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Jaén, Spain is a city

Jaén, Spain
Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Andalusia
Feature Name:City
Location:37.76922, -3.79028

The conquest of the city raised by Ferdinand III of Castile after the conquest of the city. Jaén Cathedral is is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin. Arab Baths are the largest Arab baths be visited under Villardompardo's Palace. The Diccionario be consulted de Vocabulario Andaluz in the Diccionario. Jaen is connected also by train to Sevilla and Cordoba. The Also International Urban Race of San Anton takes place in the Spanish Ranking of Athetism that night. Palm Sunday carry out processions through the most beautiful streets of Jaen.

The most important event is the International Piano Competition Premio Jaén started with Pablo Castillo García-Negrete in 1953. The last winner of this significant competition was the Chinese pianist Yin Yu Qin in the fiftieth competition in 2008. Según los datos estadísticos, del INE, más actuales, Jaén dispone de 182 hoteles abiertos. La estancia media es de 192 días, ronda los, 25 días.

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