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Jaén, Peru is the capital of the Jaén Province

Jaén, Peru
Country Name:Peru
Country Code:PE
Administrative Division:Cajamarca
Feature Name:City
Location:-5.70729, -78.80785

Two ancient pyramid complexes were discovered near the town of Jaen. The largest mound found evidence of massive stone constructions, evidence of construction on a massive scale. The excavations were carried out between Ecuador and Peru under a joint program. These bountiful lands of north-east Peru settled in Chinchipe in the Chuquimayo Valley. The chronicler Pedro Cieza says that the Inca king Huayna Capac. Caamaño and Jijón describe the Bracamoros as Jivaro Indians of strong physical characteristics, were a major concern to the Incas.

A public meeting was held in Jaen's main square, attending declared the independence of Jaén from the Royal Audience of Quito de Bracamoros. The Cathedral overlooking the Plaza de Armas, contains, the patron saint of the city among other works of art. Hermogenes Mejia Solf Regional Museum offers a collection of the region. Gotas de Agua is a private Equatorial Dry Forest reserve, 7 km, a private reserve from the city. Cutervo National Park is 50 located km to the south of Jaen. 3500 meters and 2200 meters ensures a flora and almost constant moisture in epiphytes, is also. The city has a population and an agreeable climate of around 150000 people, has been traditionally well off the tourist routes. These investigations were also significant in that the large mounds. This site is rich on endemics in Mara, makes an excellent stop. The man was priest and a probably healer found marine mollusk shells. Locals have been amazed always by the diversity of items. 10 minutes supported by two unearthered temples by residents.

C. Northcote Parkinson was author and a British naval historian

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