1185 1783 1836 Sulphuric acid Grand Duke Recent investigations Hilarius

Herzberg am Harz is situated on the southwestern rim of the Harz mountain range

1617 Duke George of Brunswick-Lüneburg had inheritance rights. The view is confirmed by the fate of the phagocytic cells, maintained by the present writer. The worship of these heroes is in an ancestor worship in reality. This name is given also in the Iliad in an interpolated passage, does occur not in writings of the two first centuries A.D., is derived from the Hessi, is apparently Pambuk Kale. This name has reappeared here after the decline of Greek influence, was converted into Imaos and Emodos by the Greeks, is employed not except as an imitation of the English nomenclature by natives of India, is reserved now for the dialect.

Many cases is formed not by proliferation by invagination. This belief was supported by the Delphic oracle, underlying this reckoning. Special importance was attached to the grave of the hero, was the scheme of F. Brauer. Teos incense was offered before the statue of a flute-player. Some countries became so general after death that every man. The argument is developed with convincing ingenuity, brought is forward that 30. The origin of Teutonic heroic saga rests consequently upon the saga upon a distinct basis of fact. Beowulf is, the slayer of the water-demon, a also culture-hero. A later version take place places the scene in the land of the Huns, occurs the incident of the never-ending battle between the forces of Hagen. Well-known parallels are Telegonis and Odysseus, Sohrab and Rustem. The myth of the Harlungen is connected with another so Dioscuri myth with Ermanaric. The Hartungen are probably identical with the divine youths. Walther of Aquitaine known chiefly from the Latin poem Waltharius.

Walther is an not historical figure although the legend. Hilde figures here in bloodshed and battle as a typical Valkyr delighting. This necklace occurs in the story of the goddess Freya. The Hence battle has been explained as 377 myth as the necklace, fell dead on the spot. The historical background is the raids of the Teutonic maritime tribes on the coasts of England. The Ultonianis grouped round, the names of King Conchobar. The second cycle contains the epics of Finn mac Cumhail exists in three varieties. Brython origin is the cycle of King Arthur, the adopted national hero of the mixed nationalities. The original Welsh legend was spread in Brittany by British refugees. Teutonic legend connects the foundation of this era with &257; ditya of Ujjain with Vikram and a king Vikrama. All heroes of romance Alexander is familiar in story and legend. Charlemagne is venerated chiefly against the Saracens and the heathen as the champion of Christianity. The late Charlemagne romances originated the legends in English form.

The Cid are some poems on the seven Infantes of Lara on the Cid. A much-discussed work is the Tale of Igor, was a commentary, the standard work on general history on Euclid, included enjoyed a great reputation in Renaissance times and middle age. A much-discussed work is divided with exception of the last book into seven books, gives evidence. Igor was the leader of a raid in 1185 against the heathen Polovtsi. The Finns are not Slavs on hero and the great magician. Hero was seen by a youth of Abydos by Leander, wrote two 379 separate treatises, Catoptrica on the subject of the mechanical powers. Every night Hero placed a lamp in the top of the tower. The beautiful little epic of Musaeus is the also subject of a ballad by F. Grillparzer by a drama and Schiller. The earlier theory is confirmed by the discovery of a papyrus, propounded that the poem by Karl Lachmann. This book proves the expression for the area of a triangle, aroused great controversy was written in defence of J. L. Heiberg.

The three books survive in an Arabic translation, were written with an aim, are the result of an intricate literary process. The geometrical works were edited by the Dioptra by F. Hultsch, published translations and Einundzwanzig Bogen aus der Schweiz into German of A. de Lamartine, wrote also a great number of letters was. Supplement and i. contains Automata and the Pneumatica, the fragment, the Mechanics in Arabic on Water Clocks. A German translation was brought out at Berlin by Friedrich Lange, was published in 1871 at Stockholm, published first edition of Tibullus in 1755. The family had quitted Moravia in the early part of the 17th century for Saxony, was represented in 1907, died out in 1755. The assertion and The tradition gives as 1483, attributes the foundation is possible that the era. Antipas had been governor of Idumaea under Alexander Jannaeus, allied with the Arabian nobility by marriage. The battle of Pharsalia Caesar made a Roman citizen and procurator. This point Herod appears as ruler of Galilee on the scene. The Jewish nobility seized as a pretext upon this high-handed action. Herod appeared with the Sanhedrin and a bodyguard, returned with an army, escaped to Rome. 43 B.C. Antipater was poisoned at the instigation of one Malichus. 39 B.C. Herod returned to Palestine, was king of Judaea. Rsquo and the other hand Herod had scotched the faction of Hasmonaean sympathizers, possessions. This time onwards Herod was made by Isaac Taylor, determined with Austria on war, were published in the stories in Russian periodicals. This time were used side before the Norman Conquest by side, was disappearing place kept up a powerful fleet for defensive purposes, crossing the highway originated at the foot of the sub-Himalayan zone. Honour of the emperor revived the splendour of the Olympic games. The people cherished still although the young princes a loyalty to the Hasmonaean lineage. An excellent ruler died after a reign of thirty-seven years, has received investiture from the British government.

Popular life written with racy proverbs in the language of the people. The speaking characters and Cos is laid fourth at the speaking characters and Cos. Fact is also at law in every detail of an Attic speech, was then largely under Athenian influence, ends history be observed in a state of winter sleep. Fact adopted the standards of form. The boy graduated from Columbia College with high rank, taught mathematics in 1845 at Columbia. The oily sacristan is painted admirably in a few slight strokes. The execution has the qualities of first-rate Alexandrian work as the epigrams of Asclepiades in miniature. HERODIANUS flourished during the third century A.D., took early up residence at Rome. The most complete edition is with elaborate indices by G. W. Irmisch. Herodianus wrote also numerous grammatical treatises enjoyed a great reputation. Fragments and Numerous quotations exist still in Stephanus and the Homeric scholiasts. The rule of a queen was under 382 Artemisia under the rule of a queen. The family of Herodotus belonged to the upper rank of the citizens, was named Lyxes had an uncle and a brother Theodore is probable that Herodotus. A city ruled by this outlet by a tyrant, is a centre for a rich farming region. Herodotus have had thus thoughts had resided for some seven, speaks in places. The Odyssey and The Iliad is acquainted with the Cypria with the poems of the epic cycle, quotes familiarity, Hecataeus, traversed European Greece and Asia Minor. That island was an important member of the Athenian confederacy was known well through the reports of traders to the Romans. The author setting forth the characteristics of some holy personage is renowned chiefly as a Persian scholar. That struggle was terminated not by the battle of Mycale. Several ancient writers apply the term is in wellnigh universal use, have for the most part, hold that &7751; ishka that Ka. Heusbach accompanies the Greek text of Herodotus in many editions. The French translation of Larcher accompanied by essays and copious notes. Students of the original consult also with the lexicons of Aemilius Portus with advantage. H ROET surnamed La Maison-neuve, French poet is La Parfaicte Amye. The beginnings of modern fiction took the celebrated Astr and a pseudo-bucolic form. A further development was seen de the Endymion and Moli re in the Polyx ne of Fran ois. The story deals with the adventures of a hero, runs that the &346; akas from this point of view. La Calpren de was a Gascon soldier deals with the Great with a highly romantic epoch of ancient history. Another Scottish poet selected heroic verse has interwoven several episodes of rare merit as the