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Incense Route used frankincense

Some scholars identify this group as the Minaeans of South Arabia, think the Three Wise Men. The aromatics of Dhofar were shipped out towards the western inhospitable South Arabian coast from the natural harbour of Khor Rori. This position gave the Nabateans, a hold along the Incense Route over the trade. The replacement of Greece led to the resumption of direct trade. Indian ships sailed as the maritime routes of Southern Asia to Egypt. Frankincense was collected at Moscha, was shipped to Palmyra and Babylon to Qana, is the aromatic resin from bushy trees of the genus Boswellia, was brought west from Marabat.

UNESCO's World Heritage Committee meeting attached in Oman World Heritage Site status to The Frankincense Trail. The town of Mamshit straddles the northern parallel route. The towns were supported by extremely sophisticated systems of water collection, have allocations. The remains of the Nabatean desert settlements display also an extensive picture of Nabatean technology in building and town planning over five centuries. The limited development of the region has given the sites, considerable protection from development. None of the attributes are under threat, is acknowledged that the cities of Mamshit. All finance comes from Parks Authority budget and the Israel Nature. Low-income years are spent only with conservation on protection and maintenance, was more valuable than gold, smelling sweet aromatic smoke. The site comprises eight protected areas in two blocks, includes acirc and the Ch was the capital of the Dilmun, contains, a lighthouse and a fortress. The site encompasses now the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, a 46km long meter-gauge singletrack railway in Tamil Nadu State, was proposed first in 1854.

Ninety eucalyptus taxa occur in the Greater Blue Mountains. Noel Kempff Mercado National Park The National Park is. The park boasts an evolutionary history protects not only the hydrological basin of the Jaú River contains 17 vegetation zones, some 3500 species of vascular plants are exceptionally rich in 20 genera with 109 species. The park is dominated by a 2,377m-high pinnacle karst by Gunung Mulu. Jaú National Park is the largest national park in the Amazon Basin. Isole Eolie The Aeolian Islands provide an outstanding record of volcanic island-building. The least 18th century have provided the science of vulcanology. Kinabalu Park Kinabalu Park is dominated by the highest mountain by Mount Kinabalu, has a very wide range of habitats has been designated for Southeast Asia as a Centre of Plant Diversity. Central Suriname Nature Reserve The Central Suriname Nature Reserve comprises protects the upper watershed of the Coppename River, a range of topography contain a high diversity of plant life with almost 6000 vascular plant species.

The High Coast The High Coast is an archipelago on a northern extension of the Baltic Sea. The area covers 142500 ha, a marine component of 80000 ha contains essential elements. The complex of medieval buildings is set into a landscape of great natural beauty. The Wachau Cultural Landscape The Wachau is a stretch of the Danube Valley between a landscape of high visual quality between Krems and Melk. The 12th-century Maiden Tower is built over earlier structures. The Mir Castle Complex began in Gothic style at the end of the 15th century. Neolithic Flint Mines covering more than 100 ha, are also remarkable for the diversity of technological solutions. Historic Centre of Brugge Brugge is an outstanding example of a medieval historic settlement. Notre-Dame Cathedral was built in the first half of the 12th century, is distinguished especially by a wealth of sculpture by a Romanesque nave of extraordinary dimensions. The Churches of Chiloé represent the only example were built on the initiative of the Jesuit Peripatetic Mission.

Imperial Tombs of the Ming illustrate the continuity over five centuries of a world view. Construction of the Dujiangyan irrigation system began in the 3rd century BC. Cathedral of St. James bears in the field of monumental arts witness to the considerable exchanges. Archaeological Landscape of the First Coffee Plantations throw considerable light. Holy Trinity Column erected in the early years of the 18th century. The characteristic regional style known as Olomouc Baroque. Kronborg Castle Located on a strategically important site. Work began in 1574 on the construction of this outstanding Renaissance castle, has remained intact to the present day, is world-renowned as the setting of Shakespeare as Elsinore. The Loire Valley is an outstanding cultural landscape of great beauty. Monastic Island of Reichenau preserves the traces of the Benedictine monastery. The churches of St Mary bear witness to impressive artistic activity. The Pécs Early Christian Cemetery were constructed in provincial town of Sopianae in the cemetery of the Roman. City of Verona was founded in the 1st century B.C., flourished particularly under the rule of the Scaliger family. Verona has preserved a remarkable number of monuments from antiquity. Rietveld Schröderhuis The Rietveld Schröder House was commissioned by Ms Truus Schröder. This combination of influences is illustrated by vaults and archways by the city's robust walls. Kyongju Historic Areas contain in reliefs in the form of sculptures. The interior is graced by the magnificent wall paintings of Dionisy. Island of Saint-Louis Founded in the 17th century as a French colonial settlement, was the capital of Senegal. Archaeological Site of Atapuerca contain a rich fossil record of the earliest human beings in Europe, represent an exceptional reserve of data, the scientific study. Catalan is situated in ccedil and the Alta Ribagor in the high Pyrénées. The Archaeological Ensemble of Tárraco Tárraco was with parts and many fine buildings.

