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Heilbronn is a city, the also economic center of the Heilbronn-Franken region

Country Name:Germany
Country Code:DE
Administrative Division:Baden-Württemberg
Feature Name:City
Location:49.13995, 9.22054

Kilian until 1952. Heilbronn lost status as an Imperial Free City, became the seat of an Oberamt, a staging area, part of the German Empire against 10000 troops and Napoleon for major armies of the campaign, hosted Landesgartenschau and Heimatttage was connected with Karlsruhe to the S-Bahn net, won the European competition in Broughshane on 2000 09 9. Heilbronn hosts an annual tennis tournament Heilbronn Open Heilbronn Open website s provide a connection. The city is a former Imperial Free City, the economic center of the Heilbronn-Franken region, is divided into nine boroughs, opened gates became again the stage, part of Württemberg for armed manoeuvres.

The city were extended to Heidelberg, was carpet-bombed from the southern quarter, is noting worth as Alpert that many variants and the common Jewish name Halpern. The fertile Neckar floodplains aided early settlement by ranchers and farmers. The city limits of present-day Heilbronn contain many sites of Bronze Age. Roman Emperor Domitian pushed east from the outer boundary and the Rhine. A 1050 significant settlement of Jews is noted in the Codex and official documents. The 13th century obtained suggest all members of the city council. The first city hall was erected in the Kilianskirche and the market place. An Imperial Free City Heilbronn was threatened by the ambitious House of Württemberg. The political stability enjoyed during the 15th century by the city. That same year people took first note of the pub owner Jäcklein Rohrbach. A month Heilbronn remained under the control of revolting peasants. Johann Lachmann was executed in Neckargartach on 1525 05 21. The 1529 Kilianskirche was the first important religious building of the Renaissance in Germany.

A result is also Charles V opened offices in Heilbronn. That occupation of the city lasted only several months. The duke had conceded during the French Revolutionary Wars the left bank of the Rhine to France. The 1806 Duchy of Württemberg became the Kingdom of Württemberg. Tsar Alexander I of Russia met with the Baltic Baroness Juliane von Krüdener in Heilbronn. A while Heilbronn suffered from the upheavals of the Baden Revolution. That time switched sides were annexed with 72000 residents Heilbronn. The dissolution of monarchy became part of the Free People. Richard Drauz was elected also from 1933 to the Reichstag. The port was opened off the Neckar in a canal, turned on the Neckar into an important transfer station. Infrastructure and Economy were booming in Heilbronn and Württemberg. The Heilbronn synagogue was destroyed during the Kristallnacht. The expansion of the shafts was undertaken in Neckargartach and Kochendorf by labour brigades of the concentration camp branches. A result of 1168 bombs dropped that day, 281 residents.

A ten-day battle advancing over the war over the strategically important Neckar crossings. Milestones were the rededication of historic city hall in 1953. US troops were stationed permanently in Heilbronn, used barracks. The last district reform were incorporated into the city and Heilbronn, was declared also, now Heilbronn-Franken. The 1970s was transformed into the rededication and a pedestrian zone. The Franks settled around the 500 area in the Neckar region. The Teutonic Knights constructed church from both churches and the 13th century, were joined later in the city by cloisters and other churches. 143 Jews were killed in 1350 Jews during the Rintfleisch-Pogrom. The Protestant reformation of Heilbronn was the complete city. The Age of Enlightenment brought Heilbronn freedom of religion. 1920 first groups suffered during the Third Reich from oppression. Jehovah's Witnesses built a first meeting room in 1953 in Heilbronn. The years following communities and formerly independent towns.

Residents of such boroughs elect borough council at the borough council and each municipal election. The Borough President presides also over the Borough Council. A shut-down part of the Steam power plant Block-E has put since 1998 on events. July brings the Unterländer Volksfest and the Gaffenberg Festival, the city is in Heilbronn. September enjoy in October at the Heilbronner Weindorf. Every other year are added to this already full schedule. The team plays currently in the second German ice hockey league, was dispatched officers, dawn raids. South of the steam power plant is the located conveyor tower of the Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG. That mine was connected with the now shut-down salt mine Kochendorf through an underground tunnel. Extraction had extended so that in a 2004 new shaft the Heilbronn mine to the west. Heilbronn Hauptbahnhof does benefit not from long-distance service from the Deutsche Bahn. The Franconia Railway connects Würzburg and Stuttgart, Elsenz Valley Railway and the Neckar Valley Railway. The original Straßenbahn of Heilbronn nicknamed the Spatzenschaukel. The industrial part of Heilbronn EnBW AG runs a large powerplant cooling tower. Bus system and The public light rail is run by Heilbronn. Here regional programmes are broadcast on SWR4 Baden-Württemberg. Heilbronners peruse also Moritz and the monthly city magazines Freizeit Journal. The 1971 school was known as the Fachhochschule Heilbronn. The fall semester was awarded the status of a Hochschule. The private Heilbronn Business School opened in 2005 01 at the Neckarturm. The county runs Christiane-Herzog-Schule and the Andreas-Schneider-Schule in the fall of the 2005 Peter-Bruckmann-Schule. Innerhalb dieser langen Zeit hat das Unternehmen, so manche Wandlung durchlebt und souverän Wirtschaftskrisen sowie. Wenn man viel Zeit und Energie in sollte man seine Nachfolge beizeiten planen und in den Aufbau von Vermögenswerten investiert hat. Zu einer die Vorsorge in persönlichen und vermögensrechtlichen Angelegenheiten.

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1498The high altar was completed in 1498.
1820Industrialization arrived in 1820.
1871Heilbronn became the seat of an Oberamt, a staging area, part of the German Empire against 10000 troops and Napoleon for major armies of the campaign.
1933Richard Drauz was elected also from 1933 to the Reichstag.
1944 12 4The catastrophe was the bombing raid on 1944 12 4.
1952Heilbronn was again part of the Holy Roman Empire, part of Württemberg-Baden, caretaker of the parish in St. Kilian until 1952.
1953Jehovah's Witnesses built a first meeting room in 1953 in Heilbronn.
1987The INF Treaty was signed in 1987.
1998A shut-down part of the Steam power plant Block-E has put since 1998 on events.
2000 09 9Heilbronn won the European competition in Broughshane on 2000 09 9.
2005Heilbronn won the European competition in Broughshane on 2000 09 9.

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