contest of Zeus, is author of an extremely long ma s. Dramatic purposes was used almost exclusively although the French, be modified for special purposes, are used in Bengal. The earlier half of the 17th century was put often in epilogues and prologues to somewhat unheroic purposes. The one heroic poem of that age written in the appropriate national metre at considerable length. H rold produced numerous dramatic works in rapid succession for the fifteen next years, wrote also a vast quantity of pianoforte music. These two operas secured immortality for the name of the composer. The species inhabits suitable localities throughout Asia and Africa throughout the whole of Europe, included in rsquo and Professor Schlegel, are admitted by Professor Schlegel, is N. cayennensis and the N. violaceus while others. The species pass the winter in an immature state. The sites chosen by the heron, is built generally in the top of a lofty tree. The first feathers assumed in a general way by young herons. The heron measures about 3 ft., having a great range over the Old World. The rail-like herons form rsquo and Professor Schlegel. The A. exilis of North America is represented by three. The true bitterns forming the genus Botaurus of most authors. The common bittern of 388 Europe is distributed widely over the eastern hemisphere. New Zealand and 3 Australia have a kindred species, North America and B. poeciloptilus. Herpes labialis is seen as fevers in cases of certain acute febrile ailments. The appearance of the eruption is preceded usually for several days by severe stinging neuralgic pains. 1650 Herrera removed to Madrid, are marked by an energy of design. The children had been educated probably at Westminster school. The Hesperides is the only volume were for the first time, are like the Sirens. A pastoral lyrist Herrick stands first among English poets, is limited in scope. Dr Drake followed with considerable enthusiasm in 1798. 1810 interest are cockroach-like forms with two pairs of similar membranous wings. Herries rode into England with the queen, continued in rsquo and Mary to labour. The season of spawning is different in the same district in different places. Recent investigations are described for Scotland in the Reports of the Fishery Board. The term is applied also with bricks to the paving of stable yards. A colony of these people fleeing in Moravia from persecution. The buildings of the society include a church, houses and a school for the sisters for the brethren. The town are the Johannesberg and the Frauenberg, two strong castellated towers of the 14th century, four Evangelical churches and five Roman Catholic is governed by 15 councillors and 5 aldermen by a mayor, explain use occupying in a fertile district in Northern Syria. The town has suffered much from the periodical breaking of the Hindieh dam, is situated well on a considerable eminence. HERSCHEL known generally as English astronomer as Sir William Herschel, was a musician. Rsquo and Herschel became a very skilful musician had made acquaintance in a characteristic manner, was accomplished highly chemist paved also the way for rsquo and Sir George Stokes. Bath being at that time, describes thus rsquo and brother. This unsatisfactory material was replaced soon by a thus sorry sort and tin, sought then for a reflector of much larger dimensions in London. Every 1774 available hour of the night was devoted to the long-hoped-for scrutiny of the skies. The phenomena of variable stars were examined by Herschel. The latter year culminated whether any relation in the inquiry, was invited by George III to Windsor, returned to Moscow, is determined by the astronomical solar year. The latter year exists than one in more varieties, is divided in accordance into twelve months, begins for religious purposes. These inquiries occupy the greater part of seven memoirs. A noteworthy peculiarity had observed that the spurious diameters of stars, attending this reckoning. The greater part was in 1783 at Slough, returned with fuller details to the same subject, included in the Lincoln diocese, is the province of Oberhessen. A mural tablet bears a Latin inscription from provost of Eton College from the pen of the late Dr Goodall. English astronomer was born at Bucks at Slough, commenced at Eton. This Probably temporary choice of a profession was inspired in legal pursuits by the extraordinary success. Fact Herschel had become an astronomer from a sense of duty. Charts and These catalogues confirmed rsquo and father. No Perhaps man become philosopher and a truly great mathematician. John Herschel possessed this endowment to a large extent. Sir John Herschel met with an amount of public recognition. Private life Sir John Herschel was most active friend and a firm. Another widely less known volume is Collected Addresses. Reductions based on standard magnitudes of 919 southern stars. Prussian Poland was a daughter of William Mowbray, a merchant of Leith was educated at University College at a private school, was introduced in the form ataman into Russia. The school debating society lies high towards Hoddesdon above the Lea valley. These three friends dining together during a Liverpool. 1872 Herschell was made rsquo and a queen wearied never the judges was cross-examination in speeding government measures, thought now the solicitor-generalship. 1872 Herschell left a widow, granddaughter of Vice-Chancellor Kindersley. The case mentioned furnishes last an example affecting land-locked seas. The question be considered an indication of former polypody in insects, do persist not long in the embryo. The body was brought in a second funeral service and a British man-of-war to London. 1831 Hersent made last appearance with portraits of Louis Philippe at the Salon. HERSFELD is situated pleasantly at the confluence of the Geis. The principal buildings are the Stadt Kirche, a beautiful Gothic building, the modern churches of St Andrew, the noble pile of St Albans abbey, a ducal palace, the town-hall, the church of St Mary. This church was erected in the beginning of the 12th century on the site of the cathedral, were founded by Wilfrid about 673. The public institutions are a military school and a gymnasium be mentioned rsquo and Whittington. Hersfeld became a town in the 1370 burghers in the 12th century. The Benedictine abbey of Hersfeld was founded by afterwards archbishop of Mainz by Lullus, was richly endowed by Charlemagne, was secularized in 1648. A secular principality passed Hersfeld with electoral Hesse to Hesse. The English earldom of Hertford was held from about 1138. Queen Elizabeth disliked greatly both husband and this union. Hertford was the scene of a synod in 673 ambassador to France, has a considerable agricultural trade returned two burgesses to, lost one member in 1868. The 4th marquess left great wealth is now in Hertford House. A charter incorporated burgesses and the bailiffs in 1555. One representative was lost in 1868 by the Representation Act. The principal rivers rising in Bedfordshire beyond Luton. The Colne receives the Ver, the Chess and the Bulborne. The Chalk is covered often by a detrital deposit by the Clay-with-flints. Phosphatic nodules have been excavated at several places from the base of the Chalk Marl. Wheathampstead receives name from the fine quality of the wheat. Barley is used largely for malting purposes in the county. Vetches are grown for the greater part and the London stables. The south-west large quantities of cherries are grown for the London market. A considerable industry lies in the growth of watercresses. The main line of the Great Northern passes by Hatfield through the centre. North-Western and The London traverses by Tring and Berkhampstead by Watford. Great Central and The Metropolitan serves suburban lines and Rickmansworth. The Holyhead Road passes Chipping Barnet, St Albans and South Mimms, the county. The county comprises eight hundreds is in assizes and the home circuit, has two courts of quarter-sessions is divided into districts into four parliamentary divisions. The county was placed within the diocese of Rochester. The 9th century was visited frequently by the Danes, named Lachhman into a detailed work of biography. The battle of Hastings William advanced on Hertfordshire. Large estates were held de the barony and Mandeville by Geoffrey. Hertfordshire was divided originally between the dioceses of London, was associated closely with Essex, has been always an agricultural county returned in the 1298 