Manufacturing industry Government Industrial Revolution Trade union Individual companies Production of goods

Industry is the production of goods

Industry: Commercial Enterprise, Cottage Industry, Production, Industrialization, Determination, Assiduity, Sedulity, Studiousness, Commercial Enterprise, Aluminum Business, Apparel Industry, Banking Industry, Automobile Industry, Aviation, Chemical Industry, Coal Industry, Computer Industry, Construction Industry, Electronics Industry, Entertainment Industry, Film Industry, Growth Industry, Lighting Industry, Munitions Industry, Oil Industry, Plastics Industry, Market, Service Industry, Shipbuilding Industry, Shoe Industry, Sign Industry, Steel Industry, Sunrise Industry, Tobacco Industry, Toy Industry, Trucking Industry

This process has accelerated with the development of the computer. A post-industrial society relocate through a process of off-shoring to more profitable locations, be defined in many ways, employs a major part of the population. The trade union negotiates labour contracts with employers. Early instances of industrial warfare were the American Civil War and the Crimean War. Individual companies are classified generally into industries. Example have a small financing division looking so by country at results.

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