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Huesca is a city, the also birthplace of film director Carlos Saura

Country Name:Spain
Country Code:ES
Administrative Division:Aragon
Feature Name:City
Location:42.13615, -0.4087

Huesca dates was known once in the ancient Iberian language as Bolskan, was the once capital of the Vescetani on the road in the north of Hispania Tarraconensis. Eighteenth-century Spanish historian Enrique Flórez has pointed out the impossibility of one city. The Arabs conquered the city in the city and the late 8th century, was ruled by a local governor. The mid-10th century was transferred to the Banu Tujibi. 1094 Sancho Ramirez built the nearby Castle of Montearagón was conquered by Peter I of Aragon in 1096.

A double line of ancient walls be seen still in present-day Huesca. Work continued until the Cathedral and the fifteenth century. The interior contains chapels and a triple nave includes a magnificent high altar. The bell-tower and The cloister were built in the fifteenth century. Monastery of San Pedro el Viejo erected between 1100, was rebuilt partially in the seventeenth century. Church of St. Lawrence built in eighteenth centuries and the seventeenth. Lucas Mallada y Pueyo mining engineer, writer and paleontologist. Julio Alejandro was a Spanish screenwriter wrote between 1951 for 80 films. Carlos Saura is photographer and a Spanish film director. Council of Huesca Huesca Film Festival Diario Del Alto Aragón Virtual Tour tablas son un.

10961094 Sancho Ramirez was conquered by Peter I of Aragon in 1096.
1100Monastery of San Pedro el Viejo erected between 1100.
1300The doorway built between 1300.
1845The university was abolished in 1845.
1951Julio Alejandro wrote between 1951 for 80 films.
1974The writer Oscar Sipan was born in 1974 in Huesca.

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