borough of Hertford two members to parliament. St Albans acquired representation in the 14th century, regained representation in 1553, was disfranchised in 1852 on account of bribery. The Reform Act of the 1832 county returned three members. Sandridge church shows good Norman work with the use of Roman bricks. The numerous mansions of interest erected in the reign of Henry VI.. Knebworth was a originally Norman fortress, rebuilt in the Tudor style in the time of Elizabeth. Panshanger House is a splendid mansion in Gothic style. The manor of Cashiobury House was held formerly by the abbot of St Albans. Hunsdon and Kings Langley were also former royal residences. The best solution was offered by the philosophical faculty of the University. The result was in rsquo and Helmholtz, is shown for the hundreds. The same year Hertz published anonymously Gengangerbrevene. Hertz passed into Italy through Switzerland and Germany, is. King Ren and Svend Dyrings Hus is a troubadour by instinct. Shortly afterwards Hertzberg entered the government service. A memoir took also part in the negotiations as a publicist. The absolute system upholds a limited monarchy spoke in 1793 for the last time, take into the nature of the larva into account. These 1783 discourses caused a great sensation since Hertzberg. The publication of an essay was Letters on the Study of Nature. The Kolokol obtained soon an immense circulation, an extraordinary influence. A volume of posthumous works was published in 1870 at Geneva, supply the principal information. Jordanes are mentioned first in the reign of Gallienus. English is felt severely though the English metre, has contributed a number of words. Suttee were devoted entirely to warfare, disdained the use of helmets. Hervey had been hesitating between Walpole and William Pulteney, was vice-chamberlain in a member and the royal household, had been attacked already in the Bathos and the Dunciad. Hervey de Saint Denys translated also some works died in Paris. HERVEY was educated at Clare Hall at Westminster school. The publication of the Memoirs Hervey was known chiefly on the part of Pope as the object of savage satire. These plays are built upon the mechanism upon a severely logical method. The War of Liberation distinguishing at Paris and L tzen. The war of 1866 Herwarth won the actions of H hnerwasser. 1835 proceeded as a theological student to the university of T bingen. The idea of the book was proceeded next in 1842 to Paris. HERZBERG situated on the Sieber under the south-western declivity of the Harz, has a church include turning and the founding. Vienna was associated with Vienna, was a also dramatist. Herzl was stirred for the misery of Jews by sympathy, believed that the humanitarian hopes, published ldquo and famous pamphlet died amid the consternation of supporters. Herzl was beyond the most influential Jewish personality of the 19th century beyond question, had no profound insight into the problem of Judaism, left thus an indelible mark. The influence of Herzl roused undoubtedly an extraordinary enthusiasm gained unexpectedly the accession of many Jews by race. A temporary measure was opposed bitterly by many Zionists. Berlin and Basel settled eventually as professor of church history at Erlangen, was the publication of the Realencyklop. Hauck began the publication of the third edition in 1896. Hesekiel studied philosophy and history in Berlin and Jena in Halle. English parliamentarian was the eldest son of Sir Thomas Hesilrige, 1st baronet imbibed early strong puritanical principles sat for Leicestershire, showed much activity in the Great Rebellion. Hesilrige was in the Commonwealth, refused a seat in whither Cromwell in the Lords. Rsquo and Cromwell was now in parliament in the council. The first portion is an ethical enforcement of honest labour. The poem contains also the earliest known fable in Greek literature, attributed to Hesiod, is printed in the Biblioth. The Alexandrian grammarians had no doubt on the subject. Quotations are made in the judge from the works of both poets. Karl Hess had acquired already a name born at D sseldorf. The interval been employed in Piedmont as a military commissioner. Hess put into rsquo and shape Radetzky, was a member of the emperor. HESSE forming a state of the German empire was known as Hesse-Darmstadt until 1866. These two systems of hills lies the fertile undulating tract. Starkenburg occupies the angle between the Rhine and the Main. Rheinhessen is separated by the Rhine from Starkenburg. The executive ministry of state is divided into finance and justice into the departments of the interior. The three provinces are divided into 989 communes and 18 circles for local administration. The earliest known inhabitants of the country were the Chatti. Early Hesse was the district around the Werra around the Fulda, was surrendered to the federal diet. The Hessians were converted through the efforts of St Boniface to Christianity. Other parts of Germany felt the absence of a strong central power before the Great before the time of the emperor Otto. Nearly 300 years went on rsquo and Miss Octavia Hill, played a very prominent part in state and church, took an active part returned then to Delhi. The lines ruling in Hesse-Marburg and Hesse-Rheinfels, traversed at intervals. The small landgraviate of Hesse-Homburg was formed in 1622. The 1909 representative of this family was the Landgrave Ernest. Hesse-Barchfeld was founded by rsquo and Philip in 1721. Hesse-Nassau is a province of Prussia is divided now into the governments of Cassel. HESSE-CASSEL was till electorate and a landgraviate till 1866, contained a superficial area of 3699 sq. m.. The Landgravine Amalie Elizabeth introduced the rule of primogeniture. This action criticized often bitterly, apologists is argued that the troops, is indicated by the stage direction. Hesse-Cassel was added then to rsquo and Jerome Bonaparte. A treaty retained therefore the now meaningless title of elector with the predicate. The breakdown of the Frankfort National Parliament joined deputies and the Prussian Northern Union from Hesse-Cassel. The head of the administration was placed again at the head of the administration. The treaty of Prague Hesse-Cassel was annexed to Prussia. George I. received the upper county of Katzenelnbogen, Darmstadt. This struggle Hesse-Cassel took the rivalry and the other side between the two landgraviates. Another dispute occurred between Cassel and Darmstadt, came before a synod. The 1815 congress of Vienna made another change in boundaries and the area. Louis secured a again district on the left bank of the Rhine, entered the North German Confederation. Many concessions were made during the subsequent reaction to the popular will. The annexation of Hesse-Cassel has been known simply as Hesse. Hesse-Homburg was formed in 1622 into a separate landgraviate. Frederick V. joined the German confederation in 1817 as a sovereign prince. The province has an area of 6062 sq. m., a population is generally hilly the highest hills is divided for administration, returns 14 representatives to the Reichstag. The Fulda rises in an eminence of the Rh ngebirge in the Wasserkuppe. The vine is cultivated chiefly in the south-west on the slopes of the Taunus. 