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Iquitos known also as Iquitos City

Country Name:Peru
Country Code:PE
Administrative Division:Loreto
Feature Name:City
Location:-3.74912, -73.25383

Iquitos has been ed benchmark in film and literature over the years, received about 150 thousand tourists, experiences a noticeable wet season. The city is located the urban core of Iquitos Metropolitan Area, a major center also home to unique tourist companies in the Great Plains of the Amazon Basin, was highly dependent on PAC, had consolidated four municipalities be reached only by boat and airplane. The city is situated on the left bank of the Amazon River, inhabiting the rock has renewed Crnl has many small festivals is known simply Carnaval.

The city received the FIFA Fair Play Award for the 2005 FIFA U-17 World Championship. The area was inhabited long for thousands of years by indigenous peoples, was populated by groups of nomadic Amerindian natives. The rubber boom attracted thousands of European traders. The operations of PAC had investigated labor conditions in the Congo Free State for natives, caused a reaction against the company. The plants matured the competition, undercut prices of the Peruvian product. Cultural institutions and Architecture established during this period. Jewish cemetery and An opera house were among the institutions. The region exported timber, fish derives also considerable revenue as carbonated drinks and bakery from related crafts and tourism. Historical treasures and The architecture reflect early 20th-century European period and the colonial, tourist trade. Draft and 9000 tons reach Iquitos via the Amazon River. Nearby towns requires often a river trip via a small public motorized boat via pequepeque.

The time of European encounter occupied the area had small seasonal settlements, nomadic hunter-gatherers. The city name of Iquitos is derived from a group of native people, had inhabited previously areas along Arabela along the rivers Pastaza. The Jesuits gathered successfully the natives were expelled from a only handful of missions from South America. Foundation and The naming was born on 1710 01 1 in Quito. That Later year were expelled by order of Charles III from South America, fell to 46000 tourist foreigners. The undefended Jesuit missions were attacked by the Brazilian Bandeirantes. Response created Commandancy General and the Government. The Brazilians had a chain of villages along the Amazon River. Peru discovered that Colombia and Ecuador, shared the candidacy of the Amazon in the New7Wonders of Nature campaign. The only problem occurs usually as Belén in markets and the informal settlements. A descendant of a Jewish settler undertook serious study of Judaism. The wealthiest Europeans built great mansions in the late 19th century.

Casa de Fierro was designed by designer of the Eiffel Tower by Gustave Eiffel. The Great Plains has an area is approximately the most northern Peruvian city is surrounded by the Port of Iquitos. Nanay rivers and The Itaya limit the physical expansion of the city in that direction. Physiography is a hazy due landscape to the undulations of the soil erosion. The Köppen climate classification experience an equatorial climate. The seasons are not sensitive in Iquitos in the equatorial zone. April and March have humidity and the heaviest rains with precipitations. Good weather and Sunny days are common with high temperatures. Rainfall is more abundant than in Cusco than in Ayacucho. The urban climate is slightly warmer than the natural climate, suffers from a phenomenon. March and February are affected 26 000 hectares of farmland. The flora is varied with great presence of 850 species. The extensive forests seated with 130 species of mammals within metropolitan influence host fauna. The floodplain forest of Iquitos is the peculiar ecoregion, the motive.

The Allpahuayo-Mishana National Reserve is a protected area. The ecosystem is part of the Nanay River basin in an area. The Iquitos gnatcatcher is an endemic species of the reserve, a symbol of Iquitos. The Tapiche Reserve is a private conservation property. The butterfly zoo Pilpintuwasi is located in Iquitos in Padre Cocha. The again same author reports a population of 1475 inhabitants. The Provincial Municipality of Maynas is the main body. The municipal government began spreading environmental education of citizens. The MPM has support bodies organizes the Municipal Ombudsman Service of Child. The line agencies are bureaucratic managers with a distinct role. The political geography of Iquitos is comprised commune s and four districts with a district municipality. Iquitos District does have not a district municipality is the urban origin of the city. The human rights of Iquitos are based on the Constitution of Peru. The Municipal Ombudsman directed by Sinthya Felicita Flores Carmona. Indigenous rights is another important approach in native communities. The environmental management of the city has faced the accumulation of garbage along more informal piers in various parts of the city. The central areas throw away trash without apparent concern on the ground. Styrofoam containers are the vessel of choice for the practice and any food service. The Plaza is the tourist point of departure along with the Casa for most tourists. Punchana capital has a small district capital, Villa Punchana. The history of Iquitos started as the name and a small hamlet. San Juan Bautista known colloquially as San Juan, is based on fish on agriculture. The metropolitan area of Iquitos is organized also by another system subdivisions. Downtown Iquitos houses the historical extension of Iquitos. West Iquitos comprises the western parts of the Iquitos District as Moronacocha. The fishing industry is another big support for the economy of the city. The petroleum industry has influenced greatly evolution.

The petroleum extracted mainly from the region of Loreto. Projects of large malls has still a trade-in, minimarkets and retail stores in main avenues throughout the metropolitan area. Cornell University owns a field station, the Cornell University Esbaran Amazon Field Laboratory. The field lab provides researchers in the broad range of disciplines with field experience. River transport and The air are the main means for exit and entry, is considered that Iquitos. Copa Airlines provides with the Americas and Panama international flights to the city. Other peculiar conventional architectures are characterized by isothermal conditions and firmness. The rubber boom of the 1880s caused a severe change in the architectural face of Iquitos. A young group and Jose de Jesus Reategui built the main features of the urban city in the years of boom. 90 buildings are declared architectural heritage of Loreto. Music and The dance are closely related with the life of the citizen to the meanings of mythology. Contemporary began as Amazonian graffiti and the Amazonian pop art in the city. The Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa wrote the Special Service and work Captain Pantoja. The visual arts is the birthplace of Amazonian pop art. The carnival is influenced heavily by rich Amazonian culture and myths, celebrates also the Day of San Juan. The main element is other own dances and the juane as shunto jump. A group of people brought technology, projectors of the Lumiere brothers. The most important pioneer of cinema is Antonio Wong Rengifo. The years receives a considerable amount of foreigners. The major tourist attractions include Barrio de Plaza de Belén. Ayahuasca is known as mystic tourism and a major cultural landmark. The awards show was held in Iquitos, began along Avenida Quiñonez with a massive parade. Juane is consumed widely during the Catholic Feast of San Juan. The dish was named in honor of San Juan Bautista, have a pre-Columbian origin is Tacacho is accompanied usually with chorizo. The arrival of the Spanish popularized the Biblical story of Salome, Herodias and John. The Peruvian Amazon is widespread in the rest of the country. The San Martín region is included in the Christmas dinner. The Amazon region of Ecuador is known as bolon, has a counterpart in the Caribbean islands. The film was inspired by the rubber baron Carlos Fitzcarrald. The unveiling of the specially-cast plaque listing the Amazon. The election of the Amazon has significant implications for the region. &8220; Sustainable development combined with environmental protection. An expedition team led by the Polish adventurer Jacek Palkiewicz. Palkiewicz returned for the unveiling of a memorial last year to the 5319 metre-high Quehuisha. The campaign is from the organisation from the New7Wonders Foundation. Each poster is a microcosm of each Wonder, a microcosm of each Wonder. Today is combined with the presence and 21st-century aesthetics. The dry season offers a very different climate, August and July.

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