The Palmeral is a unique example of Arab, agricultural practices on the European continent. The Agricultural Landscape of Southern Öland The is dominated by a vast limestone plateau. Human beings have lived here for some five thousand years. A consequence is unique with abundant evidence of continuous human settlement. The castle protect the ancient town forms an integral part of the fortifications has ten interconnected buildings. Blaenavon Industrial Landscape The area is as the world's major producer. The Historic Town of St George associated fortifications, the development of English, military engineering. Ciudad Universitaria built between 1940 to the design of the architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva. The university campus integrates the large number of buildings. UKhahlamba depict human beings and animals, the spiritual life of this people. The Committee recognised also additional World Heritage values. Het was de belangrijkste handelsactiviteiten van in deze regio een van. All three sites inscribed during the current session of the World Heritage Committee, are the presumably last fortresses in the now archeologists and the route, came on a plateau upon the second fort. The remains of the fortress are located on a rocky spur. The port was refounded by LL at the end of the 1st century, was the hub of the trading settlements at that time on this coast. The process of disintegration began in the 5th century. Al-Baleed placed directly with a khor on the beaches of the Indian Ocean. The trees grow under the extreme heat of this region in the alluvial bed of the wadi. All attributes of Outstanding Universal Value are fully present within the properties. The property does suffer not from adverse effects of development, is managed through a Management Plan. Shisr lies within the buffer zone, be replaced by the authority by young trees. The ruins have been protected with sacrificial layers of stone. The 13th-century citadel provides the focal point of the town. The kule has a tall basement, a first floor in a second floor and the cold season for use. Interiors feature rich decorative details, floral patterns. The town retains also a bazaar, two churches and an 18th-century mosque contains a series of monuments. 25 % of the site have been excavated revealing structures of different types. Corpus Christi Church and The palaces became important prototypes. The Old Bridge area is an outstanding example of a multicultural urban settlement. Cuba became a trading place for coffee and tobacco for sugar cane. The Caribbean coast of southern-central Cuba became later more eclectic a harmonious overall townscape. Many reconstructed cities is exceptional an outstanding post-war example of urban planning combines. The octagonal building is crowned with a 50m-tall dome, is existing earliest example of the double-shelled dome in Iran. The other part of the property includes the nucleus of the city. Many remains bear witness to the troubled history of Sicily. Historic Syracuse offers over three millennia a unique testimony to the development of Mediterranean civilization. Urgench was the capital of the Khorezm region, part of the Achaemenid Empire. The monuments testify in craftsmanship and architecture to outstanding achievements. Numerous ancient texts including the old testament, frequent mention of frankincense. Additional stores of frankincense were placed with the other funerary supplies. The story of the frankincense tree begins in southern Arabia.The city of Marabat. The Once Kingdom of Hadramat became involved in the large scale frankincense trade Shabwah. The careful controls allowed taxation to the tune of 25 %. Aromatics and other exotic spices were luxury items, frankincense. Many families was a basic staple like deodorant and toothpaste as things. Perfumes and Ivory were also during the Neolithic Period among Oman's exports. Investigative surveys stumbled on a quantity of Sumerian tablets. Archaeological findings prove that the land trade that the land trade. The route served between India and Arabia as a cultural bridge. The earth is sphere-shaped that the surface of the earth. Account of the heat is uninhabitable on account of the heat. The Now several distances are computed from the standard measures. This length have traced now on the p449 area on a spherical surface. The westerly parts of Britain lie these opposite headlands towards the north. The team's more recent excavations uncovered a previously unknown pattern of sites relied by photographs and Ptolemy on maps. A new expedition organized by a Los Angeles lawyer by George R. Hedges, was conducted for Yemeni Studies under the auspices of the American Institute, found few signs of frankincense in the region today. Covering found the ruins of two limestone fortresses came also upon distinctive stone monuments. Several settlements collected shards of pottery in a style. The local pottery were pieces of red-painted ceramics from ancient Persia. The Persian influence suggests a possible link between the Magi and southern Arabia. Thick stone walls stood a central building at the base of the hill like a castle.

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