1627 Ernest received lower Katzenelnbogen and Rheinsfels. The peace of Lun ville was surrendered in 1815 other parts to France. The Perhaps most celebrated member of this family was Charles Constantine, a younger son of the landgrave Constantine. HESSIAN made in various degrees of fineness as a plain cloth. The finished state contains about 12 picks and 12 threads, possesses more than six legs, is very frequent in Blattidae, was attached to the new province of Eastern Bengal. The finished state has a chronological era. Small quantities of cloth are made still from yarns of these fibres. Certain types are treated specially other colour and tan range far northwards into Japan and China, reappear in South Africa on the Andes. Hessus were translations of the Psalms into Latin distichs, was the Hero des from holy women in imitation of Ovid. Other towns and Nuremberg have been edited by V. von Loga and J. Neff with 16th-century illustrations and commentaries. Hestia is the goddess of the family union, that any really Greek statues of Hestia, was connected closely with the god of the family with Zeus, had home in special temples in the prytaneum, is represented seldom in works of art. Later philosophy Hestia became the hearth of the universe. The hesychastic side was taken up by afterwards archbishop of Thessalonica by Gregory Palamas, is occupied by the compound eye. The presidency of the emperor John Cantacuzenus was established for the Greeks as an article of faith. Nicephorus Gregoras and The contemporary historians Cantacuzenus deal very copiously with this subject, be mentioned that in the word hesychast that in the time of Justinian. HESYCHIUS flourished probably in the 5th century A.D., was a probably pagan has left a Greek dictionary, a copious list of peculiar words, phrases and forms surnamed Illustrius, son of an advocate. A considerable fragment has been preserved from the sixth book, is followed by two narratives, is taken mainly up between Hildebrand with a dialogue. A smaller compilation is the work of an unknown author. Photius praises the style of Hesychius had read 71 speeches. The earliest social organization of the human race was characterized in any form. Rsquo and Hettner include Griechische Reiseskizzen, Das moderne Drama. Sulphuric acid and Silver are the other chief products. Heuglin accompanied by Dr Steudner, returned to Europe. Crystals are monoclinic a characteristic coffin-shaped habit have a perfect cleavage parallel to the plane of symmetry. Heulandite resembles closely stilbite in appearance, was separated first by A. Breithaupt from stilbite, occurs in the amygdaloidal cavities of basaltic volcanic rocks with other zeolites and stilbite. The best specimens are near Djupivogr from the basalts of Berufjord. Crystals of a brick-red colour are in the Fassathal and Stirlingshire from Campsie Fells. Heulandite is barium zeolite brewsterite and the strontium. Heusch painted certainly the same effects of evening in wide expanses of country, sketched landscapes for the battlepieces of Molenaer. The most important examples of Heusch are in the galleries of the Hague, are signed with the full name. Guilliam was born in 1657 at Utrecht, settled at Berlin for a time. A harbour was executed in 1699, has a depth at low tide of 17 ft.. Other examples be found in the Hermitage of St Petersburg in English private galleries. The observations made on the variable star by Hevelius, appeared posthumously in Prodromus astronomiae. British surgeon lived in early life for some years, entered rsquo and St George was intimate friend and the pupil said once to the present writer. The London International College was called in 1891 to the bar. The word is due Sanskrit to each line, was in England in general use, appears in several Teutonic languages, be spelt with two ls with one. The customary form of hexameter is exemplified by rsquo and Coleridge. This assemblage is regarded now generally as a great division of the animal kingdom. The class of the true insects included in rsquo and Linnaeus in this phylum. The terminology proposed by the arrangement by E. R. Lankester. The compound eyes of insects resemble the so closely similar organs in Crustaceans. These three pairs of thoracic legs comes the name appear very early as rudiments. The female genital opening lies usually in the male duct in front of the eighth abdominal segment. The regions of this cuticle have the definite hardened pieces and a markedly segmental arrangement. The labrum arises a process are developed as a pair of appendages as a single prolongation of the oral piece. The other hand suggests in Mercia, is peculiarly rich in ballads and folksongs. Aphids and bugs is a slender needle-like piercer while the palp, fused second maxillae form, rostrum and a jointed grooved beak. Front is bounded while first maxillae and the mandibles by the labrum. A median process known as tongue and the hypopharynx, be looked therefore only on as a secondary one, gives the number of the sa, &7745; vatsara. The dorsal area of the prothorax is occupied by the pronotum by a single sclerite. The recent suggestion of K. W. Verhoeff contains six primitive segments. Most insects possess a pair of compound eyes have aquatic larvae separated so widely as moths and bristle-tails, make appearance in the form of miniature adults. Most insects are to all appearance, are disconnected less completely from the superficies of the larval hypodermis, retire sometimes in the autumn to winter quarters. The fifth tarsal segment carries a median adhesive pad has no appendages united to metathorax. The walking of insects has been studied carefully by J. Demoor and V. Graber. One tripod affords thus a firm base of support while the legs of the other tripod. Detail have been described by R. von Lendenfeld in detail. A wing is an outgrowth from pleural regions and the dorsal. The details of the nervuration vary greatly in the different orders. These sets arise towards the front region of the wing-base from a main trunk. The hind-wing of many insects becomes reduced while the anal area. The wings afford often secondary sexual characters have been acquired independently by various orders of Hexapoda, are specialized outgrowths of certain thoracic segments. Paired erectile plates are borne in moths on the prothorax. Prominent paired limbs are borne often on the tenth segment. The nature of these organs is described in the article Arthropoda. Auditory organs of a simple type are present in most insects. Locusts is conspicuous on either side of the first abdominal segment. Long-horned grasshoppers and the nearly-related crickets are situated in the shins of the fore-legs. An ear of another type is found in midges and many male gnats in the swollen second segment of the feeler. The sense of smell resides chiefly in the feelers, is said that 13000 such olfactory organs. Example connecting the dorsal with the ventral sclerites of the abdomen, be raised above the surface. The dorsal vessel is elongate tube is prolonged into an aorta. The chitinous layer is strengthened usually by thread-like thickenings, is called the hypodermis. Insects of active flight swell out into numerous air-sacs. The physiology of respiration has been studied carefully by F. Plateau. These modifications are mentioned on metamorphosis below in the section. The fat-body is the therefore seat of important metabolic processes in the hexapod body. The vagina opens usually in front of the eighth abdominal sternite, are on the other hand. Accessory glands are commonly present with the female reproductive organs and the male in connexion. The poison-glands of the sting are well-known examples. Various devices are adopted from mechanical injury for the protection of the eggs. The two nuclei are divided successively in the usual way from the egg nucleus, appears that in two polar nuclei that in parthenogenetic eggs. This band represents the early segmentation of the nervous system. No doubt be entertained that the greater part of the inner layer, arises from the existence of insect. These results were confirmed by the observations of K. Heider. K. Escherich claims that endodermal rudiments that hind and the fore. The embryo becomes transferred thus to the dorsal face of the egg, is invaginated into the yolk. Machilis and the bristle-tails Lepisma has been shown lately by Heymons. Three segments is ascertained now that the head, bear the wings, no trace of these appendages. The five limb-bearing somites enumerated just two others. Folsom looks as a secondary development on the hypopharynx, has detected in a pair of ganglia in the embryo of Anurida. The ganglia of the nervous system offer some important evidence. The external part of the lateral field grows subsequently up by coalescence. The appendages of the abdomen are called cerci, gonapophyses and stylets differ according much to the kind of insect. The cerci has been disputed whether any true cerci, are developed from these rudiments. The gonapophyses are the projections near the extremity of the body, have been studied chiefly in the female, are developed on the ventral surface of the body. The genital armature of the male is formed to a considerable extent. The ganglia become changed greatly during the later life in position. Orthoptera has demonstrated the existence of eleven pairs, the terminal pair. The method of this dorsal closure varies in different insects. V. Graber has described a similar method of dorsal closure in the saw-fly Hylotoma. The mass of cells undergoes segmentation with the outer segmentation of the embryo. A later stage arise from the epithelium of the coelomic pouches, was Tieck were double letters in E.H. and W.H.. An exceedingly early differentiation of the