was secretary of Health, Welfare and Education

1966 Gardner was awarded the Public Welfare Medal from the National Academy of Sciences, was at the height of Johnson, resigned as head of HEW, was featured on the cover. 1966 Gardner served on the Stanford University Board of Trustees, created Common Cause founded also the Experience Corps, the Urban Coalition, commissions and several presidential task forces, many public service organizations, Common Cause, a citizen's advocacy group called Experience Corps became reality, some seven years with the launch of an Experience Corps pilot project.

1966 Gardner began life teaching psychology led also the In received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civil honor. The John Gardner Fellowship Program was established by the University and Stanford University in 1985. Past placements have included the White House, the United States Department of State. The John Gardner Fellowship Association is an association of John Gardner Fellowship alumni from the University and both Stanford University. The suggestion of George F. Becker supported initially by the Marcellus Hartley Fund. Recipients has made an especially important contribution. The Pinkerton Foundation and The Retirement Research Foundation provided also funding to P. A lead agency were sponsored in those cities by a lead agency. The Seniors included the five original Experience Corps pilot projects. Two additional Experience Corps projects focused on the in-school model. Staff members develop a selection process and clear criteria for potential school sites.

Projects running after-school Experience Corps sites, a thorough site selection process. Selection brings an already-developed structure to each site. Andrew Carnegie chartered by an act of Congress in 1906, is research center and an independent policy. Influential Foundation achievements include development of the Teachers Insurance. The program attracts outstanding graduates to the tradition of public service. This joint UC Berkeley-Stanford University program was established with initial funding. President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Gardner as Welfare and Education. Fortune magazine estimated that supervised programs that Gardner. The wake of the Watergate scandal helped gain the adoption of landmark legislation. Stanford President Don Kennedy recruited in 1989 Gardner to the Farm, became Peter Haas Centennial Professor and the first Miriam in a chair in Public Service, retained the chair. The documentary aired on the Public Broadcasting Service. The Stanford Alumni Association honored Gardner for Distinguished Service with the Herbert Hoover Medal, served on the Stanford Board of Trustees.

YearJohn W. Gardner
1906Andrew Carnegie chartered by an act of Congress in 1906.
1946Austria and Italy joined in 1946.
1964Austria and Italy received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1964.
1985The John Gardner Fellowship Program was established by the University and Stanford University in 1985.
1989Stanford President Don Kennedy recruited in 1989 Gardner to the Farm.

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