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John T. Scopes was a teacher, a teacher

The case ended with Scopes and a guilt y verdict on 1925 07 21, was appealed to the Tennessee Supreme Court. The trial Scopes admitted to reporter William Kinsey Hutchinson, accepted a scholarship in geology for graduate study, did then geological field work for Gulf Oil of South America in Venezuela. Hutchinson did file not story until after the Scopes appeal. John T. Scopes wrote finally autobiographical account of the celebrated Monkey Trial. Any other autobiographical account relates specific details about each stage of the trial.

These recollections offer a casual account of the events. The central issue pitted Mr. Bryan, a defender of Fundamentalism against Mr. Darrow. Story Got Instant Notice Fresh was a believer in the schoolroom in absolute freedom of discussion. A barbecue pit was dug on bleachers and the courthouse lawn. A battleground has sprung up between these two points of view. Evolution and Both intelligent design are explored in individual chapters. The appendixes include names in a time line of the major court cases in the news. This interesting volume be useful at undergraduate level and the high school for journalism students.

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