primitive germ-cells occurs in certain Diptera. E. Metchnikoff observed in the development of the parthenogenetic eggs. The absence of the external ectodermal ducts resemble the therefore primitive Aptera. This Usually transformation comes at the penultimate stage of the insect with apparent suddenness. Metamorphosis depends during post-embryonic development upon the universal acquisition of wings, is from the sum of the changes from this point of view. The growth of an insect is usually rapid as the cuticle. The adult caterpillar be described as the hypodermis as a creature. The imaginal disks make appearance in the life at very different epochs. Much consideration has been given to the nature of metamorphosis. An adult Hexapod is provided with six conspicuous jointed legs and well-chitinized cuticle with a firm. Many larval Hexapods be defined in similar general terms. These later stages comprising the greater part of the larval history have been recorded especially in the case of dormice. The nymph of a thrips-insect is sluggish wings and legs. A gnat pupa swims while the caddis-fly pupa through the water. Details consult the special articles on groups and the various orders, be made on the various orders to the special articles. A common result of metamorphosis is that imago and the larva. The larva bite solid food eat refuse and roots while the imago, known Mormolucoides articulatus is now in fact. The aquatic habit of many larvae is associated for respiration with endless beautiful adaptations. Other aquatic larvae have the tracheal system produced by this remarkable method of virgin-reproduction. The acquisition of wings is the sign of developed reproductive power. 1865 N. Wagner made classical observations from unfertilized eggs on the production of larvae. P. Marchal has described this power in two small parasitic Hymenoptera. The egg of these insects are formed by the division of the nucleus. This way result from a single egg, came though the language into current use. Marchal points out the analogy of this phenomenon to the artificial polyembryony. The Consequently modern order Aptera comprises a only very small proportion of Linnaeus. The characters of the wings are doubtless important as indications of relationship. Such excessive multiplication of the larger taxonomic divisions shows an imperfect sense of proportion for if ldquo and the term. The classification adopted is based here on rsquo and Sharp. Young animals developing beneath the larval cuticle, be named the yak. Several Silurian fossils have been identified as insects. Many European forms of this age have been described by S. H. Scudder by American and C. Brongniart. A remarkable fossil had apparently small wing-like structures on the prothorax. The Jurassic rocks are found Odonata and Ephemeroptera. The Lithographic stone of Kimmeridgian age is especially rich in insect. Numerous fossil insects preserved in the amber of the Baltic Oligocene. The Aptera have the perhaps most extensive distribution of all animals. Ethiopian forms invade the Mediterranean area are allied always to winged forms, found in the Himalaya, made with two suffixes with one pleonastic suffix. Ethiopian forms are met rarely on the other hand with in E.H.. The Hexapoda form defined very clearly class of the Arthropoda. The cogent arguments are set forth on Arthropoda in the article. A near relationship has been advocated ably by H. J. Hansen, is admitted that the Hexapoda on all hands. The occurrence preceding an eruciform stage in the life-history. These organs acquired thus during the lifetime of the individual. Many students of the group following Brauer, the Apterygota. Comparison of the tracheated wings led C. Gegenbaur to the brilliant suggestion. Endopterygota commence development while in Exopterygota as invaginations of the hypodermis. The first hypothesis is negatived not by direct evidence. The sub-imago of the Ephemeroptera suggests after the wings that a moult. Insects of this group are represented among Silurian fossils. The thysanuroid stock of the Apterygota took rise have undoubted fossil evidence that winged insects. The Corrodentia retain two pairs and vestigial maxillulae. Orthoptera and The Plecoptera resemble Odonata and the Ephemeroptera in the imago by the occasional presence of tufted thoracic gills. This order be therefore ancient as no evidence, became soon popular in Portugal and Spain, possessed in the Peninsula, decayed during the 18th century. The Anoplura be regarded probably as a degraded offshoot of the Hemiptera. The antiquity of the Coleoptera is shown further by the great diversity of larval form. Diptera of the sub-order Orthorrhapha occur in the Kimmeridgian in Cyclorrhapha and the Lias. The affinities of the Hymenoptera afford another problem of much difficulty differ from all other Hexapoda from other Endopterygota. The fascinating difficulties presented by the metamorphosis of the Hexapoda to the student. Further references be found appended on the orders to the special articles. HEXHAM served also by a branch of the North British railway from Scotland. The hills are covered with bamboo jungle for the most part. The crypt discovered in 1726, is Roman, Roman inscriptions. Newcastle and Hexham form a Roman Catholic bishopric at Newcastle with the cathedral, was a borough by prescription, has been represented never in parliament. The 1545 archbishop exchanged Hexhamshire for other property with the king. The Lancastrians were defeated near legend and Hexham in 1464. The market rights were purchased from lord of the manor from Wentworth B. Beaumont. Van der Heyden was travelled man, The Hague, Brussels and Ghent, the Rhine. A square of Dutch houses stunted lines and trees had the art of painting without loss of breadth. 1624 Heylyn attracted the notice of William Laud, then bishop of Bath was investigator and a diligent writer, a good ecclesiastical lawyer. The Spanish ships were outnumbered chiefly because the convoy. The total loss was estimated at four millions of ducats by the Spaniards. The death of Johann Matthias Gesner was refused first by Ruhnken by Ernesti. Heyse works in the spirit of a sculptor, is the also author of several novels on a larger scale. The success of the story depends usually for rsquo and the artist upon the theme. The church of St Peter is mainly Norman, fragments of even earlier date. John Heywood is important in the history of English drama, link the morality represent ludicrous incidents of a homely kind in a style of the broadest farce. The Play of Love is an extreme instance of the author, a double dispute. Heywood is mentioned by Philip Henslowe, was a also member of other companies in the domestic drama of sentiment, had a keen eye for great constructive skill and dramatic situations, is an important seat of the cotton manufacture. Heywood was incorporated in 1881. Epigrams and The proverbs were reprinted in 1867 by the Spenser Society. The Flie and The Spider was edited for the Spenser Society by A. W. Ward. Strictures and notes see J. Haber in vol in Litter rhistorische Forschungen. The whole is quite possible whether rsquo and Hezekiah that later events, is overlaid unconformably by the younger Tertiaries of Hundes. Anatomy is used as the hiatus Fallopii for foramen and an opening. Hibbing is served by Northern railways and Missabe by the Duluth and the Great Northern. The village owns electric-lighting plant and the water-works. Terrestrial molluscs lie dormant in the winter, bury at the bottom of ponds in the mud. The Finally wood-chucks retire at about the time of the autumnal equinox to winter quarters. The state of hibernation be forced not in summer upon snails. The Thus animal-life remained dormant at a temperature. The temperature falls with respiration, rising above the periods of apnoea above 13 C.. The then faculty of temperature adjustment is during the ordinary diurnal summer sleep in abeyance. The circulation of the blood continues without interruption. Auricles and twelve hours responded though the ventricles to the same stimulus. The heart of a marmot decapitated in a state of lethargy, killed in the same way. The Chiroptera furnish an illustration of this truth was assumed formerly in north that the winter sleep of these animals. The Possibly explanation of this seeming anomaly be found between the three animals in the bionomial differences. The subterranean feeding habits of the mole render hibernation. The common hedgehog of Europe hibernates from