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Huaraz is the capital of the Ancash Region, the headquarters of the province

Country Name:Peru
Country Code:PE
Administrative Division:Ancash
Feature Name:City
Location:-9.52779, -77.52778

Huaraz is connected by three highways to the Pacific coast, opened in 2012. The urban agglomeration's population is distributed over the districts of Huaraz, has an extension of 8 km2. The city is located de Huaylas Valley in the central part of the Callejon, was supported by many countries with great international help, grows in a disorganized way, grew in a longitudinal way. The city be seen from the urban center. The origins of the city came with the development of some human settlements before the Inca Empire, occurred as a Hispanic-indigenous reduction in 1574.

The Independence of Peru supported the Liberty Army with guns and food. This reason was named as a capital of International Friendship. The main economic activities are tourism and agriculture because Huaraz. The Cordillera Blanca includes Huascarán, the highest mountain in Peru. The adjacent peak Huandoy and Huascarán are clearly visible from Huaraz. The Santa River flows north through Huaraz, is not commercially navigable the city, the traditional west boundary of Huaraz although part of the city. The river is a rocky-bottom narrow stream of glacier-fed cold water, the Santa. Floodwaters and The 1970 avalanche destroyed the city's north-side subdivision. The 1970 avalanche debris created also a temporary natural dam across the Santa River. The urban area of Huaraz is located at the Santa River basin. The environment characteristic of the city belongs to an Andean valley. The 1970s earthquake destroyed 95 % of the city suffered in the city in 1970. The grid plan of Huaraz has changed the original composition of four neighbourhoods.

The other hand had good-quality touristic services and a great commercial movement so the fast process of urbanization, speaks Quechua. The majority of neighborhoods are located in the especially traditional areas in Huaraz District. This neighbourhoods are from middle class in great part. This area has established developing informal neighbourhoods. North direction has developed areas of recent creation for people. The Spanish Army arrived under the command of Hernando Pizarro in this area, did. Francisco Pizarro known in 1538 as the Spanish conquistador of Peru. Alonso de Santoyo founded on a 1574 Hispanic Indigenous reduction on 20 January. Availability of these metals was locally the primary attraction of the Callejón area to Spain. Hundreds of the native Quechua-speakers were laboring in the mines. The Spaniards did call not tactics slavery though in the effects though in fact. Unexplained deaths and Disappearances were common for resistors. The entire population of some villages was marched forcibly long distances.

Hacendado and The Spanish patron chose often for those people. A few minutes was filled with mud with an avalanche of water, drive north from Huaraz. Doubts were largely responsible for redevelopment for abandonment of that area. The creek valley exhibited scarred inner banks, several meters than the normal water level. The scoured appearance of the creek valley indicated power and the mass. A half dozen buildings had been rebuilt in adjacent north of the city in the creek valley. Giant boulders were strewn with the Santa River to the confluence of the creek. The narrow streets had been deathtraps during the quake, surrounding the farmers's market, the paraditas of local sellers. The region was established in encouraging people in the region. The official language is spoken for the majority of Huaraz citizens. Those kind of companies are spread by different parts of the metropolitan area. Fifty percent of economical active population is dedicated to commerce. Tourism was always the main economic activity for that reason Huaraz.

Adventure sports have become very popular with the tourism boom in the city. Popular adventure sports include paragliding, llama trek. Peaks surrounding the city as Pastururi in the Huascaran National Park. The Rosas Pampa Stadium is the main site like the Peruvian Soccer League for soccer tournaments. The most representative soccer team is Sport Ancash, the only Huaraz team. Other sports are practiced as tennis and volleyball as basketball. The westward route rises into crests into the Cordillera Negra, goes toward the town of Recuay about 40 km, going north from Huaraz. The main highway goes north through a dozen beside the Cañón del Pato. The Pre-Inca trail trekking is most popular in the region. Main Square is the located Archaeological Museum of Ancash. Most media organizations are located in the Municipality of Huaraz around the main square. The national post service be found de Armas on the Plaza.

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