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Indirana semipalmata is a small frog

The ventral surface of each joint are well-developed tubercles. The hind limbs are stretched the forward length of the body, the tibiotarsal articulation possess dark stripes. The skin of Indirana semipalmata has folds short longitudinal glandular on the back, is predominantly brown in coloration. A dark band is also present at the top of the head between the eyes. Boulenger included under the subgenus Discodeles of the genus Rana. The Belgian zoologist Raymond Ferdinand Laurent separated along with closely other related species.

I. semipalmata does have not common name is a protected species under the laws of India. The tadpoles have strongly hooked beaks and finless tails. This compound have therapeutic potential in humans against influenza A infection. Agricultural use logging tourism activities and mining. Leaf-litter and riparian vegetation has been recorded in disturbed forest and coffee plantations.

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