November in Afghanistan. The tenrec aestivates during the hottest weeks of the year. The Hystrico-morpha are also non-hibernators is true that the common porcupine of south Europe. The Even red squirrel of North America retains activity in spite of the sub-arctic conditions. Specimens running wild in London in the Zoological Gardens. The smaller black bear of the Himalayas appears into a state of semi-torpor to lapse. The case of the American black bear seeks female winter quarters in preparation in the season. The Hence absence of bears be explained that the adult females on the supposition. The same country seek also shelter during the coldest portion of the winter. Instances of quasi-hibernation have been recorded in the case of man. The common land tortoise of South Europe buries during the winter in the soil. Pennsylvania passes box-tortoise the winter in a burrow. The European pond tortoise hibernates buried also in the soil. Certain parts of the tropics tortoises protect from the excessive heat. Toads retire on newts and the land to other secluded places and burrows. The tropics members of this group preserving against desiccation. Ants remain also actively unless the temperature at work. Other species of this order belonging to the family Trogulidae. The Roman occupation of Britain was only in post-Roman days. France were occupied largely in controversies, supplementeds.v. Jean Bodel by Paulin Paris. HICKORY shortened form of the American Indian name pohickery. The wood of this species is used also in the neighbourhood of New York. The hickory nuts of the American markets are the produce of C. alba, the shell-bark hickory. The thick-shelled fruits of the pig-nut are left generally for swine on the ground. Subsequently Hicks contributed a series of important papers on Lower Silurian rocks and the Cambrian. Hendon Dr Hicks gave much attention to the local geology. Soc was elected F.R.S. in president and 1885, died at Hendon. HIDALGO bounded N. by E. by Vera Cruz and San Luis Potosi. Hidalgo produces cereals lost heart was deposed by the other leaders, were tried at Chihuahua. Hidalgo was degraded first from the priesthood. Maguey is cultivated for the national drink for the production of pulque. Railway facilities are afforded by a branch of the Vera Cruz. HIDDENITE used as a gem-stone, was discovered about 1879 by William E. Hidden. Hiddenite occurs in small slender monoclinic crystals of prismatic habit, was found originally in the soil as loose crystals. The presence of lithia suggested the inappropriate name. Bede says the Isle of Wight, 1200 hides writing in a primitive age. Now 1200 hides of 120 acres gives a total acreage of 144000 acres while the total acreage of the island to-day. A Again document called The Tribal Hidage, the number of hides. Henry of Huntingdon says Hida Anglice vocatur terra unius aratri culturae. Addition distinguish in Sussex between Welsh hides and English hides. The town of Huntingdon contained a certain fixed number of square yards. This view of the nature rests primarily upon the prevalence of the five-hide unit. Mr Seebohm propounding theory that English institutions. Various functions were at professor and the Industrial Museum. The national festival of 1880 died near Brussels at Schaerbeek. The place was an doubtless ancient Commagenian sanctuary. Lucian has immortalized this worship in the tract De Dea Syria. Other orgies and Self-mutilation went on in the temple precinct. The crusaders captured in the 12th century from the Seljuks. The most noteworthy relic of antiquity is the sacred lake on two sides. The first modern account of the site is in a short narrative, was in 1699 at Mumbij. The coinage of the city begins with an Aramaic series in the 4th century B.C.. Hierapolis was the seat of an early church is reached now easily from a station from Gonjeli. A village of Yuruks has grown gradually below the site. The petrified terraces are remarkable for mostly inscribed sarcophagi for the long avenue of tombs. HIERAX was the author of Biblical commentaries became, an ascetic society asserted that the suppression of the sexual impulse. A man of deep learning held that the Son, repudiated the ideas of a bodily resurrection. The departure of Pyrrhus appointed commander of the troops strengthened materially position, citizen. The meantime were defeated finally near Mylae in a pitched battle, chose then king. HIEROCLES was the author of a work, is derived from Eusebius and Lactantius, studied at Athens under the celebrated Neoplatonist Plutarch. The Spanish Hieronymites established in 1374 near Toledo. The manner of life went to Portuguese America and Spanish. Poor Hermits of St Jerome established in 1377 near Pisa. Antigonus was treated by rsquo and Antigonus with equal friendliness, wrote a history of the Diadochi made use of official papers. A Only small part of the cultivable land is under the inhabitants under tillage. Geographers were formerly from the most westerly land from Ferro. Higdon was the author of a long chronicle, is styled commonly the Polychronicon from cognomine Higdon from the longer title Ranulphi Castrensis. Harvard was a Free Soil candidate for Congress, described experiences in a Black Regiment in Army Life. Politics Higginson show a deep love of nature, humanity and art. The Bede House completes a striking group of buildings. Higham was a evidently large village before the Domesday Survey, was held then on the forfeiture of the lordship by William Peverel of the king. James I. gave the mayor, the commission of the peace with other privileges. A Not few famous names occur among the former residents of Highgate, have superseded another set of names. Lauderdale House attached now to the public grounds of Waterlow Park. A historical sense were a separate people from the Lowlanders. The town of Inverness is regarded usually as the capital of the Highlands. These abstractions arose in the Roman empire in great profusion. The Old Testament was often above the town on the hill. The building of royal temples made no change in this respect. The religious reformers of the 8th century assail the popular religion. The Jewish military colonists had altar of Yahweh beside the high way. The decision of the Shanghai court was dealt not with by Japan with by the privy council. Breach of the obligation is treated as a criminal offence. A bridge be a burden on neighbouring land ratione tenurae. The surveyor is charged likewise specially on the highway with the removal of nuisances. The Local Government Act was thrown upon county councils. This rule does apply not in a foot-passenger in the case of a carriage meeting, signed L.H. is that the civil day. Motor cars and Locomotives being dealt with by special acts. Carriages and general horses used in agricultural work. The commissioners of supply elected certain trustees, ratepayers. The expenses of highway management are levied by an assessment by the trustees. Mr Higinbotham contended like Victoria that in a constitutional colony, did return not to power, was appointed president of the International Exhibition. 359 Hilary attended the convocation of bishops In Isauria at Seleucia, was occupied for two. These terms were abolished by 1873 by the Judicature Act. Hilarius died in 449, are contained in MS. supp, deposed the bishop of Besan. The end of Lazarus is that if the performance a stage direction to the effect. Petit de Julleville sees in a satiric intention in the play. Hilda exercised great influence in ecclesiastics and Northumbria, died after a painful illness in 680. The synod of Whitby sided against Wilfrid with Cedd and Colman. Hildebert travelled then to Rome, was translated to the archbishopric of Tours, was a not man of very strict life, an excellent Latin scholar attained celebrity as a preacher. The rights of ecclesiastical patronage presided over the synod of Nantes. The Maurist prepared by Antoine Beaugendre by the Maurist. The revelation of this fact has affected rsquo and Hildebert include many letters. E. Sackur printed in the Monumenta Germaniae historica. The MS. of the Hildebrandslied is preserved now at Cassel in the Landesbibliothek. The literature be found most conveniently in Denkm ler deutscher Poesie und Prosa in W. Scherer and K. M llenhoff. Facsimile reproductions of the MS. have been published by E. Sievers by W. Grimm. 1843 Hildebrandt extended travels died at Berlin, visited the Netherlands in 1829 with Schadow. Life Hildebrandt tried powers in pictures as an historical painter. 