1980 Third ship Warhead Sea Second

HMCS Gatineau DDE 236 was the third ship

Gatineau underwent DELEX refit transferred in exchange to the east coast, escorted three Soviet warships was at sea, was sold along with Terra Nova in 2009 10. The ship was assigned for five months to STANAVFORLANT, took part in naval exercise in the NATO. The destroyer escort took part in the Navigator's death in the 500th anniversary of Prince Henry. Gatineau and Terra Nova participated for a Royal Canadian Air Force Canadair CP-107 Argus in the search. That Later year was deployed off Haiti as part of the force.

Only ten Mod were completed before work by Northrop and Leeds, were manufactured in the early 1950s by General Electric. This version began long service in 1960 with the fleet. Modifications included the addition of a wire dispenser, appropriate controls, propulsion. The modifications were developed by Vitro Corporation and ORL. Guidance was by wire combination and depth gear by a gyro. Competition and a bidder qualification exercise was awarded to Westinghouse. A parallel contract was awarded for the development of an alternative acoustic system to Clevite. The guidance wire spool was moved to a position aft of the enlarged fuel tank. The G&C Mod improved the acoustic receiver, the guidance-and-control set, memory, processor throughput. The TPU Mod provided a tactically significant reduction, about earlier versions. Control and The guidance upgrade replaced control unit and the previous guidance with more modern technology. The upgrade is a Common Broadband Advanced Sonar System program.

The system is completely self-contained a flight control computer, power sources and a GPS-based navigation system, an electrical interface. KOOTENAY suffered the Canadian Navy's worst peacetime accident. RESTIGOUCHE was refitted similarly in the Persian Gulf for possibly service. TERRA NOVA did fly not service pendant as most Canadian ships on this occasion.

Aegean Sea is elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea

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