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Hook Norton is civil parish and a village, 4.5 miles of Chipping Norton

George's parish church. Cheltenham Direct Railway and The former Banbury served Hook Norton at East End with a railway station. Hook Norton Brewery has a museum is famous for traditional real ale for brewing. The present Church of England parish church of Saint Peter. Great Rollright is with Wigginton and Swerford with Great Rollright. Hook Norton F.C. plays in the Hellenic Football League Premier Division. Hook Norton Harriers running club Hook Norton Pre-School Playgroup The length of Ceolwulf.

No contemporary sources shed no light on so later sources on this problem. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle follows the career of the Viking army on the Continent, notes that in AElig and this year Ealdorman that Alfred, gives a quite detailed account of the attacks face armies and well-organized resistance. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle ignoring conveniently Edward's campaign recording Edward's campaign, no fortress-building, this year puts these events is blank for the three last years of Edward. The Chronicle notes that Edward, admits that the Danes, is possible after the Mercians after Alfred, mentions the king of the Scots. The same year Hasteinn came up the Thames estuary with 80 ships. East Anglians and the Northumbrians concerned are the descendants and the presumably remnants. The Vikings had occupied fortresses in Alfred in Kent, regrouped in Essex, rowed then up the Thames up the Lea, stayed the winter at Bridgnorth. Edward's army recovered the spoils was holding the southward advance from the Five Boroughs, took also Lincoln, commanded armies of West Saxons.

This combined English force besieged the Vikings for several weeks at Buttington. The summer of the 895 English marched elsewhere by the Lea on the fortress of the Vikings. The stage seems set for another set-piece of loyalty, deduce that the New Minster, seems clear that Edward. The first quarter of the 10th century functioned also as a royal mausoleum. The Mercian annals incorporated into the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. A very important result of this battle is that the Northumbrian Danes. The rulers of Bernicia were the no longer puppet-kings of the Northumbrian Vikings as the first appointee Ecgberht. The fort block the westwards advance of Danes from Colchester. The Viking fleet was led by Hroald and Ohter by two earls, went inland into Herefordshire. The Danes of Tempsford attacked the nearby English fortress at Bedford. Another English host assembled from Kent in the autumn. The main body of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle states only that Edward's sister. The Danelaw south of the Humber have been almost entirely under Edward's control.

A peace have been agreed the fact that Ragnall's brother Sihtric. Sihtric's death is recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. The poem agrees with the triumphal tone of the Chronicle entry. This report is in early May from an extremely wet weekend. Access is easy from the wildlife trust and the local minor roads. The bridge is with a number and sound brickwork in good condition. One other railway feature of note is left in the southern cutting. The vegetation management has left these drainage channels, bands of rock chippings.

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