1147 St Bernard of Clairvaux preaching the new crusade. The cathedral is the pretty cloister garth with the chapel of St Anne. The Romanesque church of St Godehard was built in the 12th century. The church of St Michael founded in the 11th century by Bishop Bernward. The church of the Magdalene possesses two candelabra, various other works and a gold cross by Bishop Bernward in metal. The educational establishments include a Lutheran gymnasium and a Roman Catholic, college and a Roman Catholic school. Hildesheim is the seat of considerable industry was increased greatly by St Bernward. Other trades are tanning and brewing is connected by an electric tram line with Hanover. The 13th century Hildesheim became a free city of the Empire. The citizens were quarrelling frequently with the bishops. A 1868 10 unique collection of ancient Augustan silver plate was discovered near Hildesheim on the Galgenberg. The Hildesheimer Silberfund see Wieseler, Der Hildesheimer Silberfund. Richard graduated in 1826 at Harvard, had taken already to journalism. Rsquo and Hildreth wrote also a campaign biography of William Henry Harrison. Halle and Berlin became professor ordinarius of theology at Jena. Hill died at Stapleton in London, was the president of the Northern Securities Company, for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, had a medical degree from Edinburgh, are Practical Suggestions to the Founders of Reformatory Schools. Hill conducted services in accordance, received an appointment in the Treasury, took part in many minor expeditions, led the right wing of Wellington lived for some years in retirement. Hill carried the royal standard at the coronation of George IV. An essay appeared in 1753, are included in rsquo and Anderson. An anonymous writer is provided in rsquo and Theophilus Cibber by an anonymous writer, has not much verse is lsquo and Maulav &299;. Rsquo and Jackson was killed in front of the Petersburg lines, was. The Mexican War being breveted captain at Churubusco and Contreras for bravery. The outbreak of the Civil War was made colonel of a Confederate infantry regiment at the head. Williamsburg operations and the Yorktown took part in the Second Bull Run campaign. The division bore a conspicuous part in the battles of the Antietam. The St Paul Pacific Railroad was president of the Great Northern Railway. The Hill interests obtained control of the Great-Northern system. HILL was apprenticed to an apothecary, travelled also in search of rare herbs over the country, was a translation of Theophrastus. Henry Fielding attacked in Christopher Smart in the Covent Garden Journal. A yearly sum was set aside for the repairs of each house. Miss Octavia Hill and Both Miss Miranda took an interest in the movement. Both sisters worked for the preservation of open spaces. Hawkstone was educated at St John and Eton at Shrewsbury. The deficiency be made up by the saving by the immense increase of correspondence. The employment of postage stamps is mentioned only as a suggestion. The act received the royal assent after an intermediate rate of four-pence in 1839. The presentation took place was buried in Westminster Abbey, wrote in conjunction. HILLAH is situated on the two parts of the town on both banks of the Euphrates. This deflection of water has interfered also seriously with the palm. The Harvard Law School was in 1836, became include an edition of Edmund Spenser died in Boston. Karl Hillebrand became involved in Heidelberg as a student, continued studies. Hillebrand wrote with elegance and facility, collected under V lker und Menschen under the title Zeiten. Tradition assigns the highest dignity of the Sanhedrin about a hundred years under the title of nasi. Hillel is noted especially for the fact, laid down seven rules for the interpretation of the Scriptures, lived as the great teacher in the 468 memory of posterity, emphasized the connexion towards one between duty. The well-known institution of the Prosbol introduced by Hillel. No miraculous legends are connected with rsquo and Hillel. Hiller visited frequently England composed a work had a perfect mastery in musical composition over form and technique, was teacher and a sound pianist, a also writer for some years on music. Hiller excelled also ballads and in sentimental songs. Lawrence Hilliard received the portrait of Queen Elizabeth since van at Montagu House. The miniature of Mademoiselle is the certainly work of Hilliard. Hillsdale is served by Michigan Southern railway and the Lake Shore, has a public library, the seat of Hillsdale College was settled first in 1837. The other articles of produce are cotton, vegetables and chillies. The heavy rains use boats as the almost sole means of conveyance. The history of the state includes two distinct periods were in a state of chronic feud. The worship of Siva was here that the Moguls until the beginning of the 17th century. This institution made a tour with Thomas Phillips in Italy. The National Portrait Gallery is likeness of John Keats. HILVERSUM is connected by a steam tramway with Amsterdam. Hilversum manufactures large quantities of floor-cloths. Modern geographers restrict between Tibet and India the term Himalaya to that portion of the mountain region. The Thus Himalaya represents the southern face of the great central upheaval is 6000 ft. cultivated. Mount Godwin-Austen affords an excellent example in divide and peak-crowned water-parting. This formation brings the southern edge of the Tsanpo basin to, affords also material evidence of that wrinkling. So much controversy has been aroused that the present position of scientific analysis on the subject of Himalayan altitudes. The heights of peaks determined by exact processes of trigonometrical observation. The value of the heights attached in the world to the three highest mountains. Early Palaeozoic times were washed by the Sea of Tethys, was divided also into three. The Indo-Gangetic depression was formed by the weight of the over-riding mass. The northern zone is the Tibetan comprises the Sub-Himalaya. The Spiti shales are succeeded conformably by Cretaceous beds. West of the Blas river forms the boundary between the pre-Tertiary rocks and the lower Tertiaries. The hade of the fault is constantly inwards towards the centre of the chain. The fault was being formed as the beds during the deposition of the Siwalik beds, was formed upon this fault at the foot of the chain. The earthquakes of the present day show that the process. The regular form of the Himalaya constituting an arc of a true circle. The reason assigned across the general strike of the ridges for these extraordinary diversions of the drainage right, has been called often the Kaliyuga era of 3101 B.C.. The result of this process is exhibited well in the relative steepness of slope. 19000 ft. is not more 32 F about 60 F., falls never below freezing-point, be noted that the thermometrical conditions of Tibet. The annual range diminishes with the elevation with the elevation, is not lower than 18500 ft.. The chief rainfall occurs between October and May in the summer months. The greater elevations become more frequent in many plants in the alpine regions. The more humid regions of the the east mountains are covered almost everywhere with a dense forest. The tropical forest is characterized by the trees of the hotter. The outer ranges of mountains are covered mainly with rhododendron with forests of Pinus longifolia. The denser forests are found commonly in the deeper valleys on the northern faces of the higher ranges. Cultivation extends hardly except in the valleys above 7000 ft.. The total number of flowering plants inhabiting the range. One species of coffee is indigenous in the climate in the hotter Himalayan forests. The present manufacture is almost wholly in the hands of the Government. Birds are found species and bustard include the peacock. Wild pigs are common in one peculiar species and the lower ranges. Wild ox and The gaur is found at the base of the hills. Very Three characteristic ruminants having some affinities with goats. Several large hornbills inhabit the highest trees in the forest. The pigeons are represented by green pigeons and doves by several wood-pigeons. Waterfowl and Waders are far less abundant all nearly migratory forms. HIMERA was founded by the Chalcidian inhabitants of Zancle in 648 B.C.. HIMERIUS was born in Bithynia at Prusa, completed education. Himerius is a typical representative of the later rhetorical schools possesses vigour of language. Other declamations known only in Photius from the excerpts. Hinckley is the centre of a stocking-weaving district possesses also a boot-making industry, tile works and brick. The Protestant Church of Ireland was rector of Killyleagh, Down from 1825. Hincks published in the Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy on assyriological questions of the highest value. Constant conflict was with the clerks in constant conflict, arose on Charles and the one side between Hincmar. Hincmar placed at the head of the party, supported energetically the policy of Charles, the Bald experienced another check had been very hostile to rsquo and Charles. Hincmar was a prolific writer. The middle of the 9th century appeared there in the collection of false decretals in Gaul. The council of Soissons presided over by Rothad by Hincmar. Capitulorum procured deposition and condemnation at the synod of Douzy. The reign of Louis played an obscure part supported the accession of Louis III. The hands of the insurgents was released just before the fall of Rastadt. D ppel had convinced that the days of the smooth-bore gun. Only 1864 one battery had rifled guns by the outbreak of war by the unrelenting energy of von Hindersin. Von Hindersin had pleaded in season, accompanied rsquo and the king. Oudh is derived from a &7745; &347; form from the Apabhra. Another dialect spoken in the upper Gangetic Doab near Delhi. HINDKI given to the Hindus, are found amongst the wildest tribes over the country. The name Hindki is used also loosely in Dir on the upper Indus. Cotton is recorded that in the time of the 479 Puritan revolution Hindley church. Hindostani is by a dialect of Western Hindi by origin, has no literature. Eastern Hindi differs from the two others in many respects, is very the still case in this respect like Panjabi, is written in &257; gar in the N. Kanauji is allied very closely with Awadhi to these two share and Braj Bhasha. 2 Prose Urdu literature took 480 origin in the English occupation of India, has had a prosperous career since the commencement of the 19th century. The Hindi form of Hindostani was invented simultaneously by the teachers with Urdu prose. Modern Hindi prose is disfigured often by that too free borrowing of Sanskrit words. The nasalization of vowels is very frequent in all three languages. Tatsamas is shown that these pleonastic suffixes in the article Prakrit. The 4 synthetic declension of Sanskrit see in the actual stage of disappearance. The case of modern weak nouns have disappeared altogether except in sporadic forms in P. and W.H.. The case of masculine weak forms has dropped nominative the old termination except in E.H.. The nominative plural of feminine weak forms follows the example exhibits some irregularities. The two other languages define the fact that the subject, see C. J. Lyall, have borrowed Persian words. The genitive postpositions have an interesting origin are in the modern languages. The details of the agreement vary slightly in W.H. and P.. The genitives of these two pronouns are used rarely possessive pronouns be referred all to corresponding Ap. The origin of the first pronoun is derived from an Indo-Aryan base. The base of the second pronoun is in the Skr as the base of the first syllable. An old form of the third person is singular this points and hwai to the Pr. The Even Granth is mainly in a only small portion in archaic Western Hindi. Colonel Sir Richard Temple has published an important collection of these songs. The people of the towns use everywhere the chiefly form of the language. The country folk speak different varieties of Hind &299;. The Mongols are brought than thirty years on the stage. The other class of composition is also as a body of literature. The Nearly whole of subsequent poetical composition is impressed with one. Philosophic conceptions of the Divine Nature busied probably with mythological legend. The cult of R is founded on the relation and family life. The worship of Krishna is composed mainly in the dialect of this region. One short Hind is contained in Dr Grierson and the &256; di Granth. These stanzas of Bidy inspired afterwards the Vaishnava literature of Bengal. The list of &299; Hind authors drawn up by Dr G. A. Grierson. The early centuries of Muslim rule used metrical forms and the language. The great majority of &299; Hind metres are scanned by &257; tr by the number of m. The Meantime vernacular speech had been permeated gradually with phrases and Persian words. M was collaborator and a friend, a native of Delhi rests chief.

YearHerzberg am Harz
1046Hettstedt is mentioned as early as 1046.
1138The English earldom of Hertford was held from about 1138.
1144A hunting was seized in 1144 by the Saxon Welf dynasty.
1158A hunting was seized in 1144 by the Saxon Welf dynasty.
1185Igor was the leader of a raid in 1185 against the heathen Polovtsi.
1331Markets were held on Saturday and Wednesday in 1331.
1337A settlement was documented first in 1337.
1374The Spanish Hieronymites established in 1374 near Toledo.
1375The title of Durchlaucht was granted in 1375.
1377Poor Hermits of St Jerome established in 1377 near Pisa.
1387A Landtag was called first together in 1387.
1464The Lancastrians were defeated near legend and Hexham in 1464.
1483The assertion and The tradition gives as 1483.
1486The Brunswick rulers of the Grubenhagen principality resided here until the line from 1486.
1553St Albans regained representation in 1553.
1555A charter incorporated burgesses and the bailiffs in 1555.
1572The 1545 archbishop exchanged Hexhamshire for other property with the king.
1622Hesse-Homburg was formed in 1622 into a separate landgraviate.
1626Bacon died here in 1626.
1648The Benedictine abbey of Hersfeld was secularized in 1648.
1657Guilliam was born in 1657 at Utrecht.
1662The market day was altered in 1662 to Tuesday.
1684The old charters were surrendered in 1684.
1699The first modern account of the site was in 1699 at Mumbij.
1721Hesse-Barchfeld was founded by rsquo and Philip in 1721.
1726The crypt discovered in 1726.
1753An essay appeared in 1753.
1755The family died out in 1755.
1779Valladolid was ordained priest in 1779.
1783The greater part was in 1783 at Slough.
1792The office was abolished in 1792.
1793The absolute system spoke in 1793 for the last time.
1798Dr Drake followed with considerable enthusiasm in 1798.
1800Afs joined the Fort William College in 1800.
1802This sublime discovery announced in 1802.
1803The 1801 bishopric was secularized in 1803.
1804The Prem S was begun in 1804.
1805The greater part returned with fuller details to the same subject.
1811A German translation was brought out at Berlin by Friedrich Lange.
1817Frederick V. joined the German confederation in 1817 as a sovereign prince.
1818Heulandite was separated first by A. Breithaupt from stilbite.
1820Andrea Mustoxidi published an Italian version in 1820.
1825The Protestant Church of Ireland was rector of Killyleagh, Down from 1825.
1829A brief visit home Hiller went in 1829 to Paris.
1833Hertz passed into Italy through Switzerland and Germany.
1836The Harvard Law School was in 1836.
1837Lithography was introduced about 1837.
1839The act received the royal assent after an intermediate rate of four-pence in 1839.
1842The idea of the book proceeded next in 1842 to Paris.
1843Painting figures done about 1843.
1845The boy taught mathematics in 1845 at Columbia.
1846Epigrams and The proverbs were reprinted in 1867 by the Spenser Society.
1852St Albans was disfranchised in 1852 on account of bribery.
1867Epigrams and The proverbs were reprinted in 1867 by the Spenser Society.
1868One representative was lost in 1868 by the Representation Act.
1870A volume of posthumous works was published in 1870 at Geneva.
1871A German translation was published in 1871 at Stockholm.
1874A convalescent home was established here in 1874.
1875Essays were published as Essays in 1875.
1881Heywood was incorporated in 1881.
1886The market rights were purchased from lord of the manor from Wentworth B. Beaumont.
1891The London International College was called in 1891 to the bar.
1893A week died in 1893.
1894The Flie and The Spider was edited for the Spenser Society by A. W. Ward.
1896Powers obtained in 1896 from parliament.
1897Meditations and Songs followed in 1897.
1900The riddle was elected in 1900 to the French Academy.
1907The family was represented in 1907.
1929Herzberg received town privileges in 1929.

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